May 2010

Are Your Fingers Just on the Wrong Keys?

Joshua Boswell gives three examples of lessons he learned when he first started out as a copywriter. He will show you how you can avoid these pitfalls in his one-day event Six Months to Six Figures on June 26, 2010.

AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell Me About Your Favorite Summer Pastime

What makes summer special for you? I’d love to hear about it. What’s your favorite summer activity? Does it inspire your writing?

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: How to Change Your Life Forever! And Enjoy the Freedom … the Money … and Your Work too

Read B. T. Mosweu’s winning essay: How to Change Your Life Forever! based on a speech he heard that made him realize he was living in “default mode.”

Five Success Strategies to Writing Articles You Can Use to Market Your Web Writing Business

Heather Robson shows you five strategies to writing articles that you can use to market your web writing business and land more clients.

I Worked Like Crazy, But Have No Idea What I Did

Ever feel like you spend an entire day working feverishly, but at the end of the day have no idea what you actually accomplished? You're not alone ...

The 25-50-25 Rule of Time Management

Bob Bly teaches you how to master a new skill or process using the 25-50-25 rule of time management.

Jessica Kizorek Selected by Seth Godin for Private Mentoring Session

Jessica Kizorek, author of AWAI’s Marketing with Video Online for Profit has been chose by Seth Godin for a private mentoring session to create massive impact on a global scale.

How The Writer's Life Helped Me Reclaim My Life

Steve Roller gives five quick tips to help you reach the writer’s life even when you are currently holding a full-time job.

What B2B Marketing Managers Want in a Web Writer

Steve Slaunwhite gives you the goods on what business-to-business (B2B) marketers need in a web writer, so you can easily land their assignments.

The Writer’s Life – Livin’ it Up!

Master Copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis gives a glimpse inside his writer’s life and shares 3 “rules of the road” for thriving in yours.

How to Take Somebody Else's Good Idea and Make it Your Own — Legally

Jen Stevens explains that while stealing copy somebody’s copy is illegal, but taking somebody else’s ideas and make them your own for your copy is not and a great way to write about topics others have written before.

AWAI Announces Brand New Program: Secrets of Becoming an Internet Researcher

Learn about this new freelance business opportunity that gives you all the benefits of “The Writer’s Life” without writing a single word.

Get Hired! How To Find And Get Good Clients For Your Web Copywriting Biz

Roy Furr gives a 5-step process for finding and getting good clients that you can use any time you want or need a new project.

Your Personal Independence Day

Roy Furr explains what steps he took to make the writer’s life a reality. Follow Roy’s suggestions and set your own “Personal Independence Day”.

The Power of “Reason Why” Headlines

Ted Nicholas gives some powerful headline examples and explains the copywriting technique behind them.

Four Retainer Clients in Two Months Writing Autoresponders

Find out how AWAI member, Rachel Karl went from cracking open Jay White’s Autoresponder Apprentice program, to landing four retainer clients in just two months.

Is "Too Easy" Killing Your Copy?

Roy Furr explains what copywriting mistake can kill the response rate of a sales letter, and what you can do to avoid this mistake in your copy.

Top Online Copywriter for Yahoo, Microsoft, and Disney, Wants to Give You an Inside Look at Becoming an Online Copywriter … and Show You Why Now Is the Best Time to Consider this Opportunity

Top online copywriter, Nick Usborne gives an inside look at why now is the best time to become an online copywriter during a free teleconference on May 11th.

The Richness of The Writer’s Life as Measured in Tacos

Will Newman found out that the richness of the writer’s life cannot only measured by the dollars he made but also by the personal freedom that he gained.

How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula

Michael Masterson’s definition of good writing can be applied to every sort of non-fiction writing like books, magazine articles, direct-mail sales letters, business correspondence, telemarketing scripts, and speeches. Learn this simple rule that will help you write well.