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How to Conquer Your Greatest Creativity-Killer

What’s your biggest creativity-killer? Clayton Makepeace gives insight on overcoming it before it zaps your career.

Four Steps to Breakthrough Copy Bliss

How do you connect with your prospect so he knows you really understand his problems? Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace uses these four steps.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good Sales Copy and Bad Sales Copy

Using this “A-list” proven 12-point copywriting checklist will help you write winning sales copy every time.

The Astonishing Power of Powerlessness

Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace advises us to look at our prospect’s sense of powerlessness as a core emotion to target. Here's how…

How Rush Limbaugh Can Lead You to Breakthrough Bliss

Offering benefits to your prospect is crucial for writing successful copy. Or is it? One multimillion-dollar copywriter has a slightly different take on the idea.

Benefits that Sing and Soar
 — in Five Simple Steps: Part 2

It's not enough to use benefits. You must connect benefits to your prospect's real emotions. In Clayton's words, your benefits must be “fully dimensionalized.”

Benefits that Sing and Soar — in Five Simple Steps: Part 1

Do you use “Faux Benefits” instead of real benefits in your promos? Clayton Makepeace shows how to avoid this success-killing mistake in five simple steps.

Make Your Product’s Benefits SPARKLE

Many copywriters don't understand this essential secret to copywriting success: Don't sell your product! Why? Let Clayton Makepeace tell you.

Online Sales Copy Worth Betting Real Money On

Successful direct-response marketers know that testing is the heart of successful marketing, but most online marketers don’t test. Here's how to transform those online marketers’ blunder into your own success.

The Five Most Common Blunders My Copy Cubs Make and How to Avoid Each One

Are you making any of these common copywriting mistakes? If so, take this advice from one of the highest-paid, most successful copywriters, Clayton Makepeace.

8 Ways to Spot Dominant Emotions Your Prospects Already Have That Could Drive Your Response Rates Through the Roof - PART 2

We’re visiting with Clayton Makepeace again this week, so he can reveal the last 4 of his 8 secrets for pinpointing your prospect’s dominant emotions.

8 Ways to Spot Dominant Emotions Your Prospects Already Have That Could Drive Your Response Rates Through the Roof - PART 1

How do you know what your prospects are feeling? Clayton Makepeace starts answering this frequently-asked question.

The Triumph of Hope Over Experience

Clayton Makepeace says the most powerful motivator for your prospect is belief. Read this article to learn why.

How to Write Better Sales Copy Faster My Proprietary Secret for Cranking out Multi-Million-Dollar Sales Copy in Less Time than Most Writers Take to Plan Their Strategy…

Here's how to get your first draft done in a fraction of the time so you can spend more time polishing your copy before you show it to your client.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Master copywriter Clayton Makepeace explains why copywriting can be a “lemon-proof” profession.

Clayton Makepeace on the Astonishing Power of Fear

Clayton Makepeace shares his expert view on using fear in your copy… and tells you how to avoid five blunders copywriters make when using fear.

Everything You Need to Know About Direct Response Success You Learned in Elementary School (Almost)

Here Clayton Makepeace shares some of the numbers direct-response marketers need to know, how each is used and what they mean to you.

Three Reasons Why You Can't Afford NOT to Master Internet Marketing Now

Clayton Makepeace gives you three reasons why you should master internet marketing.

Know Thy Prospect

Clayton Makepeace discusses the importance of knowing your prospect, and provides tips for crafting messages specific to them.

The Art of the Irresistible Offer

Clayton Makepeace explains the eight factors that go into crafting an offer that’s too good to pass up.

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