Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
Freelance Writing Projects that Elevate You to Valued Consultant

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You can get paid really well to write copy and content. But when you create the writing strategy, you’ll make even more and boost your perceived value with every client you take on.

Join AWAI President Rebecca Matter and Learning Chief Pam Foster for this free Inside AWAI session where they show you four ways to present more value as a writer, get higher fees, and lock in relationships with clients that last.

They even opened up the lines for a Q&A to answer questions from listeners about how to elevate your value as a writer … so be sure to stay tuned until the end of the session to learn about making great money writing!

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Site Content Audit Resources

Article: Get Paid Twice When You Do Site Audits for Clients

Article: A Handy Site Audit Checklist for SEO and Content Writing that Works — And Leads to More Projects

Program: Site Audits Made Simple

Certification: Site Content Audits

Content Marketing Strategy Resources

Article: Get Paid as Much as $5,000 a Month as a Content Marketing Strategist

Article: How to Make Even More Money from the Content Marketing Trend

Certification: Content Marketing Mastery Mentorship

User Experience (UX) Copywriting Resources

Article: User Experience Copywriting Gives Writers a New Way to Stand Out

Article: UX Copywriting in Action

Article: 10 Reasons You Might Be a UX Copywriter and Just Not Know It Yet

Certification: UX Copywriting Mastery & Certification

Social Media Management Resources

Article: With Billions of People Hooked on Social Media … It’s a GREAT Time to Become a Social Media Expert

Article: 6 Reasons Every Writer Should Offer Social Media Services

Program: Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

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