July 2017

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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

20 years ago, experts said you couldn’t teach people to become copywriters. Mark Ford disagreed. Now, hear his outlook for the industry and your options.

Banish Writer’s Block for Good

Use these five proven tricks developed by an award-winning novelist to banish writer’s block for good.

Create Your Own Copywriter Success

Come to Bootcamp to get the inspiration and practical tips you need to achieve copywriter success on your terms.

After Tonight There Will Be No More

You can "test-drive" everything you need to launch a copywriting career that will serve you well into retirement. But don't wait too long - this is a special offer that ends at Midnight ET tonight, July 30th. Get all the details and sign up NOW!

Test-Drive Your Way to Freedom - Here!

Copywriting is one of the best paths to freedom...and if you're not quite convinced why not give it a test-drive? Find out how you can try our foundation program - without any risk - for 30 days! Get all the details and started on your way to the writer's life NOW.

Video Reveals Inside Scoop on AWAI’s 20th Copywriting Bootcamp and What Else You Can Expect from the Copywriting Event of the Year…

Check out what Katie Yeakle has to say about our 20th Copywriting Event of the Year and how much more Bootcamp means now.

What to Say to Close the Deal

Knowing how to ask for copy projects can help you close more deals. Use these strategies from Ilise Benun to boost your confidence and land more clients.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Alexandra Sokoloff

Alexandra Sokoloff brilliantly explains to Mindy McHorse how screenwriting can unlock the best kind of storytelling.

How to Differentiate Yourself

If you don’t differentiate yourself, you could get lost in the crowd. Use these six strategies to stand out to your prospects.

60 Seconds that Could Make or Break Your Career

If you have just 30 to 60 seconds to convince a potential client to hire you, could you do it? Here are 9 strategies to make sure you impress prospects.

Are you sabotaging yourself by sharing your goals?

Common wisdom says to set goals and then share them. You’ll have a clear target and accountability. But could this strategy of sharing your goals be wrong?

How to Get Copy Clients to Believe You’re an EXPERT in Your Industry

When you’re perceived to be an expert, you can command higher fees. Discover the one word that can turn you into an instant expert.

Health Copywriter Lands First Copywriting Job

After submitting a spec assignment, Ruth Hoover landed a dream copywriting job with a high-profile health publisher. And now she’s ready for more.

3 Reasons NOW is the Best Time to Launch Your Freelance Career (and 2 Ways to Get Started!)

Discover three reasons why NOW is the best time to launch your freelance career, and two ways you can get your freelance copywriting business started.

How to Excel at a Health Copywriting Job

Clive Cable has had quite a run in his copywriting job. He writes copy for his own business and business is good.

Getting Copywriting Jobs in the Huge Health Niche

Healthcare spending will only grow in the U.S. And that means companies have plenty of copywriting jobs available to help them market their products and services.

9 Steps that Turn Making a Living as a Writer into a Reality

Want to get paid to write but don’t know how to start? AWAI’s been successfully teaching the steps to take for 20 years. Get the blueprint to follow here.

Five Tips to Accelerate Your Health Copywriting Career and Your Income

Use these five proven tips to accelerate your learning curve as a health copywriter and watch your income soar. And you’ll have successes more often.

Breaking News: Copywriter Who Transformed American Politics and “Changed the World” Making a Special Appearance at Bootcamp and Job Fair

Richard Viguerie is one of the many copywriters who will be at Bootcamp and Job Fair this year...and the impact he's had on our industry is legendary - he's not only shaped modern politics, he's an icon in direct marketing as well. Check out how excited we are to have him here with us!

This Trick Will Get Your Brain Working Smarter and Make Writing One of the Easiest Things to Do

You need to focus and have intensity to become a better and more efficient writer. This little trick lets you achieve it all at once.

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