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Too Many Distractions? Use These Eleven Tips to Help You Focus ...

John Wood shares eleven tips to help you avoid distractions and stay focused on your freelance work.

Thirteen Ways, Courtesy of Copywriting Legend Eugene Schwartz, to Increase Your Reader's Desire

John Wood share how copywriters can increase their reader’s desire, including thirteen ways courtesy of copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz.

Steal this Simple Dan Kennedy Technique and Your Clients Will Think You’re a Marketing Genius

Follow Dan Kennedy’s marketing technique to help promote your client’s or employer’s business. It’s an easy way to bring in some extra income.

Best Carrot Scene Ever

Can a carrot inspire you succeed at all your goals? Fiddle-dee-dee, it sure can.

10 Ways to Build a High-Quality, Opt-in Email List

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood, offers 10 ways to build a high-quality, opt-in email list for your client (and for yourself).

Safelist Marketing: An Affordable Marketing Option Or a Huge Waste of Time?

AWAI Staff Writer John Wood explains the term “safelist” and whether or not you should use them in your email marketing strategy.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills … How to Force Your Reader to Keep Reading – Let Me Explain …

AWAI staff writer John Wood explains five ways to utilize conversational transitions in your copy to keep your reader reading.

Who is Elmer Wheeler … and how can he boost your response rate?

AWAI staff writer John Wood highlights Elmer Wheeler, one of the pioneers of persuasive writing. Using Wheeler’s tested selling techniques can boost response and transform your copywriting career.

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