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How to Make Money as a Ghostwriter

Tim O'Leary stumbled on a high-paid writing opportunity while working an exhausting job. Here he shares advice for up-and-comers who want to break in too.

Five Great Examples of Niche Marketing

A look at five real-world examples of niche marketing from all different industries and how they can help you define your own web-writing niche.

Develop Your Secret Weapon for Beating Out the Competition

Researching and understanding who you are and what makes you unique will arm you with the intel you need to always differentiate yourself from your competition.

How Your “Values” Can Skyrocket Your Business

Find out how you can leverage your personal values and convictions to really stand out as a writer and ultimately develop a loyal group of clients.

Why You Should Choose a Niche

Not sure if you should choose a niche? Click through to learn about three big benefits of choosing a niche for your web-writing business.

Command Higher Fees With Your Work Experience

Find out how to mine your work experience for valuable skills and tools you can leverage in your freelance writing business to stand out and make more money.

The Simplest Way to Differentiate Yourself in Your Market

Uncover your true personality and see how it stacks against others’ perceptions. This will help you get a good idea of exactly what you bring to the table.

How to Stand Out As a Writer

Discover the secret to standing out as a writer in a crowded market and start down the path to knowing exactly what makes you special.

Instant Gratification and Web-Writing Success

Online readers are on a mission. They are searching for answers and they want instant gratification. Make sure your writing gives them what they want.

The Final Step to Working With Your Dream Client

Find out the final step in pitching to your dream client, and what you should do after you’ve hit the “send” button.

Putting Together Your Irresistible Pitch

Discover the proven formula for creating an irresistible pitch, so you have the best chance of landing a paying contract.

How to Impress Your Dream Clients

Description: Find out what makes your dream client’s customers tick, so you can come up with the perfect angle for your pitch.

How to Fulfill Your Dream Client’s Needs

Uncover exactly what your dream client is looking for so you can come up with targeted, business-boosting ideas to pitch to them.

The Secret to Writing for Your Dream Clients

Discover how you can take control of your writing career by identifying your dream clients and generating ideas to pitch to them.

Boosting Email “Clickability” and Client Satisfaction

Email clickability is one of the top measures of email success. Find three ways you can write email messages with better click through rates.

Defining Your “Super-Objective” That Connects All the Elements of Your Writing Together

In copywriting, your “super-objective” is to decide what “big promise” you’re making to your prospect. This overarching theme ties your entire piece together.

The Secret to Becoming Your “Role” As a Writer

Just as actors portray a role, incorporating your product’s story, history and other details into your writing will help you generate a hugely compelling piece.

The #1 Rule for Creating a Powerful Performance As a Writer

The next step in creating your show-stopping performance as a writer is perhaps the most important exercise of all. Dig deeply to get to know your audience.

How “Setting” Impacts Your Writing

Robert Rice dives into a first major step of the acting process – understanding your external world – and how to use this technique to write compelling copy.

The Surprising Connection Between Great Acting and Copywriting

Discover insider tips and strategies for how actors prepare for compelling performances, and how you can use them to gain a big advantage in your copy.

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