July 2016

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Sorry, This Offer Ends Tonight at Midnight

If you haven't signed up for Bootcamp yet, today's your last chance to save $500. And you don't want to miss out - not only is this a great discount, it's a life changing opportunity. Find out here how it changed the freelance career of copywriter Jon Stoltzfus, and how it can do the same for you!

12 Quick-Start Gateways to The Writer’s Life: A Conversation with Gordon Graham — Part 3

There’s a big gap between marketers looking for writers and writers looking for clients. Gordon Graham tells you how to close the gap and get started.

The 3 Pillars for Better B2B Copywriting Clients

Want to get better B2B copywriting clients? Make sure your marketing strategy includes these three critical elements.

Choosing the “Blue Ocean” Could Be the Best Career Move You’ll Ever Make: A Conversation with Gordon Graham — Part 2

Most copywriters choose to "swim in the red ocean." Here’s why swimming in the "blue ocean" could be a better, more lucrative choice.

Looking for Writing Assignments? Here’s 12…

Finding assignments doesn't have to be a problem...even if you're a new copywriter. Try shifting your focus to this growing niche - get all the details here!

Deadly Web Writing Marketing Mistakes That Kill Your Profits

Web writing marketing mistakes. We all make them. But some are too deadly to your profits to keep making them. Find out what they are and how to avoid them

Job Fair Leads to High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

AWAI’s Job Fair led directly to Jon Stoltzfus making more than $200,000 in less than two years as a copywriter. Find out how he did it.

Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Members – First Client Challenge

Landing your first web writing client is a moment worth sharing - in fact it could be worth a paying article in AWAI's Wealthy Web Writer! Find out more about this great opportunity and how you can share your experience here.

How My Third Grade Teacher Got Me Started on My B2B Career: A Conversation with Gordon Graham — Part 1

B2B master Gordon Graham achieved the writer's life in a very roundabout way. Maybe, a lot like you. Today he tells us how it all started.

Atlanta Professional Ditches Heels, Hose for Freedom of Copywriting

Krista Jones left behind her job as an environmental scientist to pursue her passion for self-development.Read her story here and find out how she achieved copywriting success and the writer's life.

Revealed: Hidden Stashes of Headline Inspiration

If your headline stinks, you might as well throw your writing away. But where can you get inspiration for compelling headlines?

THIS JUST IN: Meet 13 Copywriting and Marketing Pros at Clayton Makepeace’s Speedwriting Intensive in Denver

Clayton Makepeace will be hosting a live event in Denver next month - read here to find out who will be joining him!

Is Copywriting a Man's Career? The Copywriter Who Cracked the Glass Ceiling

Is copywriting a man's career? Master Copywriters Kim Schwalm and Carline Anglade-Cole will tell you differently. Here's who to thank.

Copywriters Have it Easy; Regular Writers Have it Hard...Here’s Why

Beloved A-list copywriter with 4 decades of experience explains why regular freelance writing is more difficult than achieving success as a copywriter.

Get Everything You Need to Land Online Copywriting Jobs

Your last chance to save $150 and get 5 powerful bonuses to help you master writing for the web and land high-paying online copywriting jobs.

When Being Invisible is Golden …

What does achieving the writer’s life as a successful copywriter have to do with umpiring Little League games? Let master marketer Brian Kurtz tell you.

Financial Publisher Offers Copywriting Jobs at Job Fair

Major financial publisher to attend Job Fair, ready to hire attendees for copywriting jobs.

Are You Ready to Start Living The Writer’s Life?

Believing that you are not ready to start living the writer’s life may actually prove that you are ready. Read on to discover why.

The True Secret to Attracting Great Clients as an Online Copywriter

The path to success as an online copywriter is having great clients. Web copywriting expert Nick Usborne shares his true secret to attracting them.

Benefits that Sing and Soar
 — in Five Simple Steps: Part 2

It's not enough to use benefits. You must connect benefits to your prospect's real emotions. In Clayton's words, your benefits must be “fully dimensionalized.”

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