Get Ahead in Your Copywriting Career … Faster!

It’s no secret that most people are afraid of selling themselves to find clients or get published. It’s one of the hardest things to do – especially when you’re new at something and you don’t yet have successes under your belt to bolster your confidence.

Below you’ll find plenty of insider tips and techniques on how you can land clients, sell your services, improve your copywriting skills, and learn from other successful copywriters, as well as ways to expand your opportunities (how does an extra 50% per package sound?) and increase your productivity (time is money – learn to write more, sell more, and charge more in less time).

AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp
Work shoulder to shoulder with Master Copywriters and learn first-hand how to write a successful package that brings in the royalties. NOTE: This is an intense writing workshop, not a spa. Come prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and find the success to show for it.

Advice From Successful AWAI Copywriters
Find out what advice working copywriters who have taken our programs give to other aspiring copywriters on the road to success. Learn from their mistakes, profit from their successes, and contribute your own advice.

AWAI Member Forum
Get to know other members. Network, brainstorm, or share your success stories.

The Golden Thread
Secrets, tips, and insights from AWAI’s copywriting and marketing pros. All together to help you succeed.

Get Assignments From
Over 125 ads are currently posted here by marketers looking to hire AWAI-trained copywriters and graphic designers.

AWAI’s Master’s Program
Take your copywriting career to the next level and learn the deeper secrets to writing great copy, from the greatest copywriters in the business.

Creative Rules for the 21st Century
the Richest Resource of Copywriting Secrets for Today’s Market – People react to copy and marketing techniques differently from one generation to the next … even from one year to the next. So in order to drive response through the roof, you need to understand everything it takes to write effective copy today.

The AWAI $10K Challenge
Make your first $10,000 before you finish the program!

Earn an Extra 50% Per Package
Over the next few years, this secret will allow you to boost your income by as much as 25% per year … maybe more. (ATTENTION: this is also a great work-at-home opportunity too!)

More Topics on Getting Ahead

How to Turn Your Ideas into a Million Dollars
How you can use your copywriting skills to build a million dollar business.

Three Steps to Writing Better Copy Based on Michael Masterson's Panel-Review Technique
Michael Masterson shares the review steps you should take every package through to ensure it is as strong as possible.

4 (Incredibly Simple) Ways to Gain the Confidence You Need to Go Out and Get Clients
Bob Bly shares four easy ways to prepare yourself to approach and land new clients.

7 Proven Ways to Find Your First Client
Lori Appling shares seven tips from AWAI members on how to land your first client.

Roadmap to Success: The Copy Platform – How to Write One and How to Use It
Not only does this provide a strong outline for your writing but it gives your client the opportunity to see where you’re headed with the promotion and correct anything you may have misunderstood in the beginning. It’s an extremely helpful organizational tool for you and an excellent method for communicating your ideas and plans to your client.

What You Need to Make It
Five Absolute Essentials for Making It As a Copywriter by John Forde

Cures for Creative Burnout
Hemingway got his creative juices flowing by sharpening pencils. John Steinbeck did it by writing warm-up letters to his publisher. Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) took baths. And I think it was copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis who recommended staring into the mirror for 10 minutes trying to convince yourself you’re about to write the best copy you’ve ever written. Find out how our Masters of the trade get their engines going.

Hone Your Skills
Bonus challenges to dramatically improve your writing. Includes everything from writing headlines to the P.S. (ATTENTION: Resume Writers – use these exercises to strengthen your bullets and write attention-grabbing cover letters.)

Get to Know Michael Masterson
If he shared his money-making and life secrets with you … every working day, all year long … how successful would you become? Here’s your chance …

Study a Control
“It will cost you $10,000 and about 26 days of your time. Frankly, you will endure some discomfort, and may even face some danger.” – Study the letter and read the critique.

Interviews With the Pros
Discover how their incomes soared and apply the same secrets to your work. Featured Masters include: Bob Bly, Arthur Johnson, Kieran Doherty, Porter Stansberry, Dick Sanders, and more.

Graphic Design Resource Guide:
by Roger Parker … 37 of the best resources every graphic designer should know about. You’ll find hundreds of graphic design resources on the web and at the bookstore. Roger compiled this best of the best bibliography with commentary to help you choose those most valuable to AWAI-trained Graphic Design Success members.

Powerful Tips for Job-Hunting Success
6 things you must know about a potential employer before establishing contact … why you should treat getting a better job as a sales event … 5 secret ingredients in a cover letter that virtually guarantee a response … 14 things you must do to get a better job … 8 ways to maximize the time you spend job hunting … and much more.