February 2017

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Email Newsletter Clients Never Run Out of Content

Writing newsletters is a source of rich retainer deals. But in writing them, won’t you quickly run out of ideas for content? Michael Katz says, “NO!”

Retainer Clients Take Timing Out of the Equation

Finding clients over and over is challenging for any copywriter. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could avoid this repeated cycle?

How to Avoid Getting Your Newsletter Deleted

One of the easiest ways to create recurring income is to write e-newsletters. Businesses are eager to hire writers like you for this growing niche.

Free Webinar and Q&A: Understanding What Copywriting Clients Want — and How to Approach Them

If you've ever thought about what clients want, and what it takes to make you stand out and get hired over other copywriters, then you'll want to join Rebecca and Katie - with special guest Pam Foster for this month's FREE Inside AWAI Webinar...sign up and get all the details here!

VIDEO: “Sneak In” to the Sold Out Web Copy Intensive

The 2017 Web Copywriting may have sold out, but you can still become a working web writer this year! Check out this video from Rebecca for more details...

How an Effective LinkedIn Profile Will Help You Achieve Copywriting Success

COS member Steve Maurer passes on secrets for using LinkedIn effectively… secrets he learned directly from LinkedIn.

Meet Our Newest In-House Copywriter Tim Matassa!

Copywriter Tim Matassa received training from last year's Web Intensive last year, and also many AWAI Bootcamps...now he's here in Delray to stay - join us in welcoming him to our office as our newest in-house copywriter!

Impress B2B Clients with Your Secret Weapon

Discover how you can impress your B2B clients, even if you’re just starting out as a copywriter or taking on a brand-new type of project

From Part-Time to Five-Figure Copywriter in Two Years

Retainer success came to COS member Sherri Caldwell before she expected. But when it happened, she grabbed it. Here’s the latest chapter in her story.

Smart Networking Brings in 4-Figure Copywriting Job

This AWAI member has a system for bringing in clients automatically – and it’s brought him his ideal copywriting job.

Wallets, Bank Cards, and Your Success in The Writer's Life

Ordering online recently, Will discovered how vital emails can be in developing lasting customer relationships. And for building a lucrative career.

How to Connect with Influencers in Any Industry

When you connect with influencers in your industry, you’ll grow your reputation in the process. Here 5 effective ways to make positive connections.

The US Economy Only Grew 2% But the Freelance Economy is Booming

With our economy's recent increase of freelance opportunities comes the need for these independent workers to be knowledgeable in effectively pricing their services. Read on for more information about The State of the Industry Report and AWAI's 2017 Copywriting Pricing Guide.

Social Media Writing is the Gateway Gig to a Lot More Work with Every Client

Phenomenal growth… in an industry begging for trained copywriters… doing easy work. What’s not to love? Learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

Take on Fun and Easy Freelance Projects in the Growing World of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a valuable marketing tool used by businesses around the world. And companies need qualified writers like you to create effective campaigns.

How to Combine the Flexibility and Opportunity of the Freelance Life with the Security of Full-Time Work

A steady, reliable income… month after month. Not having to worry about paying your bills. Sound like something you’d like to learn more about?

Negotiating a Copy Bonus is Just as Lucrative as Copywriting Royalties

Copywriters love getting royalty deals from their clients, but if you can’t get one, negotiate a bonus for yourself instead.

If This “Dunce” in School Can Become a Master Social Media Copywriter, So Can You

Is social media copywriting just a flash in the pan? Not according to Master Web Copywriter Nick Usborne. He says right now, it's in its “sweet spot.”

Taking a Bold Step Yields a New Copywriting Job

This PWA member left her old job behind and started a new, more fulfilling copywriting job.

Don't State Your Opinions as Facts When in Fact They Aren’t

Your greatest allies in convincing your prospect are facts. But some copywriters play fast and loose with them, destroying credibility and success.

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