July 2023

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Monday Morning Jumpstart: The Comfort Zone Myth

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Terri Trespicio, talk about the comfort zone myth.

Living the Writer's Life: Jonas Munnich

Jonas Munnich began his career in sales because he’d heard it would be a good option for anyone hoping to be successful in business and entrepreneurship. Selling over the phone was not a great fit, but the concept of crafting words to persuade and improve sales fascinated him. Then a life-changing quiz set him on a direct path to copywriting and the promise of a terrific career. Read on to discover how...

Unlocking the $22T Revolution: Embrace the Longevity Market, and Ignite Your Writing Career at Bootcamp!

Don’t miss Brian Clark’s session where misconceptions will be shattered, and revealing an exciting opportunity. The revolution starts now. Join us at Bootcamp.

AI, EI, and Life Lessons: A Chat with Bootcamp Speaker Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne is a trailblazer in digital marketing, always eager to explore new technologies and stay ahead of the curve. In this pre-Bootcamp conversation with AWAI's Jade Trueblood, Nick delves into the topic of AI and ChatGPT, addressing their potential benefits and drawbacks.

Write a Powerful, 83-Word Email About Sleep Buds… And You Could Get a $200 Prize!

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means time spent writing! Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Unveiling Fear: The Copywriting Catalyst — Three-Step Journey

Discover the power of fear in copywriting success. Follow Guillermo Rubio’s journey from side gigs to AWAI, where he conquered fear and ascended to new levels. Learn his three-step process and five-step action plan for unlocking your potential.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Rules & Baggage

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Terri Trespicio, talk about rules and baggage.

Living the Writer's Life: Alice Watts

Alice Watts didn’t want to sit around bored in retirement, and writing sounded like something that would fill the void and bring in money. After a few false starts, she found her footing, and now she fills a need in the writing world that she never saw coming. Discover what it is below…

Unlocking the AI Revolution: Mari Smith’s First Bootcamp

Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook, will be speaking at her first Bootcamp! In this video she touches on what she will address during her inaugural Bootcamp session and what she thinks is the most exciting thing happening in the industry today, and shares a profound question that transformed her.

Recovering Perfectionist Finds Success in Web Copywriting: Michele’s Journey to Living Her Writer’s Life Full Time

Michele Peterson was NOT an overnight success. In fact, she didn’t even complete the Accelerated Copywriting program… While she loved the idea of writing persuasively, she didn’t have that same passion for writing sales letters. Choosing instead to dive headfirst into learning web copywriting and emails while also armed with an unshakable “why,” she left her “security blanket” job and leapt into her writer’s life.

Playback: Pre-Bootcamp Session: Taking Control — Arrive at Bootcamp with Clear Intentions on Achieving Your Dream

Ted Capshaw digs into finding out what you want to get out of Bootcamp. You'll be encouraged to create a vision of where you want to take your writing and how it's going to serve your life regarding your time, finances, personal fulfillment, and more.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: How to Become a Consultant

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Russ Henneberry, talk about how you can elevate from an “order taker” as a writer to an even more valuable role.

AWAI Expert Spotlight on AI

AI is a hot topic when it comes to writers. Watch the short four-minute video as AWAI Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, chats with some of our experts about their thoughts on AI and the opportunities it presents for writers.

Elevate Your Role and Your Income in a SINGLE DAY Join Russ Henneberry for His Small-Group Workshop on Becoming a Well-Paid "Prescriber "

Not only is digital marketing and SEO expert Russ Henneberry returning to the Bootcamp stage in October — the day before Bootcamp begins, he's also presenting a one-day workshop exclusively for people ready to take their writing business to the next level.

Rebecca’s Bootcamp Message for You

AWAI's President, Rebecca Matter, shares a special message about the 2023 Copywriting Success and Getting Clients Bootcamp!

Ex–College Student Thrives as Full-Time Writer, Earns $5,000 Paycheck and 10K Scholarship, All Thanks to First-Ever Bootcamp!

Ex–college student creates a successful copywriting business that provides financial security and the ability to help support her loved ones.

Meet Bootcamp Speaker Marcella Allison Top Direct-Response Copywriter, Copy Chief, and Super Mentor

In this lively Pre-Bootcamp conversation, Marcella talks about coming all the way from her early days at the beginning of digital marketing — also known as the "wild west" — to a whole new "frontier" with the emergence of so many marketing platforms over the past 20 years.

The Mentoring Multiplier Effect: Use the Ask-Give-Gratitude Formula to Move Forward

Watch this video as top copywriter, Marcella Allison, talks about how mentoring has propelled her career, some of the specifics for the do’s and don’ts for asking someone to be your mentor, how you should act as a mentee and so much more!

Monday Morning Jumpstart: 3 Essentials for Career Growth

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Russ Henneberry, talk about his three best tips for career growth: Skills, Experience, and Connection.

How AWAI’s Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamp Became Ground Zero for Launching Successful Writing Careers

AWAI member Nicole Piper is a textbook case of someone who experienced breakthrough success very quickly after attending her first Bootcamp. Read more about her!

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