May 2010

The 25-50-25 Rule of Time Management

Bob Bly teaches you how to master a new skill or process using the 25-50-25 rule of time management.

How to Take Somebody Else's Good Idea and Make it Your Own — Legally

Jen Stevens explains that while stealing copy somebody’s copy is illegal, but taking somebody else’s ideas and make them your own for your copy is not and a great way to write about topics others have written before.

The Power of “Reason Why” Headlines

Ted Nicholas gives some powerful headline examples and explains the copywriting technique behind them.

Is "Too Easy" Killing Your Copy?

Roy Furr explains what copywriting mistake can kill the response rate of a sales letter, and what you can do to avoid this mistake in your copy.

How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula

Michael Masterson’s definition of good writing can be applied to every sort of non-fiction writing like books, magazine articles, direct-mail sales letters, business correspondence, telemarketing scripts, and speeches. Learn this simple rule that will help you write well.