August 2019

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⏰ Tick-Tock… This Ends TONIGHT!

Until midnight tonight you can take advantage of the incredible offer on Steve Slaunwhite’s Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy that will teach you everything you need to know to start taking on paid assignments.

Streamline Your Copywriting Research to Increase Your Income

Copywriting research can be time-consuming and intimidating: where to start... how much to do. Find helpful tips for streamlining your research process.

3 Ways to Pick a Niche in B2B Copywriting

Increase your chances of success by doing this one thing. You’ll attract B2B companies who need a writer like you — a writer they’ll happily pay good fees.

3 Ways You Can Leverage Your Copywriting Skills for Bigger Income

You can earn money offering your copywriting skills to clients or you can leverage your copywriting skills to increase your income in other ways.

3 Good Reasons You MUST Charge Higher Writing Fees

B2B companies expect to pay writers professional fees. But if you haven’t been charging enough, here are three reasons to raise your copy fees now.

The Most In-Demand and Highest Paying B2B Copywriting Specialties

Get your piece of the $9.6 trillion B2B market.

B2B Copywriting Trends: 5 Emerging Opportunities

B2B copywriting offers a variety of project types. Learn to do some of the in-demand options and your schedule could be full for months or years to come.

Why B2B Is Such a High-Paying Niche

How to reach six figures as a freelancer with high paying B2B copywriting projects.

A Market So Big (and Rich), Clients Are Everywhere and They Need Your Help NOW

You can launch your copywriting career as a B2B expert and make more than enough money because clients are everywhere and competition is scarce.

B2B Copywriting Clients: Hiding in Plain Sight

You can find great opportunities for writing projects and higher fees when you look in this unexpected location. Follow these strategies to find clients.

Living The Writer's Life: Tim Cotroneo

Tim Cotroneo’s travel writer’s life is not only the stuff dreams are made of, it’s become a reality that’s opened additional doors to publication. Discover how he took the tools and knowledge gained at a single workshop and turned them into a thriving writing career to envy.

VIDEO: What Type of Copywriter Are You?

Maybe you enjoy long-form sales letters and trying to beat controls. Or maybe you’re the type of copywriter that writes in a more conversational style, without all the hype. B2B Expert Steve Slaunwhite has a message – and a quiz – so that you can find out what type of copywriter YOU are!

Contacts Made at Bootcamp Lead to Working for a Top Financial Publisher

Copywriter Daniel Ross is moving up in the financial copywriting world, after landing some writing gigs with his dream client.

This Is It: Last Chance At All 8 Badges

Today’s your last chance to lock in all 8 “Badges” verification modules at a savings of more than $5,000.

5-Point Checklist to Effectively Market Yourself to Clients

A disconnect with any one of these 5 things can impact getting clients. Use this checklist to discover how you can show prospects what you’re capable of.

Make More Money as a Writer - Faster

The projects you’ll master as part of the “Badges” program are skills every copywriter needs to compete in today’s digital marketing environment. By learning them now, not only will you have these important skills, but you can use them to start earning money as a writer faster than you imagined. Read on now – before it’s too late!

Ask These 6 Questions to Write Stronger Copy

Every writing project requires a framework. Asking these six questions provides just such a framework so you can write better, benefit-rich copy.

Help Your Copy Clients with Their Remarketing Campaigns

This tactic is used by companies of all sizes and it’s creating an endless amount of copywriting opportunities. Learn how it’s changing the copy industry.

Don’t miss out on this (it’s going away forever)

If you want to save a ton of money – and still have full access to our “badges” learning experience – it’s crucial you take advantage of this opportunity NOW.

Why You Need a Great Email Newsletter for Your Writing Business

Do you have a great email newsletter for your writing business? Email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool and a natural fit for writers.

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