Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
Ensure Your Success as a Well-Paid Writer
Within a Year

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Some AWAI members have found big success attracting clients and making great money.

Join AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle, AWAI President Rebecca Matter, and AWAI Director of Copywriting Training Pam Foster for this free Inside AWAI webinar to learn what those members did to get their start, how they’re landing clients today, and the exact steps you should take to follow in their footsteps.

In just one hour, they covered …

  • Where to find THE top-paying web-writing gigs (and clients who are easy to work with) …
  • The exact steps you need to take in order to start making great money, even if you’re brand-new …
  • Why web writers are so valuable (and why clients will pay you hundreds of dollars per page for your skills) …
  • What clients are REALLY looking for in a web writer … (You’ll be surprised what you DON’T need to get hired.)
  • How you get clients to come to you so you never feel desperate …
  • How you grow one-off assignments into long-term projects worth tens of thousands instead of hundreds of dollars …
  • How long you should expect it to take before you start making any real money …
  • How to eliminate hesitations, fears, and frustrations associated with launching your copywriting career …
  • The fastest, most surefire way to land high-paying projects, if you don't have any money and/or little time …
  • And the single most important step you can take right now, today, to jump-start your career …
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

In just one hour, you’ll have a step-by-step plan to put to use right away, so you're poised to be an in-demand web writer.

Be sure to stick around until the end, when they opened up the lines for a Q&A to answer questions from listeners.

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Circle of Success is our highest level of learning – It is — by far — the fastest and surest way to guarantee your success as a professional copywriter.
Katie Yeakle