The Six-Figure Copywriter’s Slacker “Crib Sheet”

Ben Settle

True story. A few years ago, a girl I was dating (who worked a full-time corporate job) became intrigued by how my day basically consisted of getting up at whatever time I wanted, working for about 10-30 minutes (tops), grabbing something to eat, then going to the beach with my dog or doing something fun (golf, road trip, hanging out with whomever, wine tasting, brewery hopping, etc.) the rest of the day.

Zero stress.

Zero drama.

And, zero angsting.

At the time, I was worn down from 10 years of working 15+ hour days (sometimes 7 days per week), some personal crap (divorce, etc.), and burnout. So, I really did do the absolute minimum. And, I had been doing the minimum for almost a year.

But, here’s the thing, during that time …

My Sales Did NOT Go Down
Like They Normally Would Have!

No … sales went up.

Thus, the chick I was dating started calling it “The Ben Settle Lifestyle” and I’ve spent the last few years showing people how to do the same. And in this (short) “crib sheet,” I’m going to do the same for you.

What I’m about to show you is a short (and ridiculously simple) five-step game plan for having a business that takes you just 10-30 minutes per day to run while making a comfortable living.

And when I say “simple,” I mean it.

Some people reading this sitting on their high horses will even mock it as such saying:

“I already know this! Show me something advanced!”

To which my reply will be, “Do you? Why then, are you not doing it?”

It reminds me of the young whippersnapper who once went to an old kung fu master wanting to learn how to fight. He strolls in and tells the master he wants to learn how to kick butt. So the kung fu master starts showing him the basics of how to punch. The young man gets impatient and says, “Sifu, when are you going to show me advanced???”

The Sifu walks to a candle and throws a punch so fast the flame blows out from the force created by the punch. The kid then begs the master to show him how to do that. “Yes! Advanced! Like that!” To which the Sifu replies:

“First, you must learn how to punch …”

And so it is with making a living online.

Don’t scoff at what’s simple and fundamental.

To illustrate, let me share this Ken McCarthy example. By the way, Ken McCarthy is credited with inventing online selling and was the first to use click-through rates as an important metric for measuring success:

Once upon a time, he hired me to write the bullets for one of his seminar recordings. And one of the lessons I wrote bullets for was an “Info Marketing for Beginners” training Ken did with a multimillion-dollar marketer named Lloyd Irvin. And during the Q&A part, people were asking about social media and all the sexy bells and whistles they see going on out there in Internet marketing goo-roo land.

What was Ken and Lloyd’s response?

(And remember, collectively, these two have helped generate 9+ figures in sales between themselves, clients, and students, etc.)

Anyway, their response was, they still focus on the basics:

  • Squeeze page
  • Email follow up
  • Sales letter

Ooh. In fact, they said …

That is Still How the Majority of Money is Made Online!

Hardly exciting, is it?

Certainly it is about as uncomplicated as it can get.

There was nothing about begging for Likes and shares on social media. Nothing about building out complex “funnels” with $300/month software. Nothing about slaving away 24/7 and building a giant team of 20+ people. It was all about the BASICS.

Am I Saying to Ignore Those Things?

Not at all.

They have their place and in due course when it makes sense.

But, the whole so-called “secret” of the method I’ve been using for 5+ years to make a more-than-comfortable living sending just one or two emails per day can all be boiled down to this simple formula:

  1. Find a market to sell to
  2. Build an email list of these people
  3. Find or create an offer (i.e., something you can sell) they will want (and are willing to pay for) and put it on a web page
  4. Send your list an email every day sending them to the above page
  5. When someone buys, sell them something else

Yes, it really is that simple.

That is …

If You Don’t Complicate It!

Later on, when you have the knowledge and product line, and experience, you can add to it. But you know what? Most people never even do the above. Instead, they screw around trying to bastardize what works with everything else that isn’t the above.


Once you have the above set up, it’s not only possible but realistic to get paid more than many doctors do while working less hard than a bum rattling a cup full of sticky pennies on the street all day.

Now, to be blunt:

This isn’t fantasy land.

Even the simple steps above take time and knowledge to set up.

And, this is especially true if you are brand-new to selling online.

That is why, depending on where you are at in your business (raw newbie fresh off the turnip truck … or seasoned marketer looking to enhance your business), I want to invite you to check out the new 10-Minute Workday program. It shows you my exact process from A to Zebra for how to make six-figures per year (or more) writing just one email per day — either starting from scratch (no product, list, sales letters, traffic, etc.) or using your current offers.

See you on the other side …

10-Minute Workday

10-Minute Workday

If you want to be a well-paid writer without having to land clients or spend hours every day working on your business — Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday shows you how to create an easy email business. Learn More »

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Published: November 21, 2016

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