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Last Chance to Kick-Start Your Copywriting Career at the Writer’s Launch Party

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not take part, you need to make your decision now – enrollment shuts down on July 3.

This $300 Billion Market Needs Writers Now

Companies in every industry need this type of writing… and they need a lot of it. Here’s how to get started in this niche.

The 3 Layers of Writer Freedom

Building the dream life you want to live is less about luck and more about the choices you make. You can build a life of freedom, starting today.

You’re Invited to AWAI’s Upcoming Party – to Launch Your Copywriting Career

Here’s what past attendees are saying about AWAI’s Writer’s Launch Party.

Last Chance: Double Payday Flash Sale

This is your final day to take over 60% off the one writing opportunity that can get your foot in the door with clients…

Make the Business Case for a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Just creating a bunch of content doesn’t mean you have a content marketing strategy… focused on buyers and leveraging the buyer’s experience to move them along to purchase. Instead, use these five elements for a successful content marketing strategy.

How You Can Use Site Audits to Grow Your Business

Site Audits are a good way to get paid twice. First for diagnosing website problems and then for fixing them. Here’s a three-step process you can use to get started.

Get a Clear Path to Working as a Professional Writer With This Special Online Event

Get the support and motivation you need to work as a professional writer.

Do This One Thing for Clients and They Could Hire You for Multiple Projects

Become a “website doctor” – no technical experience needed.

5 Common Website Types and How to Write for Each

The first step in nailing a website project is understanding what type of website your client is using. See how to write for common website types…

Get Paid Twice When You Do Site Audits for Clients

Doing Site Audits gives you a way to connect with clients, line up new work, and get paid, twice. Here’s a four-step process you can use to get your foot in the door with prospects.

Last Chance to Take Advantage of This Risk-Free Invitation to Explore the Copywriting World

Is the writer’s life for you? The best way to find out is this test-drive of the premier program for new copywriters.

DEADLINE TODAY (Cannot Be Extended)

Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday program

How to Transfigure Your Worst Nightmares Into a Clientless Copywriting Business

Copywriter Ben Settle says whatever your greatest fears are, don’t suppress or deny them. Use them to create your own clientless copywriting business. Here’s how…

Creating Your Own Writer’s Life in Just 10 Minutes a Day – No Clients Needed

Copywriter Ben Settle has found the best way to work as little as possible, while making plenty of money, writing emails that could earn thousands of dollars per day.

How 10 Minutes of Writing Turns into a Six-Figure Income

By following Ben Settle’s unique business method, you can spend 10 minutes writing each day and watch your income grow into a possible six-figure income.

How to Be a Non-Naked Writer Who Doesn’t Rely on Clients

There’s more opportunity than ever right now. Follow the three-step game plan Ben Settle and other clientless copywriters use every day and make money writing — without clients.

Last Chance to Grab Your Subscription to the Premiere Magazine for Writers

Sign up to get your hands on the perfect introduction into the world of professional writing. Get industry insights, writing tips, career advice, and more.

The Professional Writers’ Alliance New Member Discount Expires Soon

As a member, you’ll enjoy professional-level resources, tools, and training you need to succeed. In order to join for a deep discount on the standard membership dues, you must sign up by June 27th.

The Doors Close at Midnight ⏰

We’re just hours away from the end of our 48-hour Flash Sale … where you can save 75% off our most popular business-building program.

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