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Now Hiring: 11,023 Email Copywriters
If you’re looking for a writing specialty with thousands of job openings, Jay White has the answer. Here are three things you can do to get started.
Why You Need an Email List — Even If It’s Just One Person
There are four reasons why you need an email list… and that doesn’t even count making more money. Discover the arguments for building your list.
The Secret to Writing Emails People Will Open and Read
Overall, the average email open rate across all industries is just 32%. Make sure you fall into the one in three that are getting opened and read.
The Tao of Writing Email Subject Lines
Why aren't your email subject lines working? Steve Slaunwhite has eight questions you can ask yourself to find your own way to great subject lines.
Why You Need a Great Email Newsletter for Your Writing Business
Do you have a great email newsletter for your writing business? Email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool and a natural fit for writers.
5 Steps to Launch Your Clientless Copywriting Business Over a Long Holiday Weekend
Here’s how to launch a clientless copywriting business over a long holiday weekend, and have huge success with it. Ben Settle walks you through the five key steps.
Master Eight Online Content Writing Projects with AWAI Verified
It takes a variety of materials to make marketing campaigns work. With the AWAI Verified™ “Badges” program, you’ll master 8 critical online content-writing projects clients need now: online ads, editorial content, emails, lead-gen pages, funnels, video scripts, SEO, and social media. Find out how…!
Learn How to Become a Copywriter for the Web Now with AWAI
Meet the growing demand for online copywriting! AWAI shows you how to quickly become a skilled web copywriter and land today’s top content writer jobs
Write Emails for a Client and Get Paid $100, $300, $750, even $1,000 for Each One You Write
Writing emails for clients is a way to get paid higher fees while taking less of your time. Some pay as much as $100, $300, $750, even $1,000 for each email you write.
A Big Opportunity that Pays Off for Writers (and Marketers)
If you want to know: What’s the fastest way to get paid to write? Or what’s a steady writing project marketers need a lot of? The answer is the same…

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