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April Issue: Is Writing the “Cure All?”

Just released, the April issue of Barefoot Writer!

Your Introduction to a “Hidden World” of Paid Writing

Set you own schedule, do work you love, be your own boss, when you write for a living.

Last Chance: Writing “Start-Up” System Guarantees Your Success

A simple site audit can be a great way to steady work and income from the same client and The Site Audits Made Simple program is the best way to learn this skill.

5 Ways Mentors Help B2B Copywriters Get Clients

If you haven't made progress on your B2B copywriting goals, consider a mentor. These are five ways a mentor can move you, and your business, forward.

Countdown to Bootcamp Wondering what it’s truly like at Bootcamp? You can expect experiences like the one AWAI Member Ron Fowler shared …

There is no better place to meet fellow copywriters, marketing and copywriting experts, and marketers in search of their next copywriting “superstar.” It’s the networking event of the year!

Countdown to Bootcamp Ilise Benun, Expert on Landing Bigger Project Paydays, Comes Back to the Bootcamp Stage

If you’ve been wondering how to get bigger paydays for your freelance projects … or how to confidently and effectively communicate your value to a prospective client … you’re going to love what Ilise Benun has to say at Bootcamp in her presentation with copywriting legend Bob Bly.

Countdown to Bootcamp Bob Bly May Change the Direction of Your Writing Career — FOREVER!

Known as “America’s Top Copywriter,” Bob Bly is a legend in the copywriting industry with more than 35 years of experience in Business-to-Business, tech, and direct marketing.

Helping Writers Succeed During COVID-19

Here’s how you build your writing business during a time of uncertainty.

[FREE] VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Copywriting’s Future, COVID-19’s Impact, and More…

This Thursday, we’re holding THE most important online event in AWAI’s 23-year history.

How Some In-Demand Copywriters Get Paid $10,000 a Project

You can work with me for 12 weeks, learn how to write a sales letter start to finish, and get feedback on your writing. Join me for LIVE copywriting training.

4 Practical Ways to Help Your Clients Right Now

Clients need writers more than ever right now. There are four things you can do… right now… to help your clients survive and thrive during a crisis.

Living The Writer's Life: Malcolm Smith “I haven’t worn shoes to work in 10 years.”

By his own admission, Malcolm Smith had an uphill climb once he entered the world of copywriting. But, as he articulately points out, good writing can be learned, and the freedom it leads to is worth every ounce of persistence you put in up front. Enjoy Malcolm’s uplifting story about how he made Barefoot Writing work for him, and what three things you can do today to pump up the quality of your own copy.

How to Dial In Your Message During a Crisis

Curious how to handle marketing messaging during a crisis? Follow these tips to ensure your communication lands well with prospects and customers, both during the crisis and beyond.

URGENT: Your chance to train one-on-one with a DM legend ends tonight!

Your very small window of opportunity to learn alongside one of the true living legends of our industry is coming to a close.

Win with These 4 Rules of the Game for B2B Copywriters

B2B copywriters have an infinite variety of backgrounds, but everyone has to follow these four rules for success in their B2B copywriting business.

The Absolute Best Way to Get Expert Help and Feedback on Your Writing

Effective sales letters follow a very specific formula. With the right training, you can become a sales letter writer making high fees and big royalties.

Why AWAI and Other Companies Need a Very Specific Type of Copywriter - Now

Long-form sales letters are the most lucrative projects for copywriters. Find out why now is the time to master that skill.

From Flight Attendant to Million-Dollar Copywriter

Henry Bingaman found a path to big fees and royalties as a copywriter. In this interview, he shares key points on his journey, and advice for new writers.

How Your Copywriting Career Changes When You Work with a Mentor

With 29+ years as copywriter and marketer, Sandy Franks is the ideal teacher to help you master the art of writing sales letters.

Lean In: The Unique Secret to Launching YOUR Writer’s Life

Millions of businesses need copy every day, meaning there are plenty of businesses who will be a great fit for YOU and your unique skills and background.

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