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If You’re “Sensitive” — or a Full-Blown Worrywart — You’ll Excel in This Niche

Interested in truly helping customers lead better lives? Or giving them a sense of choice and hope? You’ll thrive in this high-paying copywriting niche.

The Secret Psychology of Becoming a Great Copywriter

Mike Palmer hit a point in his career where he almost gave up. So did Will Newman. So might you. Understanding the psychology will help you push through.

Why Don’t You Consider Getting Paid $15K to Write Health Sales Copy?

Writing for the Health Market could make you a rich copywriter because you could charge huge fees and clients are happy to pay you.

An Easy 5-Point Checklist for Pricing Your Work

Even if you know the range for quoting a project, how do you know where in the range an individual project should fall? Use this easy 5-point checklist to know for sure.

COS Helped Her Find Copywriting Success in the Health Niche

Becoming an expert in this niche has helped this Circle Of Success member find copywriter success and better health

5 Steps to Happier Writing and a Longer, Better Life

How to take any topic, hobby, or interest and transform it into a paid writing opportunity. You’ll be happier when you do something that matters to you.

Join Today - AWAI “Credits” You Can Use Any Time

Enrollment is now open for The Professional Writers' Alliance - a membership with all the resources you need for your copywriting success. Find out how you can join for "virtually nothing" and sign up today for a 50% discount on membership payments.

Add SEO Copywriting Skills to Your Toolkit and Earn $20K to $200K per Year

12 great reasons why you should consider adding SEO copywriting to your mix of writing services.

7 Reasons for Writers to JUMP into the Health Market NOW!

The health market is exploding with opportunity and health copywriting queen Carline Anglade-Cole reveals seven reasons why now is the time to get started.

The Health Market: A Great Place to Be

Now is the best time to be a health writer! Find out more in this exclusive video interview from Katie Yeakle and 2017 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair Keynote Speaker, Carline Anglade-Cole.

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a B2B Copywriter

When you boost your confidence as a B2B copywriter, you’ll come across to your clients and prospects as more capable, and you’ll win their respect.

AWAI's Ultimate Glossary of Copywriting Terms and Direct Response Definitions

Learn the direct response and copywriting terminology you need to communicate effectively with clients.

Free Webinar and Q&A: Creating a Personal Roadmap to Well-Paid Writing

In this free Inside AWAI session, find out to how to navigate the opportunities for lucrative careers in writing, with a personal roadmap for success.

And the Writing Oscar Goes to…

The March Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Why Are B2B Copywriters in Demand?

The demand for B2B copywriters is high right now and B2B marketing directors are searching for writers who can help them with their two biggest needs.

Engineer Finds Fulfillment and a Six-Figure Career Thanks to Financial Copywriting Jobs

Jon Stoltzfus has an interest in investing. And now, as a financial copywriter, he gets to indulge in his passion and make six-figures working part time.

How to Gain a Rich Life Through Clear and Compelling Copywriting

Mark Ford lives a rich and rewarding lifestyle as a copywriter. You can too, by following his simple formula for writing clear and compelling copy.

Heisting Hall of Fame Headlines for Copywriting Success

Write stronger headlines by applying the timeless structure of John Caples’s classic 1925 ad. Mark Ford shows you how.

Finding Financial Freedom and Copywriting Success in the Financial Niche

As a financial copywriter working for the top companies in this niche, Julie Hassett has earned her breakthrough copywriting success.

Eight Ways to Greater Success By Living a “Never Stop Learning” Life

To achieve greater copywriting success, you need to create a “never stop learning” lifestyle. Here are eight simple action steps to get you started.

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