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You Can Easily Earn $1,500 Writing Product Page Descriptions

The demand for web copy (i.e., digital copy) has absolutely exploded in the past few years, and now you can become an in-demand writer, commanding as much as $1,500 writing simple product page descriptions.

Last Chance to Have Katie and Rebecca Coach You to Writing Success

Katie Yeakle (AWAI's Executive Director), and Rebecca Matter (AWAI's President)cleared out their schedules to personally guide you and help you learn the core writing skills you need to hit the ground running as a ready-to-write pro.

5 Reopening Copy Projects You Can Land NOW

As the marketplace continues to shift due to the pandemic, businesses need help reaching out to customers and prospects. Here are five simple projects you can be writing for them now.

10 Things Every Successful Copywriter Needs to Know

To be a well-paid writer, it’s important to stay alert to the market changes that directly impact the services you provide your clients. Pay attention to these 10 things to increase your success…

What It Really Takes to Write Persuasive Copy (You Need to Know This)

Writing persuasive copy isn’t difficult. If you can learn these three rules for selling, you’ll be much more powerful, not only in your writing but in your ability to get everything you want in life.

Why Tuesday, July 27, Will Be a Landmark Day for AWAI Writers…

Join Katie, Rebecca Matter, and a few other special guests to see what all the buzz is about this Landmark Day for AWAI Writers...

Living the Writer's Life: Julia Schaller

Julia Schaller may be a new mother, but that hasn’t kept her from her dream job of copywriting. She works as an in-house writer for AWAI and is the one behind many of the email campaigns, articles, sales letters, and video scripts you see on our site. Even while she’s writing, she’s keeping an ear tuned to her baby daughter sleeping nearby. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the writer’s life of one of our favorite AWAI team members.

Why NOW Is the Time for You to Join the Ranks of Well-Paid Writers…

Katie Yeakle (AWAI’s executive director) and Rebecca Matter (AWAI’s president) are clearing their schedules to help you take advantage of this all-new mega-opportunity.

Live Workshop: Create a Winning Writing Portfolio

No copywriting samples? No problem! Join us for this FREE workshop to learn how to put together a portfolio of professional samples — even if you’re just starting a freelance writing career and you’ve never worked with clients.

Enrollment Closing at MIDNIGHT — Become a Certified UX Copywriter!

No matter what industry a business is in or what marketing channels they use, they ALL offer a user experience… and a trained UX copywriter can ensure each user experience is a positive one.

3 Trends in UX Copywriting Happening Right Now

Bad user experiences online cost businesses trillions of dollars, but an effective UX copywriter can help change that. Here are three trends in UX… and why they’re a golden opportunity for you.

How You Can Be a Detective, a Scientist, a Psychologist, and a Superhero When You Do This Kind of Writing

Being a UX copywriter is about helping people connect with products that will make their life better. It means solving problems, anticipating needs, and continually learning… all while making a great living as a writer.

Why User Experience (UX) Copywriting Is a Competitive Edge

The right words can make or break a transaction online, and the UX copywriter plays a critical role by thinking through the visitor’s journey on a website. Learn more about the value a UX copywriter brings…

Why Writing Small Fragments of Copy Can Make You an In-Demand Writer (and 5 Ways to Get Started)

Whether you call it small fragments or microcopy, this kind of writing is soaring in demand. And with the proper training, you can become the next in-demand UX copywriter.

What Is UX Copywriting? A Beginner’s Guide

Companies need their customers to have positive user experiences when visiting their website. Which means every business with a website needs your help to create a smooth customer journey.

“UX” Demystified — Writers Needed Right Now

Learn why the demand for writers who specialize in UX copywriting is so high right now. And how you can use this fast-growing opportunity to increase the fees you earn for every project.

6 Reasons B2B Blogging Is a Great Way to Build Your Business

Businesses who incorporate B2B blogging into their sales process have strategic thinking behind it and need engaging content to fill their publishing calendar.

The Real Scoop on Paid Blogging: Why to Start, and How It Works

Savvy marketers recognize that blogging is an important part of their content strategy, and they need good blog writers to provide fresh, consistent posts. Check these five points to see if blogging is a good fit for you.

This Writing Specialty Brings Freelance Stability Plus Income Rocket Fuel

Starting your writing career as a blogger is a fast way to get your foot in the door with paying clients. Here’s how you can earn steady income, set up retainer deals, and more.

This Style of Writing Generates $200,000 in Income

When you start a blog, you get to write about subjects you enjoy or have a passion for. And you can turn that passion into a steady stream of income, earning $4,000 to $100,000 a month.

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