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The First (and Most Important) Step in Writing Your Professional Website

If you want your writing business to attract paid opportunities fast, make sure you follow this easy format to get your homepage written and online.

Quick-Start Guide to Buying a Domain for Your Writing Business

If you’re serious about the paid writer’s life, you’ve got to get yourself online. Find out how to choose and buy a domain in just 20 minutes.

A Low-Pressure Approach to Choosing Your Writing Niche

Discover a low-pressure way to pick your writing focus, so you can get your paid writing career up and running as fast as possible.

Why You Should Drop Preconceived Ideas About Your Ability to Write

Discover the five essential steps for launching a paid writing career at hyper speed — including what to do right away and what to forget immediately.

5 Unusual Ways to Hone Your Creativity

When you’re a freelance web writer, your success depends on your creativity. Use this 5 unusual techniques to enhance and hone your creativity.

Why Travel Writing Is the Perfect Complement to Any Profitable Writing Career

If you’d like to make travel writing a long-term part of your writing career but still want to make a fantastic living as a writer, you can do both.

Why Travel Writing Opens the Door to Countless Writing Opportunities

If you’d like to be a travel writer but don’t want to limit yourself in opportunity, discover how travel writing opens more doors than you’d think.

5-Step Plan to Landing a Paid Writing Assignment

Writing something as simple as a spec assignment could be your ticket to breaking into the writing niche of your dreams. These five steps show you how.

One of the Easiest Ways Ever to Build Your Writer’s Portfolio and Get Noticed Online

If you’re interested in getting a paid writing career up and running, you’ll want to know about this easy, low-pressure way to build an online writing portfolio.

Why Travel Writing Is a Quick and Easy Way to Launch Your Writing Career

If you’d like to enjoy life as a paid writer, travel writing might be the best (and easiest!) way to get your career off the ground. Read on to learn why.

6 Reasons Why Writing a Book is Your Secret Weapon

Find out why writing a book is an easy way to boost your career and how you can write and publish your book this year.

The Book-Writing Opportunity That Gives You Long-Term Revenue Streams

Discover the win-win book-writing opportunity that produces years of revenue and lets you write about your passions. Meet the man who’s mastered this approach.

The “Storytelling” Niche for Writers That Brings You $1,500 to $2,000 Per Project

Meet Casey Hibbard and discover the writing opportunity where you help companies tell their stories—plus, pocket $1,500 to $2,000 every time!

How to Become a “Rainmaker” for Your Writing Clients

If you want a paid writing career, discover the secret that can help you find clients who are loyal and eager to hire you… it’s a service every client wants!

The Writing Opportunity That Gives You a Reliable, Consistent Income

Discover the writing niche where clients stick around for years and pay you month after month, all because they love these short, conversational projects.

The “Dream” Niche with No Hard Selling, Short Projects, and Great Pay

Discover this “dream” niche for freelance writers: No hard selling, short projects, and great pay. Find out how to get started today.

Want to Finally Write Your Book? Here’s How …

Writing a book can bring big benefits to your business. But not knowing how to publish and promote your book are common problems. Learn to overcome them.

6 Paid Writing Projects That Benefit From Good Storytelling

Discover the top 6 paid writing projects for good storytellers. Presenting your story in different ways can keep readers (and buyers) clamoring for more.

How to Take Your Reader Into the “Heart Dimension” and Forge a Lasting Connection

Become a more effective storyteller with these three tips. Find out how your storytelling skills could bring in more donations and purchases for good causes.

When and Why You Should Tell Your Story in Second Person Instead of First

Find out when telling a story in first person trumps telling it in second person, and vice versa. Both have merits when it comes to connecting with your reader.

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