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Why I Chose Web Copywriting … And You Should, Too
Michele Peterson explains the nature of the vast and ever growing world of web copywriting.
7 Ways To Be a Champion by Going the Extra Mile
Michele Peterson explains how going the extra mile can help your copywriting business grow exponentially.
7 Steps to Cure “Cobbler’s Children Syndrome”
Michele Peterson reminds us that we need to help ourselves to further our careers.
Keep Your Team in the Game
Keeping the momentum is possibly the hardest part of having a mastermind group. Michele Peterson lays out several ways to keep the group going.
Is It Supposed to Feel This Way?
Like having a new child, Michele Peterson explains how starting out in the world of freelance copywriting can be a bit disorienting, but very fulfilling.
Let Your Clients Taste the Wine … And Other Things the Wine Industry Can Teach Web Writers
Wine tasting has a highly-effective sales model, and one that web writers can adopt as well. Michele Peterson explains.
How to Win the Prospecting Game
Michele Peterson reminds us of the simple pleasure of turning tasks into games, and how it can help you land your next client.
How To Gain Followers and Massive Exposure by Tweeting at Live Events
Tweeting at live events like this is part of Michele Peterson's self-promotion strategy as a web copywriter and online marketing consultant, increasing her authority, credibility, and reach.
How to Use Speaking Engagements to Market Your Freelance Business
Having the chance to speak publicly can often invoke great fear in people. But Michele Peterson explains why such an opportunity is a great way to market your freelance business.
How to Write Compelling Copy … For ANY Type of Project
Michele Peterson tells us how to engage our readers at a deep and emotional level by utilizing this timeless technique.

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