Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts:
Email a Story with Good Advice

Practice your copywriting skills with this prompt from The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

Use this Write Now! prompt to write story emails to give advice to friends and family and for your clients.

Watch this video by Pam Foster, Director of Copywriter Training at AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) to see how you can strengthen your copywriting and results. (Or read the transcript below.)

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In this writing prompt, we’re going to ask you to imagine you're an 85-year-old person who’s lived a good, rich, long life, and you’ve got advice to share with your 22-year-old granddaughter who’s just graduated from college.

What advice would you want to give her?

What kinds of things have you experienced in your many years, the different stories and different learnings that you want to pass along to her?

Think about these now as seven emails.

Write seven different email stories, with seven pieces of advice that you want to pass along to your granddaughter.

And then, take that format and apply it to a client you’re working with. What are seven stories you can write for them, with seven pieces of advice about their products or services?

It’s a great way to practice writing.

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Write Now! persuasive writing prompts are presented by the Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA) — a professional association just for direct-response industry writers. Learn about the many benefits of a PWA membership.

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Published: September 27, 2017

29 Responses to “Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Email a Story with Good Advice [video]”

  1. Very informative. Thank you


  2. Knowledge:
    There's an adage that says "Knowledge is power". Most people hear this saying all through their lives, especially when encouraging a yougster to stay in school and get an education.

    My discovery and connecting to AWAI makes me aware that an ordinary person like me can be trained to become a copywriter and earn a living without having the background of an attorney. Now I realize that knowledge is more than power, I want to be a copywriter through AWAI's training.

    To me, knowledge means the ability to make better choices and have the savviness in applying this knowledge to earn higher income qnd enjoy beter living.

    Before, I thought only attorneys could do copywriting work. I was wrong.

    Damas J. Alabre

    The Apollo Writer

  3. Being creative is powerful. New beginnings can happen when you open your mind. Let your dreams and imagination set you free. Endless possibilities will come into your life. Then the miricals happen. I am seeing them all the time.

    Sharon Lee Samyn Creative Beginnings Design Service

    Creative Beginnings

  4. I was trying to find samples of the various articles, in particular email stories. So that I can understand better what is expected. It would be great see that in all categories. Nothing lengthy just a short burst of information. I think it would help to overcome the flood of opportunities I see pouring out from AWAI.


  5. That is a great idea! I hope I can learn enough to start work ASAP.


  6. I'm a newbie. This prompt was very helpful in thinking about how I can relate life experiences & interests to copywriting niches that would work for me.
    Also, I enjoy reading and realized that when I read a review, it's very much like reading "advice" about a product, books in this case. That got me thinking about the emails I receive from publishers and the books I've bought based on those positive emails !! A great lesson in the impact of copywriting!Thanks!


  7. Hi Lisa, I'm so glad you enjoyed this writing prompt and you're excited about your career as a writer

    Guest (Pam Foster)

  8. And one rainy day the beautiful lotus raise and told to herself I wouldn't change all the pain, tears, and hurt. I been thru cause thanks to that I'm not just a beautiful flower, no I am the most unique strongest flower in the universe. That will not only be seeing for her beauty but for her raise to become what she is an amazing radiant flower that survive the pain and hurt, that grow from the mud, and survived eventough everyone expected to faded away. I am Lotus.

    Guest (Pastelito)

  9. Dear Pam Thank you for the prompt. I'd like to start writing straightaway but I don't have clients to write to as you suggested. Maybe I'm missing something?

    Guest (arlene)

  10. They say, it’s what you know and education is key. Well, I’ve learned that those things may be true but...when I graduated from college I went on interview after interview with no success. I had the know how and the education but it seemed it wasn’t enough to land the job. One day while networking with other graduate classmates, I learned that they were hiring where one classmate worked. We exchanged contact information and I sent my resume to my classmate. I got the interview and the job. So, having the know how and the education is great but who you know is key, as well. So, always keep contact with colleagues and always network.


  11. Thank you for your comment, Noelle! Congratulations on getting that job. :-)

    Pam Foster AWAI

  12. Pam, I am enthusiastic about AWAI and the opportunity to grow as a copywriter. During my youth I read many works of classic literature and excelled in English. I was an Honor's English student in high school. I have been enjoying the informative webinars that are featured by your company. I am very interested in writing for a living. This will afford me the opportunity to "flex" my creative muscles by generating new ideas to promote products and services for clientele.Thank you for the educational resources that will help make this dream a reality!

    Guest (trueblue75)

  13. My dear Gloria, One of the biggest fears that are holding people back in this world is the fear of failure. This is what paralyzes people and stops them from living life to the fullest and in many cases, it outright destroys their careers, dreams, and opportunities.
    Luckily, there is little known trick that will help you to overcome this fear.
    Actually, it's not even a trick, it's just one word!
    You see, failure just sounds horrible, but in reality it isn't bad. Its just feedback that you get about your actions and decisions. The more feedback you get, the better decisions you will take in the future.
    And that is what separates successful people from the rest, they keep trying until they get enough feedback to succeed in lif...

    Guest (Kendrick )

  14. Dear Gloria, Have you heard the saying “money can't buy happiness?” Yes?
    Good! Then I want you to know that this is complete BS!
    Let me explain You see money is never meant to buy happiness, it simply gives you more choices in life – so you could be more, do more and give more.
    It's pretty hard to give to the charity if you have no money, right?
    So you need to get money out of the way early on – by making plenty of it. And it is a lot easier to make money if you don't have a negative association with this because its hard to attract something you hate.
    This is why I want you not to listen to people who claim “money is evil” - they just say this because it makes them feel better about being broke.
    Remember, money is just a tool at you...

    Guest (Kendrick )

  15. Dear Gloria, Once upon a time a man was walking on the beach and he saw a fisherman with a bucket full of crabs.
    “Hey!", he said to fisherman “You might want to put a lid on the bucket, the crabs will crawl out” Fisherman smiled and answered “Its alright. As soon as one crab tries to crawl out, the others will pull him back down. I don't have to do anything, they themselves make sure that none of them escapes” Now, what does this story have to do with you?
    You see, like crabs in the bucket, people around you, your friends and even family members want you to stay at their level and whenever you try to “escape from the bucket” that is to become successful and live life at your own terms, they will do their best to “pull you back ..

    Guest (Kendrick )

  16. Dear Gloria, The other day we talked about that what holds most people back in life is the fear of failure. But today I want to let you know about his lesser known evil brother – the fear of success!
    It is lesser known as many people fail to overcome the fear of failure and hence they never arrive to this point at their lives. That said, make no mistake, this one is even more devious than his “brother”. Why? Because, it creeps up on you without you noticing it.
    Let me explain.
    You see, the biggest fear that people have is actually not the fear of failure, its the fear of unknown.
    And the success while it sounds great still counts as unknown. That's why you see so many people who become successful do not stay that. They have some su..

    Guest (Kendrick )

  17. Dear Gloria, Do you know what's the cheapest thing in the world?
    Its your opinion!
    That's right.
    Now there is nothing wrong with your opinion... except that its wrong.
    That does not make you a bad person. Its just you are not qualified to give me advice.
    Why? Because if I listen your advice then I will get your income, and I really don't want to get your income. However, you should listen my advice, if you want to have my income!
    You see, the opinions are the cheapest, literally. Everyone's got one and they just cant wait to let you know. So, next time when somebody is telling you what you need to do, do yourself a favour and ask yourself whether the person giving you advice or opinion is qualified to do that. Is he successful , is ...

    Guest (Kendrick )

  18. Dear Gloria,

    Discipline is BS!
    Listen, I don't want to sound braggadocios but I probably get more done in a day then most people within a week. And If you want get more things done as well then listen up.

    Most of the so called productivity gurus and books will preach about the importance of discipline. They say things like “just sit down and grind, day after day, use your willpower and so forth” But, as you might have noticed, this does not work for most people. And that's why I call BS on this.
    So how to get more done without relying on discipline?
    You use integration!
    Let me explain.
    Let say you learn copywriting and you set yourself a task to write 30 minutes every day. Now, integration means that you plan your next day and budg...

    Guest (Kendrick )

  19. Dear Gloria,

    Imagine you are in the forest. And you need to get to the village. But you don't know where the village is and there are no trails.
    So you just start walking, hoping its the right direction, but you don't really know before you walk the path and find out. So, it might take you quite a bit of time and wrong turns before you get to the village, right?
    Now, imagine you are in the same forest but this time you have a guide with you. He just points you to the correct direction. You still need to walk the path but wouldn't you say you arrive to the village lot sooner?
    You see as in the forest same holds true in life. If you know your destination but are unsure about the direction then its best to have a guide. And this ...

    Guest (Kendrick )

  20. My dear Lisa. One of my biggest lesson was when I was working, I noticed that one of the managers was unfair with their employees, I decided not to follow this behavior, unfortunately there was a lot of people supporting him on these activities, and they started to mobbing me. I preferred to quit. At the beginning I was mad with me because I thought I could have done something different, at the same time I was a victim. Finally, I noticed that everything happens for a reason, a reason for me to learn. First, I was true to myself and did everything to keep me safe, then I learn that when you can’t change your condition, you can always change your direction. “Don’t be a victim of yourself, forgive, be compassionate and change when required”.

    Barbara Vazquez

  21. I am from Texas,we are in the red zone pandemic, please used a mask and mantaine your distance, love your self, be compassion with the sick people. Is time to be united

    PS. Love Texas

    Lourdes Diaz

  22. Dear Mary, Congratulations for graduating and welcome to the real world. Although I am part of the greatest generation, I know a thing or two about gen Y and Zs.

    This is your roadmap: First you take a few months off, then get a job. Make sure you make good friends on the job...

    Then find and marry a compassionate and kind young man. I want some "great" grand kids. Your life challenges have just started, but I am here to help.

    The kids, your husband, friends and co-workers, including your student loans, are all going to be challenges that are inevitable in life.

    But Prayers, Kindness, Honesty and hardwork will overcome everything. I will enjoy a long talk with you someday.


  23. Congratulations graduate!

    No doubt you're inspired and anxious, ready to hit the ground running toward your new career.

    Make the most of future income by making a commitment to yourself: aside from transportation, property, and unforeseen emergencies, no purchases on credit what you can't afford in cash.

    The current average credit card interest rate today is 17.87%, meaning users pay an additional $17.87 for every $100 spent, each month the balance is carried over. This adds up quickly, and often results in consumers paying significantly more, long after the product/service/experience is gone.

    You've heard the phrase "time is money"; save money by avoiding interest. Commit to acquiring funds first; no money, no purchase.

    Sara Scribes

  24. Congratulations Graduate!

    As you move through life, enjoy the process rather than focusing on the result.

    The truly important parts, the meaningful and memorable stuff, happens in the day-to-day, "mundane" things.

    Creative projects, landmark ceremonies, milestones, performances, childrearing, "finals", whatever it is, if it sparks joy inside, and you're committed, showing up to it each day, it's a success, even if outside sources say otherwise.

    The good, the bad, and the ugly of getting to the end goal is what makes the memories, not the award, trophy, promotion or sales.

    Consider a scale holding this day of graduation and receiving your degree ... and the days turned years that led you here ... which holds more weight in value?

    Sara Scribes

  25. Congratulations Graduate!

    You've worked hard for years and leave college different from when you arrived.

    In 4 fast years you've grown from an ambitious teenage girl to a powerful young woman.

    Entering the next phase of life, and each thereafter, be careful not to make long term decisions from a short term mindset.

    Things like how many seats you need in a car, commute time to work, how many beds & baths you need/want, desired geographic location, whether or not you have a fence around the pool or can see your toddlers from the kitchen...likely these things are evolving and ever-changing.

    Recognize and accept temporary things, even if less desirable in the short term, for the benefit and glory of the long term.

    Sara Scribes

  26. Proud of you!

    Seems like yesterday you were graduating high school, now you're leaving college, full of excitement and ready to take on the world.

    I'll remind you of what your grandfather always told me, "If you want something done right, do it yourself".

    I say this not to suggest you take on all things, all the time, and never let anyone carry any of the weight, be it at home or work, or among friends, but rather to always do so with a degree of understanding.

    You see much like beauty, the interpretation of "right" is in the eye of the beholder.

    Often there are multiple approaches to a desired end result. Particular about process and only want things your way? Give specific directions to communicate effectively...or do it yourself!

    Sara Scribes

  27. You made it!

    You've spent the last several years planning for the rest of your life and preparing for the future, putting in endless hours to complete coursework and study for tests.

    You know now how precious and valuable time is and how much happier you are spending time on the things you enjoy.

    Did you know the average American spends 2.5 days per year looking for lost items, according to a recent survey? That's 10 minutes each day wasted wandering for wallets, phones, car keys & such!

    Extra time searching for "stuff" can leave us flustered and tardy.

    Save the stress! Adopt the adage: there's a place for everything, and everything in its place.

    Implement and commit to this principle and be confident, equipped, and on time!

    Sara Scribes

  28. Keep the momentum going graduate!

    After all the years of working hard and living small, you're eager & excited, ambitious & confident, ready to take on anyone and everything that comes your way!

    For many, the optimism and enthusiasm slowly begins to fade as they're met with the obstacles, challenges, disappointments & drudgery that come along in every life.

    When life kicks you in the gut, which it will, and you feel like giving up or you're not good enough, follow the lead of Dr. James Gills, only man to complete 6 Double Ironman Triathlon competitions who said "I learned to start talking to myself instead of listening to myself".

    The ego can cause us to be our own worst critic; switch it up and become your biggest cheerleader!

    Sara Scribes

  29. Welcome to the rest of your life!

    We're all so proud of you and the work you've put in. Graduating college is such an exciting time: starting your career, maybe buying a car, home, or furniture. Maybe alone, with a roommate(s), or a lover.

    Whatever your situation looks like, and it may change through the years, but whatever the circumstances, choose options you can afford alone.

    Even if you actually split costs 2, 3, or 6 ways, staying within your budget means you won't be buying on credit, possibly paying interest, paying more for items than they're worth.

    It also means, and perhaps even more important, you will stay with any roommate(s) or lovers because you want and choose to, not because you have to because you cant afford not to.

    Sara Scribes

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