June 2013

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Just Announced… Free Teleconference on Writing for the Christian Market

Learn about this free teleconference where Joshua Boswell will tell you everything you need to know to break in and make it as a Christian copywriter.

I Hope You Enjoy Your Trip...

Bob Sands encourages you to get your freelance writing career out on the open road.

Roadside Assistance!

Bob Sands tells you where to find some "roadside assistance" on your journey through the writer's life.

A Globe-Trotting Lifestyle Funded by a Money-Making Website

AWAI member Susanna Perkins discusses the excitement she experienced from receiving more income through her Money-Making Website than she planned.

Keep Your Eye on the Road...

Distractions can spell trouble on the road to The Writer’s Life. Bob Sands helps you avoid some common freelancer distractions.

Marketing – What’s Your Point?

Heather Robson helps you steer your marketing efforts in a more fruitful direction.

What's Your Sweet Spot?

Bob Sands has some guidance for those freelancers that embark on The Writer’s Life journey but don’t know where they are going.

Are You All Packed?

The Writer’s Life is a journey, and Bob Sands is here to make sure you've packed your bags properly for the adventure.

You Never Know Who's Watching...

Will Newman explains why it is so important to treat every writing assignment as a paid assignment.

The Hiring Crew Like No Other

They're not other writers, connectors, inspirations, or even teachers – but many people say they are the lifeblood of our industry. Jen Adams fills you in on the people that will pay you big bucks for your copy.

Your Link Between Point A and Point B

Jen Adams talks about a unique group of influential writers and marketers who can dramatically change your copy career.

A Slim Portfolio Doesn’t Stop this AWAI Member From Landing His Dream Job

Eric Greene tells his Bootcamp success story, landing his dream job just months after attending the AWAI annual event.

This Keeps You From Falling Down

Jen Adams tells you about how your Supporters will help you hold on to your progress as a writer and celebrate all of your achievements.

Use Email Marketing to Effortlessly Follow Up With Potential Clients

Christina Gillick explains the vast benefits having an email list can give a freelance copywriter, and how you can reap the rewards of your own list.

Learning Done Right

Jen Adams points out where to learn what to do to get good results for your clients.

It Only Takes a Spark

Finding inspiration is a big boost for any copywriter. Jen Adams explains how to keep inspiration around for easy use when needed.

"Cut to the Chase" Copywriting

If you don’t like reading – or more important writing – long form copy, Will Newman has good news for you and your copywriting career.

5 Easy Steps to Improving Your Email Copy: The Bridge of Trust

Jay White takes a step back to talk about your overall approach to email copy.

Eliminating the Eye Stutter from Your Email Copy

Here are three tips from Jay White to help you smooth out your copy and make it as easy as possible to read.

How to Get More Click-Throughs

Jay White helps you get your email prospects to click the all important link.

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