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3 Tips to Get Speaking Gigs that Will Build Your Business

Public speaking at events where your target audience will be is a smart way to get clients. Find out how to get speaking gigs.

How to Write a Spellbinding Story for B2B Clients

Discover the five critical elements in every spellbinding story and how you can help your B2B clients tell their story to connect with more prospects.

Opportunities – They’re All Around You

There are many companies with huge needs to fulfill. Here are ways to tap into the approach of giving every opportunity a try, even if it’s outside your niche.

Living the Writer’s Life… Simple Secrets of the Pros

The secret to living the writer’s life isn’t wizardry but rather a whole lot of WORK. Here are some common steps the pros use to make it a whole lot easier.

Build Your Own Platform… If You Build It, They WILL Come

A well-built platform helps to position you as an expert and allows clients to see what you can do. Here are three ways to create a steady stream of prospects.

The Power of Visualization … for Creative Types

What would you like your life to look like one year from today? Here’s a creative method that allows you to set clear intentions and then go to work.

How to Overcome Fear and Step Into the Writer’s Life

Here are 3 simple lessons from Felix Baumgartner’s world-record parachute jump that can help you make the leap this year and reach your writer’s life goal.

It Takes a Village… Sort of

Writer and communications coach Bob Sands looks at the final key to developing infinite creativity in your writing career: Build a creative community.

The Art of “Planned Distraction”

Distraction isn’t normally our friend, but it can be. In fact, the art of “planned distraction” can rev up your creativity and offer a fresh perspective.

What You’re Reading REALLY Matters

Writer Bob Sands examines a proven “mining” technique for developing infinite creativity. In order to get a few good ideas, you need to generate a lot.

How to Generate More Ideas Than You Ever Imagined

Writer Bob Sands examines a proven “mining” technique for developing infinite creativity. In order to get a few good ideas, you need to generate a lot.

It’s Easier Than You Think…

Speechwriter and communications coach Bob Sands reveals the first step to tapping into creativity at will and generating better ideas faster and easier.

They’re All Around You…

Potential new clients are all around you! Start networking and getting the word out. Reach out to the people closest to you first. Join a local networking group or trade association.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Determine who you want to reach and understand them as well as you can. Develop a strategy to reach your audience and build content around that idea. Then you need to start networking!

Do Something Today…

Do something every day to keep your business moving forward. Determine who you’re trying to reach and come up with the best plan to reach them.

Start Where You Are

Figure out what your talents and strengths are, and start there. What are you interested in? Once you figure it out continue researching your niche and become an expert in it.

It’s Decision Time…

Indecision is one of the most detrimental things to an aspiring copywriter’s career. Make a decision, and get moving! Have you chosen your path, do you have a niche? Get started.

I Hope You Enjoy Your Trip...

Bob Sands encourages you to get your freelance writing career out on the open road.

Roadside Assistance!

Bob Sands tells you where to find some "roadside assistance" on your journey through the writer's life.

Keep Your Eye on the Road...

Distractions can spell trouble on the road to The Writer’s Life. Bob Sands helps you avoid some common freelancer distractions.

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