October 2014

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Who’s Going to Believe in You?

As AWAI Circle of Success Master Instructor explains, all of your emotions come into play in your quest for success, but nothing is more important than this.

Richard Armstrong’s “Pitch Perfect” Keynote Speech - The Secret of Singing in Your Customer’s Key [video]

Richard Armstrong's speech at Bootcamp is something all copywriters should see, so Katie has made it available to all ... free of charge. Watch here!

Storytelling Skills Help This AWAI Member Land a Major Project

Sage Johnson’s passion for and history with storytelling landed her a great gig with case study guru Casey Hibbard. Read about the project here!

Smart Marketing: Creating the Helpful B2B Blog

What makes a B2B blog successful? See how making a B2B blog helpful by educating prospects can lead to more sales and better customers.

Finding Beacons to Light Your Success Journey

Even when you have good goals and objectives, there will be times when it feels like you’re traveling in the dark. That’s when you need guiding beacons.

Circle of Success Member Finds Fulfilling and High-Paying Work as a Freelancer

The education received from Circle of Success has led to many steady freelance gigs for AWAI member Anne Michelsen. Read her story here!

A Newcomer Takes Home a Bootcamp Spec Challenge Award

Valerie Swiderski only completed the accelerated copywriting program a month before Bootcamp, and she left as a spec challenge winner with $1,000 in her pocket!

Grabbing the Attention of Potential Clients

Getting client attention is key to any successful marketing campaigns. Christina Gillick shares how to grab attention when promoting yourself.

When Failure Ceases to Exist

AWAI Circle of Success Master Instructor Will Newman shows you a simple but very powerful way to “failure-proof” your career… and your whole life.

Freedom, Fulfillment and More — That’s The Writer’s Life for this Circle of Success Member

Circle of Success has allowed this mother of four to work from home and live the writer’s life - all while maintaining a successful copywriting business.

The Surest Way to Reach Your Success Goal

This simple and effective goal-setting strategy gives you a clear sense of where you’re going and how to get there… plus, a huge sense of accomplishment.

This Circle of Success Member Truly Embraces the Work-from-Anywhere Philosophy

Being a freelance copywriter allowed this Circle of Success member to spend the past four months traveling around Southeast Asia. Read her story here.

Overcoming Roadblocks on Your Journey to Success

With any big life change, self-doubt is normal. What you do with that doubt makes all the difference. Discover the key to turning those thoughts around.

No More Blank Screen Blues

Every writer has battled writer's block and has experienced the frustration associated with it. Here's a strategy for turning a blank screen into copy.

Congratulations to AWAI’s 2014 Spec Challenge Winners!

A round of applause for Les, Elizabeth, Valerie, Scott and Christy for winning the AWAI Spec Challenge! Read on to learn about the challenge and the prize!

Congratulations to AWAI’s 2014 Copywriter of the Year – Nick Usborne!

Last week we announced our 2014 Copywriter of the Year, Nick Usborne. Check out the acceptance video and our interview with him here. Congrats, Nick!

Clayton Makepeace Signs Two AWAI Members to $15,000 Contracts as Part of His 2014 Spec Challenge

Elizabeth Blessing and Amin Muhammad each walked away from Bootcamp with a $15,000 contract from Clayton Makepeace. Congratulations to both!

AWAI Member Wins TWO Spec Challenges at Bootcamp

Congratulations to Circle of Success member Elizabeth Blessing for winning TWO of the 2014 Bootcamp spec challenges – one of which is worth $15K!

How to Speed Up the Process of Creating Your Own Personal “Writer’s Life”

How long will building your writer’s life puzzle take? As Christina Gillick explains, it’s different for everyone. Here’s one way to speed up the process.

Kathryn Aragon on the “Secret Handshake” to Your Success [audio]

In an interview with Joshua Boswell, AWAI member Kathryn Aragon says Circle of Success is the “secret handshake” into the copywriting industry. Listen here

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