April 2019

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We’re Down To The Wire — but there’s still a sliver of time!

You still have a few hours to learn how he makes up to $500K a year writing a simple one-page email each day.

The Best Kind of Product to Sell as a Clientless Copywriter

To start making money and keep it rolling in month after month, Ben Settle shares a proven plan to follow. Plus, how you’ll know the right plan for YOU.

Copywriters have it good — but few have it this good…

If you love to write… You’re a little bit lazy… Don’t want to bother with clients… And you want to make a lot of money… You owe it to yourself to learn more about Ben’s secret. Read on to see the step-by-step process.

How to Get Started as a Software Industry Copywriter

Don’t let a lack of technical knowledge keep you from becoming a software industry copywriter. Getting started is easy when you follow these steps…

A Clientless Copywriting Business Plan Perfect for Writers with Low, “Gnat-Like” Attention Spans

Whatever your personality quirks, you can build a solid income stream when you follow this business model. Here’s how to make a living without clients.

A 5-Step Prospecting System for Reaching the Right Person

Connecting with the right person within a company is essential for landing projects. Try this 5-step prospecting system to make better connections.

How can a guy who’s this lazy make this much money?

Read on to find out more on how he generates a cool half-million dollars a year… writing about 10 minutes most days.

How to “Convert” Products You’re Already Buying at the Store Into a Thriving Clientless Copywriting Business

To start making money fast, Ben Settle shares a proven five-step plan you can follow from scratch so you can be clientless yet making good money writing.

Revealed: One writer’s secret to earning six figures, with ZERO clients

We’re going to reveal – step by step – how one man earns nearly a half a million dollars a year… With ZERO clients… Writing one short email a day!

Invite the World’s Top Copywriters Into Your Home

With Virtual Bootcamp you’ll learn the secrets of the world’s top copywriters.

5 Ways to Take the “Sting” Out of Building a Clientless Copywriting Business

If writing for good money — but without answering to clients — appeals to you, use these 5 tips from Ben Settle to get started as a clientless copywriter.

Self-described Slacker Reveals His Six-figure Secret.

A unique online business perfect for copywriters. No previous experience needed.

A New Kind of Clientless Copywriting Business

With the help of “rebel” Ben Settle, you can start a clientless copywriting business and write one email a day, and generate a six-figure income.

3 Ways Freelancers Can Pay Less Income Tax

*: Taking advantage of legitimate tax planning strategies is a sound idea for your business. These three options can help maximize your after-tax income.

Our Flash Sale has caused quite a bit of excitement at AWAI!

A great opportunity for you to grab the training programs that will help you move forward towards your writing and financial goals.

Sale Ends Tonight! 85% Off EVERTHING

Our Flash Sale is CLOSING in a matter of hours! If you want to make great strides towards achieving your writing and financial goals this year we want to help make that happen!

Five Writing Projects that Pay $1,000 or More… And Can Be Completed in Just One Weekend!

Turn your weekend or spare time into paid writing income. Rebecca Matter shares 5 in-demand projects you can learn quickly, and complete fast for big pay.

Only 48 Hours Remain: Up to 85% Off!

Have you checked out the Flash Sale yet? For the next 48 hours, you can save up to 85% off all of AWAI's most popular programs.

I ❤️ Predictable Writing Income Check Out My 3 Fave Projects!

Retainer deals may very well be the best writing projects… You get the freedom of the writer’s life — living where you want, working when you want, writing about what you want, making the money you want… Yet you also get the stability of predictable income. If you’re not familiar, a retainer deal is where a client pays you the same amount every month to write a set writing project every month. And for most writers, predictable income means peace of mind. Here are three of my favorite retainer deals…

5 Short Writing Projects that Pay $1,000+

If you’re hoping to moonlight as a writer… Or want to consistently make money before transitioning to full-time freelancer… Or simply want to make a little money on the side… I’ve identified five writing projects that pay at least $1,000 AND can be completed in a weekend.

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