Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts:
Become an Email Subject Line Machine

Practice your copywriting skills with this prompt from The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

In this Write Now! exercise, you can become an email subject line machine.

Watch this video by Pam Foster, Director of Copywriter Training at AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) to see how you can strengthen your email copywriting and results. (Or read the transcript below.)

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How many emails do you get in a given day? And how many do you instantly delete because the subject line is boring, spammy or useless?

Take an email you recently received — one that’s trying to sell you a product or service — and make it better by writing a stronger headline or subject line.

Don’t overthink it. Just try to come up with 15 different subject lines that pique curiosity and tap into the 4 U's you’ve learned from AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.)*:

• Unique
• Useful
• Ultra-specific
• Urgent

The more you practice writing email subject lines, the more it becomes automatic and second nature.

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Write Now! persuasive writing prompts are presented by the Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA) — a professional association just for direct-response industry writers. Learn about the many benefits of a PWA membership.

*You can learn more about the power of the 4 U’s in AWAI’s program, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

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Published: February 2, 2017

9 Responses to “Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Become an Email Subject Line Machine [video]”

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    Guest (Kendrick )

  2. Product: Guitar

    1. Wanting to do something different with your free time?
    2. Time to learn a new skill, check out the info inside...
    3. Watch how Bill plays like a master with his new guitar!
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    Barbara Vazquez

  3. Wow, Barbara - way to go -- keep practicing! I like the ones that are relevant to guitar lessons

    Pam Foster AWAI

  4. 10 reasons you should write copy for 30 days straight

    How to get healthy skin in 7 days

    30 minutes a day reduces heart attacks by 70%

    Oprah’s 5 lessons on success

    Dry skin? Do this simple daily step

    5 ways to conquer fear

    Healthy foods your grandmother would approve

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    Reduce costs by 8%...increase productivity by 15%

    Top chef reveals 3 baking secrets

    Laid off…these 3 steps will transform you

    Get a date tonight without spending a dime

    Joint pains…see these proven results in 48 hrs

    Exercise machine to will transform your body in 30 days

    Finding love again…at whatever age

    Is a Covid vaccine the answer?

    Only 1% of Canadians do this everyday

    Is online gaming affecting our kids?


  5. Awesome prompts, thank you.


  6. Original: Here’s what you get as a sitter on Rover

    1. Make money sitting pets on Rover
    2. This is how we support our pet-sitters
    3. Be your own boss with Rover
    4. Let clients find you on Rover
    5. This is almost free money
    6. Free money for sitting and petting fur-babies
    7. You make money pet sitting while we got your back
    8. Don’t miss out on the chance to pet-sit for real dollars
    9. Save yourself the hassle of finding clients as a sitter
    10. Ease and convenience of pet sitting with Rover
    11. We prepare you to get better as a sitter
    12. Effortless pet sitting with Rover
    13. This is such a child’s play with Rover
    14. Here’s how we got your back as a sitter on Rover
    15. Here’s the free tools you get as a sitter on Rover

    Guest (Palash)

  7. Palash - great job on those email subject lines!

    Pam Foster AWAI

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    Never say “Where’s The Remote?” again.
    Where’s The Remote? It’s a Click Away!
    Convenience? Spectrum Has It Covered.
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  9. ADT Home Security System email

    Protect your family!
    Here’s what you can do to feel safer Would a gun make you feel safer?
    Here’s a sure-fire way to prevent home break-ins I’ve got the most effective way to defend your from home invasions What’s better than owning a Rottweiler for protection?
    You need to start protecting your family now!
    This is a must-have tool to keep your home safe!
    Do you know the most effective way to keep criminals away?
    What do guns and dogs have in common?
    What you can do to secure your home now!
    Is fear ruling your life?
    You cannot afford to overlook home security!
    Don’t take chances with your family’s safety!
    Crime is at an all time high!

    Guest (Lori)

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