The Ideal Spare-Time Business

In only 6 hours and 35 minutes, you can be in business — well on your way to making upwards of $150 per hour. 

(Plus, you’ll be providing a good,
honest service that over 50 million people
need and want right now!)

Dear Reader,

You read that right … in just 6 hours and 35 minutes, you could be in business — well on your way to making upwards of $150 per hour.

That’s how long it takes to “create” what is without question the world’s easiest, most profitable and infinitely rewarding business.

A business you can run out of your home… from your kitchen table… in as little as two to three hours a day.

All you need is a very basic home computer. I’ll give you everything else you need to put yourself on the path to independence and freedom.

And take a look at the money you can make:

  • $95 for roughly 45 minutes of your time
  • $150 in about an hour
  • $300 in under 90 minutes

These are realistic amounts of money you can earn, simply by offering a vital service practically everyone needs and wants.

In fact, I’ll easily make over six figures this year alone in this business.

No question, the money can be phenomenal. But here’s the best thing about it…

You’ll be running your own business. Making your own hours. Working when you want — at your own pace.

And, as you’ll discover in a moment, you’ll have a business you can take to any level. You can do it in your spare time … work a part-time schedule of 20 hours a week… or you can turn it into a thriving enterprise with offices and employees. It’s entirely your choice!

And it’s all possible because you’ll have a valuable skill people will be willing to pay big dollars for. That’s because you’ll hold the “magic key” to changing their lives. Helping them make more money. Helping them get more out of life. Helping them succeed.

The Ideal Spare-Time Business

What is this home-based business that lets you keep your job AND sock away an extra $25,000 - $50,000 per year in a mere 10 hours a week?

Before I tell you what it is, let me ask you a question: Are you satisfied with your job today?

If you’re like about 45 million Americans, the answer is no. That’s because statistics show that at any given time, 57% of the roughly 80-million-strong American workforce are looking to change their career, go for a raise or take on a better job. Another 5.8 million people are either unemployed and looking for work, or they are looking to break into the workforce for the first time.

And what do these more than 50 million people have in common?

They all need an effective, professional resume!

That’s right — a professional resume is crucial to winning any job or getting that badly needed raise.

But, you know what?

Most people have no clue about how to write a winning resume!

And that leaves you with a golden opportunity. An opportunity to make good money — just by pushing a few keys on your computer. In fact, the people in your immediate surrounding area who are looking at changing jobs can make you very wealthy. And I’m not even talking about the thousands upon thousands of college graduates entering the workforce every year!

Think about it this way. How many working people are there in your town? 3,000? 5,000? 20,000? 100,000? Whatever the number is, multiply by 0.57. That’ll tell you — according to national surveys — how many people are looking to get a job, change jobs, or seek out a raise. So, if you have 3,000 working people in your area, over 1,700 are looking to change jobs or go for a raise. If you’re in a larger city of say 100,000 working people, roughly 58,000 people make up your market.

That’s a lot of potential customers. Just by working in your hometown, you could easily have a part-time or full-time home business that earns you anywhere from $15,000 in extra cash to a lofty six-figure income, depending on how much time you put in…

No “Special Skill” Needed

Best of all, this is a business anyone can do. You don’t need a degree or any special education. You need very little start-up capital. Just a computer, a phone and a desk.

You may be thinking to yourself, “But I have no idea how to write a professional resume.” Relax. I’ll show you how. Not only that, but I’ll show you how to turn yourself into a top-notch professional employment consultant… someone who can not only write a sizzling resume, but also help any job seeker get the job he wants. And believe me, those people will be very grateful to you, and very willing to pay you big bucks for your services.

But before I do, let me tell you about my associate — a man by the name of Charles Bryant.

$3,150 — in a Single Day!

About 10 years ago, Charles answered an ad in the paper for a resume writer. He got the job, even though he wasn’t a “writer” and had no resume-writing experience. As it turns out, his boss was desperate for somebody… anybody. Here’s why.

The day before, he had placed a tiny ad in the local newspaper — I think it cost him about $35 — for his resume-writing service. The day that ad was scheduled to run was the day he wanted Charles at his desk. Why? Because his boss had discovered what makes even the tiniest ad work like gangbusters — a secret you’ll learn all about in a moment…

Charles will never forget what his boss told him on that first day: “I hope you’re ready, kid, because tomorrow, first thing, all hell’s going to break loose.”

Sure enough, when Charles got to his little office the next morning, the phone was already ringing. And it didn’t stop the rest of the day.

All day long, he took orders from people who were desperate for new resumes.

By the end of the day, he had 22 orders for resumes on his desk — worth $3,150!

His boss was right! People went crazy over that ad! It didn’t take Charles long to realize — this was a gold mine!

In the months to come, he did some research. One of the things he discovered was the very thing I told you — that on any given day, over 50 million Americans make a decision to change jobs or seek a higher paying position within their own company.

And of course, every last one of them needs a resume.

Here’s another statistic he discovered:

Huge Demand Awaits You

About 79% of those surveyed would prefer not to write their own resume. The reason is simple. They’d much rather leave it in the hands of a professional than take the chance of writing a resume that might sabotage their chances. Plus, studies have shown interviewees are more confident, and therefore more likely to get the job, when a professional has prepared their resume.

That’s why “selling” people a professionally prepared resume is a piece of cake. People who understand how competitive the job market is don’t need convincing at all!

So every day, Charles had 10, 20, 25 people calling him for resumes!

To handle the volume, he developed a system where he could create a good, solid resume in about an hour — sometimes less. It wasn’t long before people started calling him out of the blue. Turns out they heard from a friend of a friend that he wrote a resume that helped land a six-figure job here… a promotion there…

Then one payday, it hit him.

Charles was doing all the work! He developed the system for handling the workload. He had perfected the information gathering process, and he was the one getting all the referrals. Yet Charles was only getting 25% of the action — $785 on an average day (still not bad, huh?) — while his boss walked away with $2,344 (even better!).

What was he doing that Charles couldn’t do? Nothing!

So he plugged away until he learned the resume business inside-out and upside-down. He wrapped up all his commitments and then high-tailed it out of there — for good.

He started over — but this time, he started his own business.

3 “Magic Bullets”

The first thing he did was read every book on resume writing until he thought he was an expert. Then, one night at a party, he met a friend of his wife who was a personnel director in charge of all hiring for a major company. When he told her about the “tricks of the trade” he knew, she laughed.

“Most of that is bunk,” she said. “All those books are outdated. Hiring practices have changed so much in the last 10 years it would make your head spin!”

Then she told him the three things she and every other personnel manager look for on a resume.

And then he learned something shocking: If those three elements aren’t there, in the right style of type, in the right order, that resume likely gets tossed in the garbage. If they are there, the applicant will get an interview — and very likely a job offer.

That was some powerful information. But her word alone wasn’t enough. Over the next six months, he interviewed hundreds of personnel, human resources and other professionals in charge of hiring. They confirmed what his wife’s friend had told him.

There are three powerful elements crucial to the success of any resume. Three things that virtually guarantee an interview — that increase your chances of landing that job 100-fold or more.

Plus, he was able to pick up hundreds of additional tips and techniques for getting resumes read — things like size of type, color of stock, width of margins — all seemingly minor, but very important in the eyes of people who do the hiring.

From that research, Charles developed a list of simple, targeted, pertinent questions his clients could answer in just a few minutes time. They loved it because it was even less work they had to do in order to get an effective, guaranteed resume. He loved it because it almost doubled the number of resumes he could complete in a day.

Powerful “Breakthrough”

Then came a real breakthrough! He discovered resume-writing secrets so powerful, yet so easy to use, that practically all he had to do was plug in the answers his clients gave him to a short of questions and — presto! A top-notch, eye-catching, job-securing resume was created in a matter of minutes!

And you know what?

Now, all the money he generated was his! No 25/75 split! 22 resumes meant $3,150 in his pocket! Best of all, this was his own business! He worked when he wanted to! And his clients were thrilled!

Many even called him back and told him they had gotten jobs in a matter of days — and the resume he created for them got all the credit. Charles Bryant was their new best friend!

Then he got to thinking again…

He knew that if he could sit at his desk a few hours a day and create winning resume after winning resume, anyone could. After all, he had done all the legwork. He had perfected a system! He had already interviewed hundreds of top personnel directors. He knew those three powerful things that had to be on every resume that practically guarantee an interview. His exclusive questionnaire/worksheet worked like a charm. He even had all kinds of ads — each tested and proven to deliver results.

If Charles could package this program and deliver it to people outside of his market — anyone could be making the $500 to $3,000 per day he was easily making writing resumes.

That’s exactly what he did…

And that’s where I enter the picture.

My name is Julien Sharp, and I am a member of AWAI’s Board of Advisors for their resume writing program. I’ve been working with resumes for 20 years — doing everything from writing them to screening and evaluating them.

I got my start in the human resources world for a major pharmaceutical company where I screened hundreds of resumes a week. Through that job I developed an understanding of the secrets behind a successful resume — what makes one stand out over all the others. So, I launched my own resume consulting business and have spent the better part of two decades helping folks land jobs and launch careers.

Then, a while back I saw a letter like this one promoting Charles’ program. I took a look at it, and let me just say, I was blown away. I had never seen this business so clearly explained in language anyone could understand. It was like I was reading some sort of a “secret blueprint” to unlimited success in our business! The tips and techniques in Charles’ program explained not only how to produce better, stronger, more powerful resumes for your clients, but also how to produce more of them faster and see your revenues literally shoot up like a rocket!

But as excellent as Charles’ program was, it was missing two things. Let me explain…

There was no question Charles had mastered a system for writing powerful, winning resumes in a very efficient (and, thus, highly profitable) manner. And there was no question that his techniques for marketing your business in “any town” in America were powerful. But Charles hadn’t considered two very important things:

  1. The potential of the internet for making this a “global” business opportunity, and…
  2. The wealth-generating power of “add-ons” — all those things that your client is happy to pay for in addition to his or her resume (more on these in a moment)

“Virtually Impossible to Fail”

These two things — combined with Charles’ already outstanding program — would make it virtually impossible to fail at becoming a highly compensated, successful, respected resume and job placement professional. Not only that, but armed with this powerful information — this knowledge — a person would without question be “tops in the field,” head and shoulders above anyone else in our industry and constantly in demand.

In short, you — anyone — could have a highly rewarding and very lucrative business in no time.

So here’s what I did. I contacted his company. I arranged a meeting. I offered to lend my expertise in the area of internet marketing, add-ons, and any other knowledge I could contribute from my 20 years of success in the business in exchange for a small cut of any profits he made.

He agreed, and we made a deal.

I thought I could incorporate my unique knowledge into the program in a few weeks. Not quite. It’s taken the better part of a year. That’s because, once I got into it, I realized there was no limit to the potential for this business.

Here’s How It Works…

Here’s an example… You start your business. You have a computer, a phone and a desk, as I said earlier. You place an ad for your services, being sure to include the “clincher line” that Charles “borrowed” from his ex-boss. (See the program’s e-Book entitled “Complete Guide to Marketing Your New Business” for details about writing the most successful classified ad.) People start calling. You do two, three, four resumes a day. That’s between $150 and $1,200 in your pocket per day. And using this system, you spend between three to six hours tops.

Not bad, right?

But wait, with the extra services I developed (“add-ons” I call them) — which include such things as interview coaching and techniques for using the internet to get your client’s resume in front of the right eyes — you can now charge double for your services! So now you’re making between $300 and $2,400 per day, with only a little extra time spent.

But hold on. It gets better!

You love the business. You love the money — and you love helping people better themselves and achieve their dream job. Go global! It’s so easy to do. In fact, in the program I’ve added tons of information about how to market your services globally, over the internet. So instead of doing between two and four resumes a day — you’re doing between 20 and 30… with add-ons! And instead of between $300 and $2,400 per day in business — you’re doing between $4,500 and $18,000!

Naturally, at this level, you’re going to have to hire people and probably get a bigger space. (Don’t worry. This program even includes step-by-step instructions on how to grow your business at an acceptable speed — right down to the last detail. More on that in a minute…)

But hey… you may not want to grow that big. That’s fine too. But my point is this: The potential for this business is unlimited.

Which brings me full circle to why I’m writing you today.

The fact that you’re reading this today suggests that you’ve been looking for a good, honest home business — one that’s profitable, yes, but is also rewarding and has unlimited upside potential.

A business you can call your own. A business that does not require a lot of start-up capital… one that you can begin in your spare time and move to full-time when you’re ready. One that doesn’t require any special knowledge, degrees or training. One that can start making you money the day you begin.

For you I’m proud to present The Pro Resume Writer Program — the remarkable “work-from-your-home” business that will be all those things for you and more — guaranteed.

Yes, guaranteed, as you will soon see.

You’ll Get Everything You Need to Begin…

All you need are a few hours a day, any computer, a telephone, and the desire to make $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 per week or more.

This is the most complete home business package you’ll ever see. First of all, you get everything you need to write professional resumes:

  • A “crash course” on what makes a winning resume — including the three “power elements” that guarantee your client’s resume will be seen. After only one hour, you’ll know everything there is to know about writing resumes so powerful that you’ll be able to guarantee your clients an interview.
  • Charles Bryant’s exclusive time-tested, market-proven questionnaire — 19 simple, straightforward questions you need to ask your client to produce the perfect resume. This is the secret “ingredient” that will let you produce more resumes and make more money per day than you ever dreamed you could.
  • Everything you need to get clients to your door at very little or no cost to you. You’ll get the powerful secret Charles’ former boss used in his ads to virtually guarantee a phenomenal response. This little secret has been proven by major marketing companies to double the response to most advertising — but it seems to have an incredibly powerful effect especially in the resume business.

    Best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny to implement! It’s just a matter of adding a single line of copy to your advertising!

    And guess what? Some of the most effective techniques for advertising your business won’t cost you a skinny dime! In fact, you’ll learn seven methods for advertising your business absolutely free — some of which are more effective than paid ads!

  • A ton of information from me about how to use the internet to grow your business in two ways. First, I’ll show you how to set yourself up so that you can provide valuable internet job posting services for your client — and command handsome “add-on” fees — fees your client is thrilled to pay — merely for punching a few keys.

What does all this mean?

Your Clients Will Be Thrilled
(and Happy to Pay You)!

Let’s say your client wants an account executive position that pays $100,000 or better in the pharmaceutical industry somewhere in the Denver area. This program will show you how to get your client’s resume in front of hundreds of potential pharmaceutical employers in the Denver area with jobs paying over $100,000 — and be in their hands within hours online (and formatted in the proper “online format”… very important). That’s a very valuable service that your client is willing to pay top dollar for. And because you’re set up to do it (thanks to this program) it will only take you a few minutes and a few keystrokes on your computer!

And then we’ll show you how to grow your business using the internet — including everything from step-by-step instructions for designing your own company website to getting your name and message to those millions of people I told you about who are looking for better and higher-paying jobs.

There’s lots more, to be sure…

But before I tell you any more about this wonderful opportunity — and how just one phone call today can put it in your hands tomorrow — let me ask you a question…

What is most important to you?

Is it making money? Of course it is.

You’ll Make Money — and More!

But if you’re like most people, there’s something else that’s important to you:

You want to love your work. You want to be in a business you’re proud to call your own… a business that genuinely helps people succeed.

That’s the real and wonderful part of the resume writing business. Because, you see, your clients need you to help them succeed. They look at you as an important key to their future success. They look up to you. They listen to what you say. They depend on you. And they’re happy to pay you top dollar for the skill and knowledge that you have.

To me, that’s very rewarding. And I think you’ll feel the same way.

Don’t get me wrong — you’ll love the money, too! But take it from me — it’s a wonderful little bonus having a business that makes you feel good because you’re helping others achieve their dreams.

That’s what the resume writing business can do for you.

And The Pro Resume Writer Program makes it easy for you — as easy as any business can possibly be.

It’s So Easy

First thing you’ll do is peruse the fast-reading guide, “How to Write a Resume That Gets Results.” It’ll tell you everything that goes into the perfect resume — simply, quickly and succinctly. In less than an hour, you’ll know everything there is to know about creating effective resumes — including the three elements that virtually guarantee your client an interview.

Be sure to take three minutes to review the exclusive client questionnaire. This is your “blueprint” for producing some of the most powerful resumes that any corporate executive or any human resources director will ever set eyes on. These 19 questions have been specifically designed and worded to coax every last piece of information out of your client in order to produce a concise, powerful resume. Best of all, these questions can be answered in a matter of minutes — and then used to produce a high-powered resume almost immediately.

Then, it’s on to the fast-reading business manual, “Step-by-Step: Starting and Running Your Own Business,” which shows you step-by-step how to set up your business to be 100% profitable from day one. Here you’ll discover how to choose a winning name, what to do about health insurance and tax benefits, managing your time, and much more.

Next, you’ll breeze through the “Complete Guide to Marketing Your New Business,” where you’ll learn the best way for getting clients — and how to advertise for free using ads that are proven to work time after time. Heck, we even supply you with over a dozen sample ads that you can use as templates for your own ads.

You’ll also learn how to bring your business to life using the power of the internet. Among the things you’ll discover here include ways to design your resume business website and how to direct clients to your site. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the internet to better serve your clients with “new age” job search tools such as “scannable resumes,” and passive and active job search campaigns.

Armed with this powerful information, you’re well on your way. Now it’s just a matter of setting up your workspace, organizing your “tools,” and placing your first ad. (Don’t worry — this program shows you all that, too!)

Then get ready…

The cash will start rolling in.

Charge what you like — from $95 for the most basic resume (about an hour’s work) to $300 for a “professional” resume (about 90 minutes’ work). Plus, you’ll be able to charge from $75 to $100 per hour for a long list of “add-ons” your clients will be happy to pay for! You can also decide how many clients you take on. For most people, it’s finding a balance between how much time they want to spend and how much money they want to make.

Got an Hour and 45 Minutes? Here’s $63,700!

Let’s say you want to dedicate less than two hours a day to your part-time business. That means you can keep your business, and take on a 1-page “student” resume and a 2-page “executive” resume each day. The time you commit is one hour and 45 minutes a day of actual “writing” time. That’s less time than it takes to watch a made-for-TV movie! But, while others are wasting away in front of the TV, you’re pulling in over $1,200 per week — over $63,700 per year… part-time! (Remember, with “add-ons” it’s even more!)

But what if you’re someone with more time available, say four extra hours a day? You could easily write two 2-pagers and a couple of 1-pagers for $490 per day. That’s $2,450 per week… $127,400 per year!

And if you’re the ambitious type — the sky’s the limit. You could have your own office… your own employees… and have calls coming in from all over the country… the world. Now we’re talking serious money. Do it right — and follow our instructions on becoming a full service, no-holds-barred job search consultant — and you could find yourself the proud owner of a million-dollar-plus company!

The potential is unlimited!

The question on your mind is likely, “How much will I have to pay for a business than can make me anywhere from $65,000 per year part-time to the owner of a thriving enterprise?”

“Can I Afford This Business?”

Let me ask you — how much would you pay someone to set you up in such a business — give you the productivity tools you need… a professional business plan, a proven marketing plan… all the advertising materials you need, including a secret advertising technique proven to work time after time in any market, for any product… teach you every skill you need to be a top, sought-after professional in your field… show you how to practically guarantee success for your clients time after time… and step-by-step instructions to operate and profit on an international basis?

No question that to go out and buy a business that had the potential to generate this kind of income would be somewhere between $150,000 and $400,000.

Obviously, you won’t pay $150,000 for The Pro Resume Writer Program. You won’t pay $10,000 — or even $5,000, although I think you’d agree, if what you get enables you to begin making $65,000 in your spare time — almost instantly — it’s worth that and more.

That’s why I think you’ll be shocked to learn that The Pro Resume Writer Program sells for just $99.

And that price includes all the tools you need — from the three “magic bullets” to sample ads, to information on where to advertise for free. Everything — including a complete, comprehensive business plan and marketing guide which practically assures your success in the resume business. You’ll learn about all the “add-ons” you can offer your client — extras he or she is happy to pay for because it virtually assures job-hunting success. You’ll learn how to use the internet to offer value to your clients (and make them happy to pay you for it) and grow your company, if you so choose, into a multi-million-dollar operation.

Heck, besides the loads of details about how to set-up, operate and market your business, this program even tells you…

  • What professional associations you should belong to…
  • What industry newsletters to subscribe to…
  • What conferences you can attend to network and learn the latest tricks of the trade…
  • How to benefit from the tax advantages of owning a service-oriented business…
  • How to become a recognized expert in your field…
  • Health insurance tips for the self-employed, as well as tips on planning for retirement as a self-employed person…
  • Even how to set up your home or business office in the most efficient way…
  • What you should pay people you hire to write the overflow of resumes you get…
  • Mailing lists you can use… and more.

Your “No Holds Barred” Guarantee…

And because AWAI has made it so fast and easy, they can offer you a guarantee that can’t be matched by anyone:

If within 30 days you’re not making the kind of part-time income you dreamed you would make — or if the resume business just isn’t your cup of tea — simply let them know, and AWAI will refund every penny of your purchase price.

Can’t get much fairer than that!

The important thing to remember is you’re getting more than a business for your money…

You’re getting more than a very real opportunity to make over $60,000 part-time, working at your own pace while helping hundreds of people achieve life-long dreams — for less than the cost of a few good dinners at a decent restaurant…

You’re getting a business that has the very real potential to grow into a million-dollar business — and all the tools and information you need to make it happen — for what you’d pay for your morning coffee over the course of a year…

You’re getting a good, honest business with a product that most everyone, at some point of their lives, needs and wants — a product that can help them achieve their dreams and life goals!

But you must hurry.

This is the first time this version of the program is being offered to the public. Once we’ve proven the value, the pressure will be on to raise the price to the program’s true worth. That’s why if you see this offer again, it will likely be at a higher price.

So I urge you — act now!

There will never be a better opportunity to have the kind of part-time income you’ve always dreamed about. There are thousands of people in your area that need a resume — to get their first job… to get a better job… to make more money… or to get that dream job.

You can help them succeed — and help yourself to big profits along the way.

Order The Pro Resume Writer Program today! Or call Barb, Pat, Debbie or Jackie at 1-866-879-2924 to order by phone.


Julien A. Sharp, AWAI Advisory Board Member
The Pro Resume Writer Program