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$95 for 26 Ways to Get Clients

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One Secret Skill to Turn You Into a Well-Paid B2B Freelancer

Use these four tips and this one secret to take yourself from a decent freelance copywriter to a sought-after, well-paid B2B freelancer.

Not Sure If You Have What It Takes to Be a Writer?

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Last Day to Claim Your Mentorship Spot!

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This Writing Opportunity Pays “Some of the Easiest Money I’ve Ever Made”

This opportunity pays top dollar to trained writers. There are six good reasons you may enjoy this specialty… especially if you enjoy research and crafting in-depth pieces.

This B2B Niche Is Exploding Right Now – Earn Up to $8,000 Per Project

This B2B copywriting niche is in-demand and highly paid. Find out what white papers are all about in this live training program.

The No-Hype Journalistic Writing Assignment with a BIG Payout

B2B companies use white papers to introduce new products, and they need writers who can craft proof-filled documents with no hype. Learn more about this high-paid writing specialty…

This Expert Wants to HIRE You

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Here’s How to Earn as Much as $2,000 to $6,500 for 5 to 10 Pages

Writers who can craft white papers are in huge demand and can command fees as high as $2,000 to $6,500 for 5 to 10 pages of copy.

This Could Be Your First Step to Working as a Writer

Get the career-building resources and skills you need to get started working as a professional writer.

Calling All Armchair Detectives… Puzzle Lovers… and Curiosity Seekers: Discover the “Hidden Gem” of the Writing World

You may be a good fit for this high-paid writing specialty. Here are six clues to find out. Plus, discover why this project is the cornerstone of a B2B marketing campaign.

Exclusive Writing Mentorship

We’re opening the doors to an exclusive writing mentorship…

7 Tips on How — Not Where — to Find Writing Clients

No one has ever asked expert Gordon Graham this question, yet he calls the answer a key to success. Here are seven tips that work for any writing project.

Where Serious B2B Copywriters Go to Advance Their Careers

Career-building resources, writing training, mentorship from pros – it’s in the B2B Writing Success League.

Get Help and Motivation to Launch Your Writing Career

Past participants of the Writer’s Launch Party are landing clients and projects. Find out how they did it.

Three "Hidden" Content Marketing Opportunities for B2B Writers

Beyond articles, blogging, and e-books, there are three “hidden” content marketing projects you can pitch to new or existing clients to increase your revenue and help them improve their content marketing results.

This Client Will Train You and Hire You for Your First Writing Project

Five weeks intensive training in an in-demand B2B writing skill from a veteran of the industry.

Make a Name for Yourself By Specializing in Writing White Papers

White Papers are ideal for describing B2B products that are complex, new, or expensive. You can make a name for yourself when you write these important and well-paid projects.

Five Days Live, Online With AWAI’s Superstar Copywriters

Master all the elements of a successful freelance business, with top copywriters showing you the way.

NEW WRITERS: This “Quiet Niche” Pays a Consistent, Predictable Income…

Despite this being a relatively little-known niche by most writers, the demand and opportunity for this style of writing is off the charts!

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