Five Quick Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using LinkedIn

Joshua Boswell

My friend Ted was an intense workaholic.

He was in pursuit of fame and riches.

To reach his goals, he felt like he had to work, work, work, and do more work.

He spent 10-18 hours a day at the office, sometimes not even coming home. He’d sleep on the office floor, dropping off at around 2 a.m. and getting back up at 5 or 6 a.m. to get back after it.

Finally, his wife convinced him to take a couple of days off and relax at Lake Tahoe.

Ted got out of the office late (of course), and they started driving. Ted was running on very little sleep and was really tired by the time he drove his minivan filled with his wife and children into the Eldorado National Forest, a few hours outside Tahoe.

The winding road, the dark night, the serene mountain setting slowly lulled Ted into a nice, relaxing sleep.

With his eyes closed, he missed the curve in the road.

The van didn’t even slow down as it plunged over the 200-foot drop off.

In an amazing miracle, the van stayed on all four wheels until the very end, where it rolled a few times and settled upright.

Even more miraculous, everyone in the van survived. Bruised, dazed, and shocked … but alive.

It was a massive wake-up call for Ted.

He was running too hard.

There had to be a better way to live … a better way to create wealth … a better way to get clients and enjoy real time with his family.

And, of course there is.

Ted became obsessed with high-leverage activities.

How do I do a small amount of work and get massive results?

He discovered LinkedIn and then came up with a simple 15-minute activity that has allowed him to land ideal clients, make an amazing income, and live a wonderful income.

He even regularly takes family vacations — safely!

The 15-minute routine is very easy to do.

And, it’s very easy not to do.

My challenge to you is to do it!

Set aside just 15 minutes every day and do a few simple things on LinkedIn. It could change your life forever.

Here it is … 5 things in just 15 minutes that you can do to attract ideal clients using LinkedIn …

1 — Happy Birthday!

LinkedIn will tell you who’s having a birthday.

Tell them Happy Birthday and ask them simple questions. “Happy Birthday! Did you do anything exciting today? Or do you have any big plans to celebrate?”

People will reply back and you can start a conversation.

2 — People You May Know

When you click on your “Network” tab, you’ll see LinkedIn suggests people you may already know … or have some connection with.

Go through the list. Anyone with 10 or more mutual connections, request to connect with them.

3 — Comment on Your Newsfeeds

When you click on your “Home” button, you’ll see a bunch of newsfeeds. Usually people associated with you in some — even distantly — have written these posts or articles.

Skim through these and find people you think would be a good connection or potential client.

Take a minute or two and make an intelligent comment on two or three of the posts.

4 — Recommendations!

Do a quick search and find the profile of an ideal client.

If you like their work or know something about them, write a brief recommendation for them. Make it clear, simple, and specific.

I promise, it will catch their attention.

5 — I See You!

If members have a premium account, LinkedIn notifies them when you look at their profiles.

So, search for a company and find all the decision makers in that company … people like the marketing managers and directors, the Chief Marketing Officer, the owner, the CEO, the creative director, the Social Media Manager, and so on …

Look at each of their profiles. If they have articles in there, make a brief comment. If you know something good about them, make a recommendation or endorse a specific skill set.

They will see that you reviewed their profile and just might come back and review yours.

Again, these are not difficult tasks. They’re easy. They don’t take much time. You can do all of them in 15 minutes … 30 minutes tops.

But, Oh! What a difference it could make for you!

Now, before I send you off, there is one last thing that I want to tell you …

A car is a high leverage machine.

You sit down, turn a key, and thousands of mechanical and electrical systems roar to life.

The whole intent is to safely and quickly get you from Point A to Point B.

But, the leverage only works AFTER you build the machine.

Your writing career is the same way.

It can take you to amazing places. It can give you a wonderful lifestyle.

It is a high-leverage machine … once it is built properly.

For example, if your LinkedIn profile is set up correctly, than doing the 15-minute activity I told you about today is wildly powerful.

But, if it's not set up … or isn’t setup to attract and inspire your ideal client … then it's a waste of time.

Same goes for your writing skills. You can be the best writer in the world, but if you don’t have a system for attracting and closing clients, those skills have no real value for you.

I want to help you build your high-leverage system.

I have helped thousands of other writers and now I think it’s your turn.

A few weeks ago, I helped Brian Evans build the foundation for his high-leverage system.

Here’s what he had to say on Facebook:

“I recently attended Copywriting training with Joshua T. Boswell in San Antonio. I’m still running on high-octane, even to this day. Best training I have ever received, hands-down.

“I left this training with a step-by-step roadmap to set up my business and what to do to get clients and keep them for long-term. If you are on the fence about this training or any training from AWAI, get off the fence and do it. You can only succeed if you let them help you.”

I’m offering this unique training again … but you don’t have to go to San Antonio to get it.

I’m bringing it right to your personal computer.

If you’re interested in building a high-leverage machine that could give you a highly profitable writing career and a wonderful lifestyle, then check out what I’m doing here.

This is 860 milligrams of highly active material.

Your decision to read more could change everything.

Get the details on my training here.

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Published: May 23, 2017

4 Responses to “Five Quick Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using LinkedIn”

  1. Thank you, Josh Boswell! There is nothing better than clear, actionable steps to move forward with a plan. I love this stuff, and plan to make full use of LinkedIn to launch my writing career!

    Jan Robinson

  2. Your specific advice for Linked In is simple, yet so profound at the same time. It takes away the "I will figure out tomorrow" how to use Linked In in a real way and motivates me to start TODAY. Thanks for your great suggestions.

    Guest (Nancy)

  3. Having gone through Joshua's 15 minutes a day LinkedIn strategies, I saw in insight a permanent end to the twist and turns in writing attractive and presentable write-up. They are so logical and simple. Comparing them to the daily involvement in driving of a car broke the whole concept into pieces that make up a huge bunch of success. Initially, it appeared to me as a mystery but with the strategies it became a nut easily untied. Thank you Joshua.


  4. Hi Will and Joshua, I'm going to look thru, LinkedIn profiles,15-minutes for a start. Thanks

    Guest (Darrick)

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