Are You All Packed?

Bob Sands here for this week’s Writer’s Life. During our time together we are going to look at “Street Smart Strategies” that will help you live, really live, The Writer’s Life.

Have you ever gone on a long trip? What’s the first thing you have to do? Pack! And that’s what we're going to look at today: packing for the trip.

The Writer’s Life is a journey, not a destination. You're in it for the long haul. So you must pack accordingly. What do you need to take along? While there are a lot of things you will need along the way, one is absolutely essential – flexibility.

I call flexibility the “art of being adaptable.” No trip is ever without its surprises!

Recently while on a road trip, my wife and I discovered a little town in Florida that we had never heard of called Monticello. We decided to take a side trip on our way home and spend a few hours there. We found a great bakery, looked at some antebellum homes and generally just toured the city. It was a great time-one that we never would have experienced if all we focused on was getting back to South Florida as quickly as possible.

Flexibility is also important because you will face some obstacles. An early mentor taught me to always carry a full set of clothing, along with other necessities on a plane in case my luggage didn’t show up. Fortunately, I learned that lesson because over the years my luggage has arrived at my destination several times after I did. Thanks to him, I prepared in advance and it made all the difference.

Life happens. And when it does it is important to be able to bend but not break. Good times and not so good times will occur along the way. Be ready for both and respond accordingly. No success or failure is ever final.

Knowing why you are a freelancer can help you with the flexibility factor. So often we are more concerned with “how to.” I like what Tony Robbins says, “Take care of the 'why to' and the 'how to' will take care of itself.” Keep your reasons for embarking on this journey at the forefront of your mind. Focus on why you are doing what you are doing so that when serendipity pays a visit, you will be able to respond appropriately.

If you are just starting your journey, have you packed your “flexibility?” If you have already embarked, stop along the way and repack so you make sure you have it. The great thing about The Writer’s Life is that you can begin (or begin again!) right where you are. You will be glad you did.

Join me tomorrow when we look at the one thing you MUST know in order to get where you want to go!

Are there any other items that you think need to be part of The Writer’s Life packing list? If so, share them here.

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Published: June 24, 2013

2 Responses to “Are You All Packed?”

  1. Before setting off on your journey, you need the wherewithal to reach your destination - the airline ticket, or in the case of you and your wife's road trip through Florida, a tankful of fuel. In other words, you need to be properly equipped. For the AWAI copywriter-to-be, that means in possession of the know-how the training courses provide.

    By the way, Monticello is the name of the grand home in Virginia that Thomas Jefferson designed and had built for himself and family. Perhaps this is known by every American. As an Aussie, I'm not sure about that, but I'm a student of the Founding Father, admire his writing and thought I would show off a little.

    Nick Fielden

  2. Hi Bob,

    i know this is completely off-subject and may be way out in left field but I have to ask. I went in the US Navy in 1972 and went thru bootcamp with a Bob (Robert) Sands. That would be incredible if you and he were the one and the same. Probably not, but please respond to michael-hedrick - thanks! Mike

    Mike H

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