August 2012

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Obstacles on the Inside

Brian E. Whitaker recognizes the obstacles he’s creating himself and designs an action plan to change.

AWAI Across America: Destination — Winchester Bay, Oregon The Other City by the Bay

Christine Butler enjoys some time in Winchester Bay, Oregon to eat some crab, check out some dunes, and overall enjoy living the writer's life.

Overcoming Fear

Bob Sands gives some advice on removing the fear of freelance copywriting.

It's About Time...

Time management is a huge deal in any job, but as Bob Sands describes, it can be integral to your freelance writing career.

On Not Being Good Enough...

Bob Sands is here to help you understand that rejection is a necessary part of the writer's life.

Writing Effective Short-Copy Emails

Michele Peterson has some ways of using short-copy emails to get customers clicking.

The Connection Factor

Keeping connected is a great way to keep your writing relevant. Bob Sands explains the importance of staying grounded.

It's All in How You Look at It

Bob Sands writes about the importance of keeping focus.

Sideways Thinking About Obstacles

Brian E. Whitaker is faced with external obstacles that threaten his productivity.

Walking the Tightrope

Bob Sands explains how preparation can help you keep your balance in the most difficult circumstances and keep your freelance career moving toward your ultimate goal.

How to Discover Your Hidden Remarkable Benefit

Brian Clark wants to help you find your inner benefit and market it to help achieve freelance copywriting success.

The Most Important Investment of All

Bob Sands uses some tried and true techniques to get the most out of any seminar or lecture he attends. Here he shares some of those tips and tricks.

Free Teleconference: Master Copywriter (and Seasoned Travel Editor) Jennifer Stevens Wants to Give You an Inside Look at How You Can Easily Turn Your Copy Skills into Paid-for Vacations ... and Lots of Fun at Home, Too

Master Copywriter and Top Travel Writer, Jennifer Stevens sits down for a one-hour teleconference to talk about the opportunity of becoming a travel writer.

I Want to Offer You Paid Writing Work

Mindy McHorse looks back at the last year's Bootcamp, and how all the previous ones built up to the success achieved in her freelance career.

Let’s Schedule a Meeting

Katie Yeakle extends an invitation and a special offer to attend AWAI's 2012 Bootcamp.

Reputation Counts – Part 6

Brian E. Whitaker focuses on the importance of right action, and ask his clients for help building his reputation.

Watch This Embarrassing Video

Mindy McHorse talks about a few of the many opportunities that arise with a trip to AWAI's Bootcamp.

What I’d Like to Pound into Your Head

Investments in yourself are some of the most valuable. Mindy McHorse describes her rationale on making the investment in Bootcamp.

How to Determine if There is a Demand for Your B2B Copywriting Niche [video]

In this video, Steve Slaunwhite gives some great ideas for determining the viability of different niches.

This Won't Happen if You Stay Home

Mindy McHorse relives one of her big plunges in life, attending Bootcamp, and how that plunge helped really get her freelance career off the ground.

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