December 2017

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Finding Financial Freedom and Copywriter Success in the Financial Niche

As a financial copywriter working for the top companies in this niche, Julie Hassett has earned her breakthrough copywriter success.

Engineer Finds Fulfillment and a Six-Figure Career Thanks to Financial Copywriting Jobs

Jon Stoltzfus has an interest in investing. And now, as a financial copywriter, he gets to indulge in his passion and make six-figures working part time.

Forget Resolutions: Do THIS for Writing Success

Skip the Resolutions and do this instead. Mindy McHorse has done this for five years now and swears it has changed her life — and her writing business.

Up-and-Comer Boosts Copywriting Job with Bootcamp Visit

Isabel Adams attended her first Bootcamp and it was a pivotal experience. She got plenty of tips for her copywriting job and a look at her future.

A SMART Career-Building Goal Plan Designed to Guarantee Success

Setting goals gives your career direction and boosts your motivation. Rebecca Matter helps you make sure you set SMART goals to achieve what you want.

Finding and Keeping the Joy in Your Freelance Writing Business

Although a freelance writing career has challenges sometimes, remember these tips and you’ll sustain the joy and passion of the writer’s life.

Three Ways You Can Make Money Writing — Without Having to Find Clients

Nick Usborne spends 1-3 hours a week writing about a topic he’s passionate about. In return, he generates income three ways — without a single client.

5 Content Upgrades Web Copywriters Can Use to Generate More Leads

You can use a special kind of free giveaway to increase your lead generation success. Find out what content upgrades are and how they work.

Creating Copywriter Success in An Unlikely Place

Having a money-making website has allowed this AWAI member to build his copywriter success as he explores the wilderness.

Uber, Airbnb, or Etsy? You’re Better Off with Your Own Money-Making Website

Beat the gig economy with this side hustle from Nick Usborne. He’s been using this income opportunity to make big money each month — and you can too.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Joshua Boswell

Discover how a career in writing led once-broke Joshua Boswell to achieve his wildest dreams

Make Money as a Copywriter Without a Single Client

This may be surprising but there’s a simple way you can make money as a copywriter without a single client. Learn more about how to earn money writing.

Austin Mom Turns Blogging into a Six-Figure, Stay-at-Home Venture

Wanting money for a baby-and-me class led new mom Holly Hanna to a whole new opportunity. Now she earns over six-figures working from home. Here’s how…

The More You Enjoy Writing about Your Chosen Topic, the More Money You’ll Make

You can generate a passive income stream with a Money-Making Website, assuming you have the right topic! Nick Usborne shows how to choose a profitable one.

Finding a Copywriting Job She Loves

With this copywriting job, this former nurse has created a six-figure income and has plenty of time with family.

Charlotte, North Carolina Copywriter Clears $140K — in Year One

What helped Jake Hoffberg go from zero to $140K his first year as a copywriter? Here’s his story of no experience to the writer’s life in record time.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Ann Handley

Ann Handley’s humorous take on how to launch a writer’s life you love.

Six Steps to Becoming a Great Copywriter

The best way to make a living as a writer is to become a great copywriter. Here’s how to do it in six steps.

3 Tips for Finding Engaging Content Marketing Topics

Every copywriter sometimes struggles with finding new content marketing topics for their clients. Here are three tips to help.

A New Year’s Gift to Yourself: Choose a Niche to Grow Your Income

If you want to expand your business and earn more money, then choose a niche to grow your client base, your bottom line, and your success.

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