The Multi-Billion Dollar Health Industry Is Hiring Copywriters
Get the Right Training and You Could Have Your Pick of Copywriting Jobs

If you’re searching for a niche or would like to add a specialty to your list of copywriting services, the health niche is worth a close look, perhaps now more than ever.

This industry is huge and growing. People of all ages and backgrounds are interested in natural healing, alternative treatments, vitamins and supplements, weight loss, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, disease prevention, cosmetics … just plain looking and feeling better. And they’re willing to spend a lot of money to get the information and products they want. The average American spends $10,000 or more on healthcare each year.

With that much money on the table, there are thousands of companies, from large corporations to “mom and pop” operations, that cater to this market. All of them need copy. And that means plenty of health copywriting jobs to go around, including for new freelancers.

If you have an interest in natural health, it’s a great way to write about something you’re passionate about. That enthusiasm and knowledge will show through in your copy — and make you irresistible to clients.

As a copywriter in this niche, you’ll have the chance to write online ads, sales letters, sales emails, social media content, website content … the list goes on. There’s no shortage of work. And once you gain experience, you’ll have your pick of high-paying copywriting jobs that could put you on the road to making six-figures every year — or more.

Take A-list copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole. She specialized in health copywriting early in her career and she’s been making $1 million+ annually for years. Up-and-coming health copywriter — and AWAI member — Rae Robinson makes $9,000 a month.

Steve Coombes, who has written for the Healthy Back Institute says:

“Yes, you absolutely can make six-figures in the health market. Marketers spend billions on advertising every year in this industry and a good copywriter is worth their weight in gold.”

AWAI has recognized the huge opportunity health copywriting represents for freelancers. So they’ve decide to provide the training you need to start offering your services in this niche.

With Secrets of Writing for the Health Market, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write copy health marketers, publishers, supplement makers, and other clients need
  • Come up with those “hot buttons” — issues that grab attention and compel prospects to take action now
  • Convince potential clients to choose you through smart self-marketing
  • Make sure you get paid the right price for your services — even when you're just starting out

Plus, you get a full swipe file you can use to inspire your own copy ideas and, best of all, there is a chance to “audition” for five real live clients built right into the program.

Once you get to the end you can write spec assignments for five different health clients. That could lead to your first health copywriting job … and even an ongoing gig.

The AWAI Method™

The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter

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Published: July 24, 2017

4 Responses to “Getting Copywriting Jobs in the Huge Health Niche”

  1. I just finished The Accelerated Program . I passed the test with 84% Then I joined the Circle Of success.
    I decide to specialize in Health Niche.
    I worked in the hospital for 5 years, so I have knowledge about Health field.
    I am studying the Book:Secret for Writing the Health Market.
    I pray that I will get the job in Health Niche soon.
    Jennie(Tweety) COS member


  2. Interesting I've worked in the health field but as a patient assistant for a few years. The things you see and learn. Very good niche.

    Ms G

  3. I am a semi retired RN and I have always wanted to write in the nursing trade magazines, I just never knew how to get there short of submitting copy directly to the publisher. I've completed some copywriting training as well as a B2B training seminar. I really want to do this and take the leap. I'm just not real sure what to do next. I have a LinkedIn profile but I really need guidance on putting together some writing samples that I can get some feedback on.


  4. You said a copywriter in the health niche can write several forms of copy like sales page, email, SEO post etc but this goes against the conventional Maxim " one copywriter=one copywriting service". Please explain why's that?

    Guest (John)

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