November 2016

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Let Me Introduce You to My Mistress

Writing is more than a career. It’s a source of great pleasure. Here’s how to get the pleasure and without having to chase around after clients.

Decisions Every Freelance Web Writer Has to Make

It’s an age-old question of freelancers everywhere. What form of business should you use? This basic guide to business types for freelancers will help.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Li Vasquez-Noone

Li Vasquez-Noone was stuck in a frustrating corporate job until she made a change that led to a new career – at double the pay.

What is Your Philosophy of Life? What is Sacred to You? Here is Mine

Do you love to write? Best-selling author James Altucher tells us why he loves to write… and how your love can lead you to the writer's life.

Multiple Copywriting Jobs Thanks to Effective Self-Marketing

This AWAI member was struggling to find copywriting jobs. But insight from a mentor helped her kick her writing business into high gear.

How to Automatically Get More Clients

This three-point program makes finding clients easy and sets you up with a never-ending flow of copywriting projects.

Tapping into What’s Most Important to Your Prospect

Your brain harbors a system that can make you a successful copywriter… if you understand it. Joshua Boswell gives you the secret to using that system.

A Mentor Proves Key to Copywriter Success

B2B copywriter Gidget Hall is on her way to achieving the writer’s life and copywriter success thanks to the guidance of a mentor.

LinkedIn Tool for Freelancers Connects AWAI Member with New Client One Project In, and They’re Ready to Hire Her for More Copywriting Jobs

AWAI member Patricia Moyer took Joshua Boswell's challenge and was able to get a client before Bootcamp. And right now is a great time to work with Joshua - find out how you can sign up for his Simple Path to Success, on sale now through November 28th!

Yilda Rivera Uses a Three-Step Process for Her Copywriter Success

AWAI member Yilda Rivera has formed a long-term relationship with a major client. She found copywriter success by communicating with the client effectively, picking a niche, and more.

Email Marketing Leads to Copywriting Job for AWAI Member

Thanks to an effective client-getting strategy, Richard Rowlands is building his freelance business and landing copywriting jobs

A Lawyer’s Top 14 Tips for Asking Better Questions

Asking better questions when talking with your client can help you uncover hidden gems that can make your B2B copywriting projects much more effective.

Landing a Copywriting Job Thanks to an Effective Mentor

Bert Botta got some breakthrough advice from his mentor, Joshua Boswell, that led to him landing a high-paying copywriting job.

Power Your Quest for Copywriting Success with the Secret of Peer Perspective

Discovering your strengths is a crucial first step to achieving the writer's life. How can you discover your strengths? Here’s Joshua Boswell’s answer.

How Long Will it Take? Six Tips for Estimating Your Project Times

When you take on a project, both you and your client want a solid idea of how long it will take. Use these tips for accurately estimating project times.

[Surprising!] Check This Out: The #1 Key to Copywriting Success

Joshua Boswell has got the secrets to copywriting success...he may have learned the hard way but he's here to help you today - get a new client in just a matter of weeks!

A. T. Stewart & Co. Hidden Secret of “Known Demand”

How can the experiences of a young Irish merchant from the mid-1800s help you understand how to achieve the writer's life? Joshua Boswell can tell you.

I Must Say, You’re Cutting This Very Close!

It's not too late to sign up for Ben Settle's new program. See how easy it can be to have your own business, working just ten minutes a day, AND make up to half a million dollars!

WANTED: Curious People and Creative Thinkers with the Ability to Write Persuasively

WANTED: Curious People and Creative Thinkers with the Ability to Write Persuasively

How Becoming an “Anti-Client” Copywriter Will Make You a Success

Most copywriters want to be known as “A-Listers.” Not Ben Settle. He’s got an entirely different, contrarian view.

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