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Eight Ways to Greater Success By Living a “Never Stop Learning” Life

To achieve greater copywriting success, you need to create a “never stop learning” lifestyle. Here are eight simple action steps to get you started.

When You Should “Write For Free”… And When You Shouldn’t

Should freelancers write for free? Should you have to write “on spec” in order to land work, or are clients out of line to expect it? Get the answers here.

Six Ways to Get Your Ideal Clients to Your Website

Increase traffic to your writer’s website and you can increase your business. John Wood shares six ways to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

7 Tips for a Stronger Call to Action and a Bigger Response

Small changes to your call to action can produce big changes in your response rates. Use these tips to improve and strengthen your call to action.

11 Tips to Higher Conversions Through Stronger Calls-to-Action

How you write your call-to-action can have a big impact on your conversions. Use these 11 tips to write stronger calls-to-action.

How to Make Even the Most Boring Product Seem Irresistible

When you’re writing for everyday products, it’s a challenge to grab and hold reader attention. This master-level copywriting secret helps you overcome that.

Using a Money-Making Website for Retirement

Here’s a way to take living the writer’s life a step further. You can generate a full-time income from something you love so much you’d do it for free.

Use Your Writing Skills to Preserve Knowledge for Future Generations

As AWAI member David Guthrie discovered, a website is an easy way to use your writing skills to preserve knowledge and information for future generations.

Fight Back and Promote a Cause You Believe in... Just Like Santa Did

In addition to generating passive income, having a Money-Making Website is a way for you to help bring attention to a cause that’s close to your heart.

Use Your Writing Skills to Get Clients to Come to You

Here’s an easy way to build instant credibility. Have prospects come to you, instead of having to spend time marketing yourself and chasing down clients.

Make Other People’s Lives Better with Your Writing

John Wood highlights an AWAI member who found a way to help improve the lives of others by sharing her knowledge on a subject she feels passionately about.

Improve Your Life By Asking Yourself Better Questions

Successful people ask better questions. Find out how you can improve your life by asking better questions, including the best questions to solve problems.

Create Your Own 24-Karat Friendship

Make a point to reach out to your fellow writers. Don’t view them as competition, but rather as a resource for bouncing ideas off of, getting advice, etc.

Six Lessons From the One-Time “Fastest Woman Alive” That Will Energize Your Writing Career

Don’t let physical challenges get in your way. Think about Wilma Rudolph and what she overcame to accomplish her goals. You can do the same with your writing career.

Imagine You're the Greatest in the World...

There’s no better compliment than when a client loves your work. If you know you’ve done an excellent job on a project, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials!

Yes, I will… Yes, I will… Yes, I will…

As a copywriter, sometimes you need to make gutsy moves! Stop holding back. Submit a spec assignment, call a client, start taking risks!

The Greatest Advice He'd Ever Received Was...

Billy Mills, Olympic gold medalist, knew how important goals were. He pursued them and never stopped believing in himself. In writing, goals are just as important.

Visualize Your Own “Olympic Gold”

Use visualization to succeed as a writer. Here are 5 steps to help you get started: pick a specific activity, relax, be in the moment, believe, and repeat often.

“The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth”

Michael Jordan’s baseball career has 5 important lessons for writers: learn from criticism, be generous, work hard, prove naysayers wrong, and love what you do!

5 Lessons from Michael Jordan’s Minor League Baseball Career

Michael Jordan’s baseball career has 5 important lessons for writers: learn from criticism, be generous, work hard, prove naysayers wrong, and love what you do!

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