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The “Gold Rush Secret” to Making Money as a Freelance Copywriter

By following the money, you can have lasting success as freelance copywriter. And the money path points toward the information publishing industry.

The Secret to Becoming a Copywriter

When do you become a real copywriter? Is it when you get your first client? Or your second? After a year writing copy? None of these. The answer may surprise you.

How to Avoid Skinny, Weak Guarantees

You can’t simply dash off a guarantee and expect it to convince your reader you’re sincere. You need to “beef it up” so he knows you stand behind your product.

Why Your Guarantee Must Do More Than Assure Satisfaction

You’ve successfully convinced your prospect to buy, so you’re pretty much done. Right? If you think this, you’re making the same mistake B- and C-level copywriters make.

Pruning Words for Stronger Copy

Successful copy uses just as many words as it needs...and no more. Here’s a strategy for pruning unnecessary words from your copy to make it stronger.

Are Your First 100 Words Killing Your Copy’s Success?

Your lead should capture your reader's interest and their commitment to keep reading, and this begins with your very first words. If it doesn't, your copy will fail. Mark Ford provides a solution here.

What Do Fountain Pens Have to Do With Copywriting?

Learn what key marketing and business technique took a company from selling their product from their home to a 12,000-square-foot facility and $3.4 million annual revenues.

Bringing Order to Swipe File Chaos

Organizing swipe files can become overwhelming. Here are some tips to managing the files so they don’t get ignored and forgotten.

Making Swipe Files Work for You

The key to using swipes properly is not to steal from them but to use them as a model for your own work. Think of them as a stimulus to generate your own compelling ideas.

The Poison of Predictability

Although predictability is helpful when working with clients, Will Newman explains how being unpredictable can be beneficial to your success in copywriting.

What Hugh Downs Can Tell You About Successful Copywriting

Give your copy a boost by adding curiosity and credibility. Need some ideas? Take a look in your swipe file for inspiration.

The Copywriting Secret You CANNOT Ignore

As we start 2016 off with a fresh start, here's a reminder of the single most important thing you must do to ensure copywriting success.

Why NOT to Make a New Year’s Resolution

Instead of making a New Year's resolution that you may not keep, Will Newman suggests making a specific - and more manageable - plan instead. Here's how you can get started now.

An Invitation For Us To Meet

The end of the year is a world-wide season for gift giving, and here's a gift you could give yourself that will keep paying off for years to come.

Why You Should Stop Using To-Do Lists

Find out how Will Newman discovers that the Covey Four Quadrant Grid system beats traditional to-do lists when it comes to time management.

Learning From My Copywriting Hero

Knowing copywriting history adds depth to your understanding of the industry, and here Will Newman shares a story of his copywriting hero who played a big role in shaping the industry.

How to Capture a Client’s “Unique Voice”

There are two types of voices in copywriting: the copywriter's voice and the letter writer's voice. Here, Will Newman explains the difference between the two and shares techniques for perfecting them.

Story Behind a Successful Copy Challenge

Knowing and understanding his targeted audience's beliefs helped Will Newman craft a message that resulted in earning his town’s library and recreation district tens of thousands of dollars per year.

The Secret Psychology of Becoming a Great Copywriter

Copywriters go through a predictable cycle of emotions, knowledge, and self-belief. Here's a breakdown of the four stages of this cycle. Where do you fit in?

Controlling Time, So it Doesn’t Control You

As a freelance writer, it can be hard to settle down and get to work, so having and sticking to an established work schedule is crucial. Here Will Newman shares his daily routine.

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