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10 Keys to B2B Freelance Copywriting Success

Use these tips to achieve the B2B freelance copywriting success you want. Just one change could make the difference in your career.

Creating Your Own Luck

Are successful people just lucky or can you create your own luck? Mac Bull examines the source of one person’s “luck.”

5 Proven Tips for Launching a Long-Lasting Writing Career (From a Highly-Successful Writer Who Was Once in Your Shoes!)

Mindy McHorse shares her five biggest takeaways from growing her writing business.

How Self-Marketing Can Lead to a Host of Projects

From doubling his freelance copywriting income to his fees quadrupling in size, this AWAI member is on a roll with bringing in the clients, work and paychecks.

Three Lessons for Copywriters from Santa

Let the magic of Santa give you a boost as a copywriter. Dawn Tittelmayer takes a fun look at three lessons that can help you be successful in the future.

Finding Motivation … But Not From Where You Think

Mac Bull finds motivation in the face of a big challenge and shows you how you too can overcome your fears so you can have breakthrough success.

Work Smarter by Harnessing Your Mind

Tap into the power of your own mind by using these three tips to maximize your brain’s underutilized abilities, and write better copy more easily.

Improve Your Life By Asking Yourself Better Questions

Successful people ask better questions. Find out how you can improve your life by asking better questions, including the best questions to solve problems.

7 Things Mulan Taught Me About Copywriting

Disney’s Mulan demonstrates how to rise above self-defeating personality traits, and instead focus on 7 keys to copywriting success.

5 Ways Attending a Live Event Can Change Your Life

Live events can put your writing career on a path that carries you to new levels of satisfaction (and income) much faster than plugging away at things by yourself. Heather Robson shows you how it works.

Six Lessons From the One-Time “Fastest Woman Alive” That Will Energize Your Writing Career

Don’t let physical challenges get in your way. Think about Wilma Rudolph and what she overcame to accomplish her goals. You can do the same with your writing career.

How a "Born Loser" Will Ensure Your Success

Join Clayton Makepeace in Sarasota this April! He’ll teach you to land dream clients, build a reliable monthly income, and show you how to impress clients.

The Hidden Value of Stress

Having a positive attitude towards stress can lead to increased confidence and a healthier heart. As a copywriter, dealing with stress positively can unlock the drive to succeed.

6 Steps to Being Unshakably Committed to Your Goal

How do you take those dreams – whatever they may be – and convert them to goals that are specific, actionable, time-oriented and realistic? Christina Gillick shows you how.

3 Positive Actions to Schedule Right Now for Your Success

Take these three positive actions to build success this year. Schedule time to read and write throughout the year and join a professional writer’s group.

How to Tap Into AWAI’s Culture of Shared Success

The AWAI family is a great support system for new and advanced copywriters. Share your experiences and advice with other members and learn from those around you.

10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Crank Out Killer Copy

As a writer it’s essential that you don’t let stress and repetition get in the way of your creativity. These 10 tips should help you boost creativity every day.

Big Ideas for Kicking Off the New Year

Joshua Boswell, Jay White, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Pam Foster, Rebecca Matter, and Ed Gandia each have a special message they’d like to share with you to help you do big things in the New Year.

Tradition be Damned

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, resolve to accomplish your goals by taking action steps that move you in the right direction.

Your Meaningful Action Roadmap for 2014

Heather Robson shows you how to use the idea of meaningful action to get more done in the coming year.

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