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7 Tips for a Stronger Call to Action and a Bigger Response

Small changes to your call to action can produce big changes in your response rates. Use these tips to improve and strengthen your call to action.

11 Tips to Higher Conversions Through Stronger Calls-to-Action

How you write your call-to-action can have a big impact on your conversions. Use these 11 tips to write stronger calls-to-action.

How to Make Even the Most Boring Product Seem Irresistible

When you’re writing for everyday products, it’s a challenge to grab and hold reader attention. This master-level copywriting secret helps you overcome that.

Improve Your Life By Asking Yourself Better Questions

Successful people ask better questions. Find out how you can improve your life by asking better questions, including the best questions to solve problems.

Six Lessons From the One-Time “Fastest Woman Alive” That Will Energize Your Writing Career

Don’t let physical challenges get in your way. Think about Wilma Rudolph and what she overcame to accomplish her goals. You can do the same with your writing career.

5 Lessons from Michael Jordan’s Minor League Baseball Career

Michael Jordan’s baseball career has 5 important lessons for writers: learn from criticism, be generous, work hard, prove naysayers wrong, and love what you do!

How to Book a Steady Stream of Freelance Writing Sales Appointments

John Wood talks about a four-step system that will help you bring more prospects and clients into your freelance business.

Change Your Life by Making "True Decisions"

John Wood talks about the importance of making a decision anytime you're given a choice.

The Blog Content Strategy That Makes Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas a Breeze...Part Two of Two

John Wood gives you some ideas on how you can quickly and easily come up with fresh topic ideas so you’ll always have an abundance ready for your blog.

Discover More Success with Joe Girard’s Seven Simple “Extra Smileage” Rules

John Wood has found some great tips on getting clients using just a smile.

The Blog Content Strategy That Makes Coming Up with New Blog Post Ideas a Breeze...

A major worry about starting a blog is how will you find new and exciting topics 2,3 or maybe even 5 times a week. John Wood has some tips to help keep the ideas flowing in your blog.

Become 5,000 Percent More Effective with These 14 Tips on Proactivity

John Wood has put together 14 tips on how to be more proactive in your freelance copywriting career and life.

11 Ways to Achieve More and Feel Better about Yourself

Believing in yourself is the first step to a successful writer's life. John Wood equips you with 11 ways to be more positive and productive.

12 Ways to Confront the Fears that Are Blocking Your Success

John Wood put together 12 "fear-facing" tips you can use to take control and start doing the things you know will help you get more out of life.

How to Write a Killer Press Release and Use It to Bring Traffic to Your Client's Website

John Wood gives you the details on press releases, an easy and cost-effective way for your client to gain exposure for their company and a great skill to hone for your freelance copywriting business.

Eight Free Tools to Boost Your Writing Productivity

John Wood has hand picked eight free sites that have the potential to streamline your day-to-day work life.

16 Ways to Turn Writing "Dead Time" into Productive Time...

John Wood wants to keep you move your career forward by maximizing the way you use your "dead time".

11 Tips to Help You Get New Clients Through Cold Calling

John Wood tells you how to make cold calling work for your freelance copywriting business.

15 Tips for Reducing Your Learning Curve

John Wood shares a step-by-step plan that will help you cut your learning curve in half so you can stay on top of the ever-evolving web writing industry.

Seven Steps to Personal Excellence and Achieving All Your Goals in Life

Although seemingly obvious, John Wood reminds us how to achieve excellence and surpass our goals in living the writer's life.

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