Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts:
Describe Your Perfect Childhood Day

Practice your copywriting skills with this prompt from The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

With this Write Now! exercise, practice your storytelling and power of description.

This video by Jen Adams is all about becoming a master storyteller. By using vivid descriptions, bright adjectives, and powerful emotions, your persuasive writing skill will skyrocket. (Or read the transcript below.)

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All right, so one of the first stories that you’re able to tell yourself is actually the story of your perfect day. A pair of linguists were studying their daughter, they wanted to see how her language skills developed, and so they were recording her in her crib at night. And the stories she was telling herself to go to sleep was the story of her ideal day.

Now, you don’t have to go all the way back to when you were two, or even younger. Think about when you were five, what was your perfect day like? Did you spend it with friends? Were you with your family? What did you eat? What did you wear? Where did you go?

Write it down, and then read it over, maybe laugh a little, reflect on those days, and then bring it up to when you were a teenager. When you were 15, what was your ideal day? If you could do whatever you wanted without your parents telling you what to do, maybe without having to go to that first job, how would you spend that time? Bring it to life on the page.

And then, just for fun, bring it up to now. What is your perfect day right now? And I think, once you’ve written that out and you’re looking back on all your perfect moments, you’ll be able to step forward and write whatever you want today for the perfect life you’re about to have now.

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Published: July 26, 2017

1 Response to “Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Describe Your Perfect Childhood Day [video]”

  1. My perfect day when I was very young, I'm not sure of my age, I may have been 9 or 10. It was summer and raining outside. I loved to go swimming, but rarely got to unless my grandfather came to visit and took me and my siblings. My parents never did, my mother never drove and my father was only home on weekends. It must have been a Saturday because my dad was home. Anyway, I put my swimsuit on and went outside and got drenched by the rain! I didn't stay out long, because it was also storming. But, I took the chance to get soaked. I loved it!

    RoseyOctober 19, 2018 at 4:13 pm

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