Join These People and Discover How Their Incomes Soared in Their Secure New Profession

One year after Stuart J. began AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, he progressed from a basic member to working as a professional copywriter for one of the top direct mail marketing firms in the U.S. And, we’re proud to say, three years later Stuart has produced numerous controls for them including one that ranks as the third best performing package in the company’s history.

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AWAI Masters member Glen Strathy has received 14 PAID assignments in the past 12 months. Just two years after receiving the basic program, he’s living the writer’s life!

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Masters member Rich Silver shared this exciting news with us recently –

I made an agreement with my brother and his business partner to try and beat their control. They agreed to test my letter on two conditions:

  1. if they didn’t like what I wrote they wouldn’t test it.
  2. I was responsible for doing everything regarding getting the copy ready.

They didn’t care how long the copy was as long as it brought results. I accepted the challenge.

I studied the stock market in depth and how my brother and his partner invest. I then proceeded to write, rewrite and rewrite the copy over and over again.

It was worth it. My brother and his partner are very pleased with the results – and my letter is their new control. They plan to double the next mailing. And, they want me to write a space ad now too.

It’s interesting to note that a large part of what I wrote in the sales letter came straight from what I learned in the basic and masters programs.

Michael Samonek has been a freelance copywriter, author, and inventor for more than 25 years. Before he discovered AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, he “chugged” along averaging about $1K a week. At the March 1999 Bootcamp, Michael experienced a copywriting “Eureka.” And now, he’s averaging $10K a month!

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Masters member Elizabeth Neely recently tested our strategies for finding freelance copywriting work – with great success! Her client – a national non-profit health charity – was thrilled. Her first letter brought in a 72% increase in the number of people who responded and a 28% increase in the average donation received.

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Here’s a note we just received from Masters member Beth Erickson –

I attended your bootcamp in Baltimore last September. When I got home, I studied all the materials again; particularly the ‘Getting Clients’ session. Then I figured, why not give it a whirl? So, I drafted my own little direct mail package and mailed it to businesses in my area.

I got a client from that mailing. Since then, I’ve sent out more letters and work is coming in!

And, about two weeks ago I received word that my first novel now has a home. I’m pretty excited and terrified. Within the next few months, I’ll be a published author.

What’s so cool about this (and the reason I’m telling you) is because after my coaching by John, I went through all my fiction and reworked it – using the techniques HAMMERED into me by John.

My favorite author is Jon Hassler. It took 10 years for him to sell his first book. I’ve been working at this about four years. AWAI helped me shave 6 years off my goal!

Success Story: AWAI Member Peter Forest Takes Us Up On Our Copy Challenge and Lands a Test Mailing – Learn How You Can Too

While attending our bootcamp last September, copywriting member Peter Forest decided to try to beat our "Can You Write a Letter Like This?" control. After working with master copywriters Bob Bly and Don Mahoney as his mentors, he came up with a sales letter that is so good ... we’re going to test it.

Recently, we asked Peter to tell us what he has learned from this very exciting experience.

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Success Story: Interview With Budding Copywriter And AWAI Member Krista Jones

Krista Jones attended our last bootcamp, took us up on our copy challenge – and wrote a package that’s good enough for a test mailing. We recently talked to Krista to find out what this experience has been like for her.

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Success Story: AWAIer David Wells Lands His First Assignment With Agora Health

Congratulations to David Wells, an AWAIer who recently completed his first paid copywriting assignment for Agora Health. Here he tells us how he landed the job.

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Travel Writing Success Stories

Success Story: Masters Member Catherine McCabe Tells Us About Her New Freelance Career

Catherine McCabe had a lucrative career in the filmmaking business before taking our copywriting course and becoming a successful freelance travel writer. Just last week, we interviewed Catherine to find out why she gives AWAI so much credit for opening up this new career for her.

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Success Story: Tom Schueneman on Travel Writing and How He Started His Own E-Zine, “The Tourist Traveler”

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Success Story: AWAI’s Tom Schueneman is Looking for Travel Writers

A member of both our copywriting and travel writing programs, Tom Schueneman currently publishes his own website and e-zine in addition to doing travel writing. You may remember our interview with Tom last November, when he told us how he got started in his new career. Recently, we caught up with him after he returned from Paris, where he attended the second Travel Writing Workshop sponsored by AWAI and International Living.

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