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December Issue: Big news (free event!)

Just released, the December issue of Barefoot Writer!

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Writer Secrets Learned Over 10 Years of Life with Barefoot Writer

Mindy McHorse has learned a lot in her 10 years as Executive Editor of Barefoot Writer. She shares 11 lessons to shorten your learning curve… and give you some insight and peace of mind about pursuing a well-paid writing career.

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Living the Writer's Life: Ashly Kimball

Every morning, you’ll find Ashly Kimball and her cat strolling down the driveway to get her mail. At the same time, she’s holding a phone to record a quick business tip to post on her Instagram account. According to Ashly, this has revolutionized her business. Read on to learn more about how she uses social media to connect with her clients.

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for… Email!

Email is as popular and effective as ever — and businesses today need multiple types of email to reach prospects, so they’re willing to spend big on campaigns. To make a great living as a writer, you can start off with these short projects.

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Today is your last chance to enroll in AWAI’s Video Scriptwriting Mastery & Certification with renowned media expert Andrew Davis… and get a chance to earn a $2,500 paycheck directly from AWAI.

A Shot at Making Your First $2,500 with an Unusual Writing Project

The global pandemic set the wheels into motion — making video script writing one of the most explosive writing opportunities for 2021 and beyond. Here’s how easy it is to get started.

Living the Writer's Life: Mike Klassen

It’s been a long time since we showed his face, but it’s time to share the story of our very own Barefoot Writer designer, Mike Klassen! Mike actually got his start working at Microsoft, but it wasn’t long before he turned to AWAI to learn copywriting and then graphic design. Over the last 10 years, his career has continued to evolve, including a trip to Australia for a speaking engagement, time spent homeschooling his kids, and — of course — the freedom to work with nice people on his own terms. We hope you enjoy this peek into the design side of our magazine family.

Opening Up Your Options Is as Easy as Writing a Letter

Many workers are reevaluating their careers as the pandemic continues to impact businesses. Faced with undesirable work situations, here’s how so many of today’s successful copywriters have chosen the options the writer’s life offers.

Live Training: Breaking Into Video Script Writing

Calling all storytellers… this is the perfect specialty for you. Learn how to make money writing video scripts during this free training event. Businesses need your help with online video, and you can get started fast.

Doing This One Thing Opens Doors to Industry Insiders

Joining Circle of Success is one of the best decisions you can make to advance your career and get on the path to building a six-figure writing income.

Turn Your Focus Into a Gold Mine (and Earn an Extra $69K per Year!)

Interruptions when you’re writing derail your focus and cost you wasted time. If you could regain those lost chunks of time, it can make a big difference in your productivity — and your income. Here are six tricks to help you…

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