March 2013

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Free Teleconference: How to Make Money as a B2B Copywriter and Build a Successful B2B Copywriting Business in 2013

Join Rebecca Matter and Steve Slaunwhite for a free teleconference and find out how to make money as a B2B copywriter and build a successful B2B copywriting business in 2013.

A Second Career as a Copywriter Pays Off in More Ways than One

Well into "retirement", Charlie Meyer is still making a great living using his AWAI training.

Play for the Name on the Front of Your Jersey

Michele Peterson encourages you to define the “why” that’s driving your writer’s life.

Web Writer Uses Newfound Skills to Help a Worthy Cause in His New Hometown

Richard Lacey used his AWAI training to create an online movement to save his new hometown.

Find Your Team and Pack Your Stadium Full of Encouragement

Michele Peterson gives some guidance on how to find the support and motivation to keep stepping up to the plate.

New Web Writer Tackles Big Projects Right Out of the Gate

Rhonda Fleming has hit the ground running after starting her AWAI-trained copywriting journey just a short year and a half ago.

Coaches Bring Out the Best in You

Michele Peterson talks about the importance of finding different coaches for different aspects of your copywriting career.

5 Proactive Ways to Make Sure Clients Stay Happy With Your Work

Mindy McHorse has five proven ways to keep your client happy and boost your chances of continued work.

8 Steps to An MVP Copywriting Career

Michele Peterson gives you eight steps you can take if you want to have a copywriting career of MVP distinction.

Three Things You Should Know About Web Writing and How You Can Be Up and Running Within 60 Days!

The demand for good web writers is bigger than ever before. Find out how you can take advantage of this growth and launch your online copywriting business in just 60 days.

AWAI Member Excels in Copywriting Despite Serious Illness

Matthew Troncone has used his AWAI training during his life-altering illness to help his understanding employer and continue to make a living.

How to Consistently Bring Your "Good Stuff"

Michele Peterson explains how keeping up with the latest in copywriting can help you earn more from your clients.

What Gave this AWAI Member's Writing Business a Kick-Start?

Read on how Holly Genser repurposed the skills from her previous job for a new life as a freelance writer and consultant.

Sorry, Practice Doesn't Make Perfect!

Michele Peterson has some tips for making sure you get the most out of practice.

Words That Stink Like a Dead Skunk

Will Newman keeps your copy easy to read by helping identify certain words that will slow your prospect, and maybe kill your sale.

Five Figures in Six Weeks

Leslie Ehrin lets you in on how Nick Usborne's Copywriting 2.0 program has given her much needed freedom in her life.

Out of 60 Minutes, These 20 Seconds Struck Home…

Read on to hear from Nick Usborne why some web writers earn 10 times more than others, and how you can earn more money from your web writing projects.

This Beginner Sees the Potential for a Lucrative Career

Carol Kim has just started living the writer's life, and is already being both financially and creatively fulfilled.

14 Ways to Make Money as an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne shares a slide show explaining the many benefits of becoming an online copywriter.

Your Next Step

Christina Gillick gives you seven reasons why you should stop procrastinating and build your freelance website now.

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