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How to Make Money Writing: 3 Practical Ways Words Can Fill Your Wallet

You can make money from your words when you write these three foundational projects. Beginners or pros can make good money — and even royalties or retainers — from these three writing opportunities.

More Than HALF OFF Ends Today! Last Chance to Unlock Dozens of High-Demand Projects

Today is the final day to get your copy of Nick Usborne’s Digital Copywriter’s Handbook for more than half off the regular price!

So Many Web Writing Opportunities… Here’s How I Got Started

Being a digital copywriter right now is like being a kid in a candy store. There are so many possibilities waiting for writers like you to choose what online copy and content you like to do best. Here’s how Michele Peterson got her start.

Ten Years of The Writer’s Life Member Spotlight: Michele Peterson

Member Spotlight speaker at AWAI’s 2021 Virtual Bootcamp, Michele revealed the path and programs that led to her success as a digital copywriter…

Write a Powerful, 83-Word Email About Sleep Buds… And You Could Get a $200 Prize!

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means time spent writing! Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

6 Web Writing Trends for 2022, and How Copywriters Can Take Advantage of Them

Digital copywriting is in big demand and offers a variety of opportunities. Take advantage of these six upcoming trends and your schedule could be full of writing projects for months or years to come.

Dozens of High-Demand Copywriting Projects — UNLOCKED

We’ve partnered with one of the foremost experts in the digital copywriting world to bring you a comprehensive resource that can walk any writer through the process of writing all the most popular, high-paying projects online today — on demand.

The Sneaky “Slippery Slide” Technique for Writing Web Copy

Legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman developed this clever writing technique, and you can use it for all your web writing projects because it keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.

Your Dream of Becoming a High-Earning Digital Copywriter Is SO Close to Coming True

It’s a lot easier to become a professional digital copywriter than most careers, thanks to the low barrier to entry. Plus, Nick Usborne says you’re already halfway there, thanks to what you already know. Find out more here…

3 Ways to Win Over Web Copywriting Clients and Get Paid Twice

The internet is full of opportunities for your "web detective" skills, where you can search for critical items that should be on a website to uncover what’s missing or not working — and then help clients fix the gaps. Here are 3 ways to land clients using this tactic.

Special Launch Discount Expires Tonight! Get Your Hands on the NEW Learning Experience “Let’s Write!,” Featuring Staff Writer Bonnie Fanning

Today is your last chance to write alongside Bonnie and discover the secret mindset professional writers get into to plan out their projects before writing a single word.

Your Freelance Writing Opportunity to Save Local “No Idea” Websites

There’s a new opportunity to help local businesses attract more customers by providing some basic information. Aspiring and experienced writers can use this tactic to line up new work and get paid, twice.

How a Simple Checklist Helped Start the Writing Careers of These Three Members

Site Audits are a simple way to get a foot in the door with new clients. Here’s how using this checklist tactic worked for three AWAI members and led to more writing projects…

The Blueprint for Site Improvement (That Gets Writers Paid!)

Business owners and marketers face a challenge that a trained writer can easily resolve… before they even write a word! Here’s how a checklist can help your clients and set the stage for more writing projects.

Low Competition, Big Opportunity to Earn as Much as $2,000

By specializing in auditing website content, you could easily earn as much as $2,000 for each one you do. And if you also rewrite the content, you can get paid twice by the same client.

How to Help Web Clients Fix the One Thing Many Sites Are Missing

One thing can change the way a website performs to bring in lots of traffic. If you’re able to help businesses diagnose that critical factor, and help them fix their websites, you can earn double paychecks in return. Here’s how it works…

Announcing AWAI’s Brand-NEW Learning Experience “Let’s Write!,” Featuring Staff Writer Bonnie Fanning

AWAI has officially launched their brand-new writing program for beginners: You’ll have the chance to look over AWAI staff writer Bonnie Fanning’s shoulder as she walks you through the full process of writing a paid blog post for a client.

3 Ways to Beat Impostor Syndrome and Become a Well-Paid Writer This Month

You can impress future writing clients right out of the gate when you use your “hidden expertise.” Here are three ways to uncover what your unique expertise is, and dissolve any pesky impostor syndrome holding you back.

Attract High-Quality Writing Clients with a Niche or a Specialty

To find better-quality clients — clients who place a premium on what good writing can do for their businesses and are willing to pay well for it — position yourself with a niche or specialty. Or even a hybrid of the two. Here’s how…

Break Into Copywriting with Blog Writing!

With this one simple skill, you can follow just six steps and break into the world of well-paid writing. This fun writing specialty opens a gateway for you to a variety of writing opportunities.

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