April 2012

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Old Comforts Die Hard – Part 1

Brian E. Whitaker talks candidly about leaving his corporate job to pursue the writer's life.

Trim Your Trees To Keep Your Business Growing

Rae Robinson explains how cutting a client or two might be exactly what you need to grow your freelance business more efficiently.

Defeating Copywriting’s #1 Copy Killer

Will Newman details the biggest mistake you can make in writing your copy.

How to Make Steady Progress

Christina Gillick tells us how to juggle the many tasks freelance writers face to get more done and move our businesses forward.

The You Factor Part 3: Do Less, Make More

Joshua Boswell wants you to stop sweating the small stuff so you can do the big stuff the best you possibly can.

Move Your Business Forward in 30 Minutes a Day

Christina Gillick gives us a quick and easy framework to start planning our daily routine to help boost our copywriting career.

Impress Your Online Clients with Your Direct-Response Mindset

Nick Usborne tells you how to improve your relationship with your web clients by making sure they convert their leads to sales.

Never Stop Learning

Christina Gillick is here to help us both learn new techniques, and use them to improve our freelance business.

How to Fill Your Empty Blog

A blog can make a world of difference in how many leads you attract, how many clients you land, and how fast you succeed. Susanna Perkins is here to tell you how to make your blog be all that it can be!

A Simple Way to Get Clients

Christina Gillick provides us with some guidelines for forming a plan of action for finding and convincing clients to hire you.

AWAI Completely Revamps Famed Masters Program

We've revamped the Masters Program in new and excited ways, with dozens of additions and a completely new multimedia learning experience.

Still Trying to Master the Mental Game?

Toughen up! Christina Gillick tells us how to fight off those mental demons that block our path to success.

Look for Online Copywriting Projects That Repeat on a Regular Basis

Want to make more money while saving time and energy? Nick Usborne tells you how to get clients with repeating projects to save you time and increase your productivity.

What I Wish I Knew Then

Christina Gillick explains how to get started in the copywriting world, and avoid some of those early hurdles we all encounter.

The First Step to Becoming an A-Level Copywriter

Christina Gillick explains how keeping the basics apart of your routine will help you become a better copywriter quicker.

How “Selling Your Product” Can Lead to Failure … And an Easy Solution

Will Newman tells you about a crucial “rule” of copywriting most B-level copywriters violate, and how to avoid it to move closer to becoming an A-level copywriter.

Are You Running on Empty?

Bob Sands sheds light on the challenges writers can face when they are "running on empty", and gives us several different ways to refill the tank.

The You Factor Part 2: The Wedgwood Phenomena

Joshua Boswell takes us back in time to see how re-purposing a past success can be just as creative, and profitable, as making up something new.

Writing in the Buff

Bob Sands reveals how to get in the “writing zone” to help create great ideas naturally and almost effortlessly.

How to Become an Idea-Generating Machine – Part 2: Mind Mapping

Generating ideas can be one of the biggest challenges of writing. Bob Sands helps conquer this with a tried and true, classic practice: mind mapping.

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