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7 Ways to Make Money as a Writer… Without Clients

Andrew Murray is following a proven formula for making money writing about something he loves. Thanks to expert Nick Usborne’s process, Andrew is generating passive income seven ways without clients.

4 Powerful Lessons Learned from My New Money-Making Website — All About Mushrooms

Nick Usborne’s been very successful with his 15-year-old Money-Making Website. Here are four lessons he’s learned as he tries to build a new website to the same level of success.

Write Your Way to Personal Freedom

To become a well-paid writer, you must have a willingness to start. You won’t have it all figured out right from the beginning, but there are simple steps you can take to launch your freelance writing dream.

Write Better with These 3 Techniques Used by the Pros

Discover three core techniques and habits that set professional writers apart from wannabes. Practicing these simple skills on a consistent basis will help propel your writing career to new levels.

Your “Line in the Sand” Moment (Plus How to Make “Next Level” Money)

This is your chance to set yourself up for now — and the future — and be on track to make “next level” money as a writer.

Be Your Client’s Content Expert and Grow Your Income By 10x

Become a content marketing strategist so you can set yourself up to earn 10x the fees. This is one of the biggest opportunities in the industry today. Discover how you can make content plans come together.

Why You as a Writer Are Now More Valuable Than Ever Before (Thanks to This $412 BILLION Trend)

The internet is built on content, and businesses need writers who can provide it more than ever before. Read more about why the demand for fresh content is growing daily.

Where the Puck Is Going Next and More Answers for Writers from Russ Henneberry

The opportunity to make a lot of money in content writing is HUGE right now. Content is everywhere and it’s desperately needed by every business. Here are five questions and answers with Russ Henneberry about this trend.

Don’t Let Our “Insta-Culture” Hold You Back From This Key Success Tool

There’s no “insta-fix” to becoming a well-paid writer. Instead, there are two things you need to do to build a successful, long-term writing career. Here is how you can get started today.

A Mentor’s Advice for 3 Questions New Copywriters Struggle With

You can push past your current capabilities when you have a mentor to guide you. Here are the top three questions aspiring writers have about getting started in the copywriting field — and the answers.

Why You Learn Faster with a Group

Learning as a group can provide the fastest progress. Here are five questions to ask yourself to uncover your learning style so you can improve your skills in the most effective way.

Get a Success Boost When You Find Your Tribe

There are plenty of ways to boost your confidence by surrounding yourself with like-minded writers and positive people. Find this group to build a more successful career.

If You Want Writing Clients to Take You Seriously, Do This…

Proving what you can do for clients is an important part of building your writing business. Follow these five steps to show prospective clients who you are.

Content Writers Needed — NOW!

Learn why the demand for writers who specialize in content is off the charts. And how you can use this new surge to catapult your writing career, and grow your income fast.

The Absolute Best Way to Get Expert Help and Feedback on Your Writing

Effective sales letters follow a very specific formula. With the right training, you can become a sales letter writer making high fees and big royalties. Plus, set yourself up for other writing projects as well.

How I Went From Worried, Broke, Job-Juggling 21-Year-Old… to Sales Letter Writing Specialist — in 8 Weeks

There are countless opportunities for writers but the core piece of every campaign is the sales letter. Discover the secret of how a timid newbie went from “sales letter dummy” to sales letter writer in weeks.

4 Proven Steps to Landing Your First Paid Copywriting Project

No matter what career path you’re currently on, if you want to make a living as a writer, you CAN make it happen. Follow these four proven steps, like the new AWAI members share here…

How Copywriting Royalties Work

You can earn professional fees writing copy. But you can earn really big money when you get paid this too. Learn how and set yourself up for big paydays.

5 Lessons I Learned from My Copy Chief

No matter how much experience you have as a writer, one of the fastest ways to improve is to find someone ahead of you and get their feedback on your writing. Here are 5 tips you can use…

The Truly Big Money in Copywriting Is in Writing Direct-Response Sales Letters

Writing direct-response sales letters is where big money lies in our industry, because you can charge huge fees AND get paid royalties every time the client sends out your letter. Learn more here…

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