January 2012

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One Leaves You Stagnant, The Other Moves You Forward

Mindy Tyson McHorse tells you about a way to get past your biggest mental challenges … and boost your creativity at the same time.

This Trick of the Mind Means Better Writing with Less Anxiety

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares one of the most effective ways to boost your creativity. Practicing this skill regularly will strengthen your ability to think creatively at a moment’s notice.

Join the Facebook Event Page for the 2012 Web Copywriting Intensive

The 2012 Web Copy Intensive may nearly be sold out, but you can still stay connected with everything that’s going on by joining the Facebook Event Page.

Burn Creative Thinking Right Into Your Brain

Mindy Tyson McHorse explores the core question: is it really that important that we be creative as writers?

Eight Steps to Finding Your First Clients

Will Newman shares eight steps to finding your first clients to build the portfolio you can use to get more, larger clients quickly.

Only 4 Spots Remain for 2012 Web Intensive!

Only 4 spots remain for the 2012 Web Copy Intensive in San Diego this coming Feb 26-29.

The Untold Secret of Steve Jobs’ Empire (Part 1 of 2)

The late Steve Jobs built a technology empire that has revolutionized much of the world. Today Joshua Boswell explores the kingpin-secret behind this empire.

Achieve More by Focusing on the Ten Highest (and Lowest) Value Uses of Your Time...

Are you working towards bettering your career right now? John Wood gives us 20 ways to make our time more productive.

What Brian Tracy, Timothy Ferris, and Many More Use to Get More Done in Less Time...

If you feel you're not being as productive in your career or personal life, follow John Wood’s five-step plan that could have you on the path to wealth and prosperity.

The Mysterious Force That Could Land You Your Next Assignment...

It's not just about your performance in writing that helps get clients. John Wood explains how to better communicate in an interview to land your next assignment.

How to Market Your Freelance Writing Website so That Potential Clients Find You and Fall Over Backward to Hire You

John Wood shows you how to turn your freelance web-writing website into an effective marketing machine.

Can Actor Kevin Bacon Boost Your LinkedIn Success?

Using sociological principals (and Kevin Bacon), John Wood elucidates the impact connections can have on your copywriting business.

Winners of the Build Your Freelance Website by the New Year Challenge

Rebecca Matter announces the winners of the Build Your Freelance Website by the New Year Challenge.

Four Things You Must Know About Social Media

Rebecca Matter reveals four things you must know about social media, and how you can take advantage of the best deal ever offered on the popular program, How to Make Money as a Social Media Expert.

Your Four Steps to Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn...

John Wood points out key areas that you can utilize to make a bigger impact with your LinkedIn profile.

14 Spots Remaining for One-Time Only Event With Dan Kennedy

AWAI announced today a once in a lifetime opportunity for members who are in Dan Kennedy’s Writing For Info-Marketers Certification Training to participate in a small group, in-person training with Dan.

Can You Really Profit From LinkedIn?

Can your own social media efforts really reap rewards? John Wood explains how the premiere business networking site, LinkedIn, can boost your income and your copywriting business.

Becoming the Life of the Party on LinkedIn

Brian E. Whitaker offers practical steps for engaging with prospective B2B clients on LinkedIn.

Grow Your Freelance Reputation and Business by Taking Advantage of LinkedIn's Power

John Wood exposes how to harness the power of LinkedIn and how it can transform your business.

6 Crucial Tasks Your Compelling Lead Must Accomplish

The importance of creating a compelling lead is such a big and critical topic when writing a sales letter. Today Will Newman shares the six crucial tasks a lead must accomplish.

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