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Use Your Past Experience to Make More as a Writer

In this 3-minute video, our Learning Chief, Pam Foster, walks you through exactly what a UX consultant does, and the amazing fees you can make.

Exclusive Writers Club Now Open to New Members

Exclusive community for writers is now open to new members—for a limited time.

Last Chance! Get Paid to Write Blogs - Just $59.40 gets you started!

We created a program that gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to be successful in the blogging world — from launching your blog… to writing it… to building a following… to making money… to finding and working with businesses you might want to write for… Check it out here.

Closing: Launch Your Writing Career by July 15!

Today is the last day to get everything you need to kickstart your writing career and land paying clients.

How Some Writers Earn Up to $6,000 a Day

If you start a blog, it’s possible you could earn as much as $6,000 per day writing about subjects you enjoy or have a passion for. Or you could use your blogging skill to land more clients. Both options can lead to financial independence and lifestyle freedom.

Do You Want the Freedom, Flexibility, and Control of The Writer’s Life? Join Us for 5 Days This July to Make It Happen

Right now is the perfect time to declare your independence and build a writer’s life of freedom, flexibility, and control. Join our Big Summer “Launch Party” and launch a well-paid writing career with our help in just five days.

Living the Writer's Life: Jim Abbey

Jim Abbey once asked a client why they had chosen to hire him. Much to his surprise, they mentioned an attraction to the way he laughed at an event they had attended together. Jim decided to take this as a lesson and now “laughs his way to the bank.” He uses the resources from the AWAI community and Circle of Success to build a writing career focused on writing in the sustainability industry. You’ll love the “aha moments” Jim shares that led to his life as a Barefoot Writer.

July Issue: The Payoff For Digging Deeper

Just released, the July issue of Barefoot Writer!

Let Us Help You Launch Your Writing Career by July 15!

Join us for our June Launch Party! Get our help starting your writing career in just 5 days.

Get Paid to Write Blogs

Want to create a life full of control and freedom? Get EVERYTHING you need to make great money writing blogs!

Starter Kit For Writers – Last Chance To Grab It!

Today is your LAST CHANCE to grab The Writer’s Starter Kit for only $49! It includes all the tools, templates, resource lists, guides, and fee schedules you’ll need to launch and run a successful writing business.

Normally $249; You Get It All For $49

If you want to get up and running as a writer in just a weekend, then grab The Writer’s Starter Kit today. It includes all the tools, templates, resource lists, guides, and fee schedules you’ll need to launch and run a successful writing business.

Final Call! Become a Copywriter

The best way to get started as a writer fast — and on the right foot, with the right connections — is to get ahold of The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter. Today is your chance to give it a try at a big discount…

Put Money Worries Aside: Use Your Writing Skills to Make an “Extra” $400-$3,500 a Month

If you launch your own Money-Making Website, it’s a chance to write about subjects you are passion about. And that could lead to a steady stream of passive income, sometimes earning as much as extra $400, $1,000, or $3,500 a month.

Write Your Way to Personal Freedom

With The AWAI Method, you'll write and master the five writing projects businesses need today… You'll build a polished portfolio of writing… And you'll learn how to land your first clients and start getting paid as a writer!

The #1 Way to Bring in a Passive Income as a Writer — Free Webinar and Q&A

Creating a passive income stream is one of the easiest – and smartest! – ways to make money as a writer in your spare time. In this Inside AWAI session, learn how to use your interests to build yourself a passive income that will last for years to come.

Last Chance: $11 Today, $297 Tomorrow

If you’re ready to move forward with getting paid well to write, I’ve we’ve put together something for you that will not only make getting started easier… but KEEP you going for the next year, so you reach your writing and financial goals. Grab a subscription to Barefoot Writer today!


The Freelance Writer Fest Encore Event is designed to help you LAUNCH your successful freelance writing career.

Here’s Why, If You Know How to Write Direct Response Copy, Your Future Is Golden

Writing direct response copy is your secret weapon to success. And today the opportunities to do so are greater than ever. Or, as David says to all direct response people who watch the video, “You face a golden future.”

TODAY: Free Gift to Launch Your Writing Career

Claim your freedom and kick off your writing career right now by grabbing a subscription to Barefoot Writer.

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