June 2015

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The Writing Opportunity That Gives You a Reliable, Consistent Income

Discover the writing niche where clients stick around for years and pay you month after month, all because they love these short, conversational projects.

What Clients Look for in a B2B Copywriter

B2B copywriting master Steve Slaunwhite shares six assets B2B clients are looking for when hiring a copywriter.

The “Dream” Niche with No Hard Selling, Short Projects, and Great Pay

Discover this “dream” niche for freelance writers: No hard selling, short projects, and great pay. Find out how to get started today.

Develop Your Secret Weapon for Beating Out the Competition

Researching and understanding who you are and what makes you unique will arm you with the intel you need to always differentiate yourself from your competition.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Catherine Cairns-O’Keefe

When Catherine Cairns-O’Keefe was 19 and out of high school, she tried a number of jobs – housekeeping, night cleaning and waiting tables – but her heart wasn’t in any of them. Find out how in just a few short years later she found freedom and fulfillment as a well-paid freelance copywriter.

The "Free to Shining Fee" Strategy

Quit working for free. Boost your project income with Steve Slaunwhite’s “Free to Shining Fee” Strategy. It’s simple and easy to implement.

How Your “Values” Can Skyrocket Your Business

Find out how you can leverage your personal values and convictions to really stand out as a writer and ultimately develop a loyal group of clients.

100+ Clients Looking to Hire You NOW to do this for Them …

This marketing technique brings in more prospects - and converts those prospects to customers faster and cheaper - than most other marketing channels.

Why You Should Choose a Niche

Not sure if you should choose a niche? Click through to learn about three big benefits of choosing a niche for your web-writing business.

Command Higher Fees With Your Work Experience

Find out how to mine your work experience for valuable skills and tools you can leverage in your freelance writing business to stand out and make more money.

The Simplest Way to Differentiate Yourself in Your Market

Uncover your true personality and see how it stacks against others’ perceptions. This will help you get a good idea of exactly what you bring to the table.

No Excuses for Success

This well-known health copywriter didn't allow obstacles to stop her from reaching great success, and she now holds 75 controls in her industry. Read her story here.

How to Stand Out As a Writer

Discover the secret to standing out as a writer in a crowded market and start down the path to knowing exactly what makes you special.

Funnel Basics: How Much Should You Charge a Client for a Funnel?

Funnels have high value to clients… and they carry high price tags, too. Here’s a quick survey of the current (2015) market rates.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Krista Jones

Krista Jones had had enough of her environmental science office job. The inflexible corporate culture didn’t allow anyone to work from home. She had done such regimented work for so many years and was just so unhappy. She was ready for a new career path and found her calling as a freelance copywriter.

Don’t Make This “Rookie” Marketing Mistake

Marketing to the wrong group of people can destroy relationships you need to build. Here are some guidelines to follow when marketing yourself.

Funnel Basics: How Testing Lets You Turn One Plan Into Multiple Ideas (and Income Streams!)

Funnels lend themselves very naturally to testing. See how you can take one funnel plan and use different ideas to multiply its value.

Funnel Basics: How Acquisition Funnels Translate Into Constant Writing Work

As a writer, you can be paid to create every part of an acquisition funnel. See what parts translate into what kinds of copy.

Use the Power of One in Your Marketing with List Segmentation

Experienced marketers know that list segmentation and targeted marketing yield better results. Find out how you can use the same idea to market yourself.

Help Us Celebrate The Life of AWAI Co-Founder Don Mahoney

Help us continue to celebrate the life of our friend and colleague Don Mahoney by visiting our special tribute page filled with stories from those who loved him, worked with him and are living better lives today because of him.

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