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Make $2,500-$8,000 as a writer by following this free blueprint. It walks you through how to set up your freelance writer’s website, connect with clients, complete the assignments you land, and revise them and get paid. It also shows you how to get access to all the resources you’ll need for just $1.

Living the Writer's Life: Melynda Boyce

Melynda Boyce stepped into freelancing out of both choice and necessity, after her family and financial obligations grew exponentially in a short amount of time. Though she’s had a strong cheerleader in the wings by way of her older sister (the fabulous Jen Adams, who is director of The Professional Writers’ Alliance and also one of our favorite fellow Barefoot Writers), Melynda was able to harness the elements of freelancing that were ideal for her while also making her own mark in the world of copyediting. Discover how this flexible career continues to meet all her needs.

Free Training: How to Futureproof Your Freelance Writing Business NOW

The AI revolution is here, and it’s completely reshaping the copywriting landscape. Are you ready to futureproof your writing business and set yourself up to THRIVE? Join us for a very special training session on Friday, July 26, at noon ET featuring digital copywriting PIONEER Nick Usborne, our resident “in-house” AI expert, Guillermo Rubio, and AWAI’s executive director, Katie Yeakle.

Discover Freedom-Filled Living Through Well-Paid Writing

Discover the freedom that being a Barefoot Writer gives you today!

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FINAL HOURS! Your Byline and Paycheck

We’re about to close all enrollment in the upcoming two-hour workshop, where Rebecca will personally help you get your first byline and paycheck as a new writer!

DEADLINE DAY: New, More Flexible Circle Terms Expiring Tonight

Today is the very last day to join Circle of Success under our brand new, more affordable, and more flexible terms.

July 2024 Winner Announced for AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Barbara Clabots, who wrote the winning blog post in our special program for new freelance writers — AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge. This program is for aspiring professional freelance writers learning the ropes of effective content through AWAI.

How Parenting Changed My Writing — One Mom’s Writing Tips for Parents

How one mom’s writing career changed when she became a parent.

The Best AI Tool to Repurpose Your Writing for Social Media Posts

With all the AI tools available, how effective are they really? Click through to see how three tools do at producing engaging social media posts from existing content.

AI Updates for the Average Writer

It’s been a year since AI tools become the talk of the town. Check out tips for using AI as a freelance writer. [Including use cases.]

Is Your Relationship Status with AI Complicated?

See how highlighting your humanity, conducting original research, and implementing personalized and niche marketing strategies can enhance your content and SEO efforts.

What Max Factor Teaches Writers About ChatGPT

Learning from the experiences, mistakes, and triumphs of others can help you find success faster. See what a twentieth century makeup magnate can teach you about ChatGPT.

How I Used AI Tools to Create a High-Value Sales Piece

The AI toolset is growing… have you added any new tools to your own kit. Take a look at how using AI tools in sequence can help you produce high-value work faster.

Want a Byline AND a Paycheck?

If you’d like to have your first byline AND get paid for it… Check this out!

Help for “Overwhelm”… and Four More Lessons I’ve Learned as a Mentor

Michele Peterson has been getting paid to enjoy the writer’s life for 15 years now. Full time for the last 13. And for the last several years, she has been helping fellow writers along the way to their own successful writer’s lives as an AWAI Circle of Success Mentor. She shares a cure for overwhelm nad for other lessons she has learned as a Circle of Success Mentor.

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Good News For You…

Here’s some good news you’ll be interested in… A total of 91% of businesses report they’re making THIS simple writing project (that pays VERY well!) a key part of their digital marketing strategy moving forward.


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