August 2015

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You Know You’re a Writer When ...

Here are some of the fun replies Rebecca Matter received when she posted, "You know you're a writer when ..." on her Facebook page. Now we want to hear your responses!

Why You Should Drop Preconceived Ideas About Your Ability to Write

Discover the five essential steps for launching a paid writing career at hyper speed — including what to do right away and what to forget immediately.

Pool Pumps, The 5 Senses, & Successful Leads

The Golden Thread editor, Will Newman, shares a draft lead he is working on to show how story leads can make copy more powerful, memorable and effective.

Now Available! Exclusive Bootcamp Bonus Webinar: The NEW and Improved Job Fair Experience

Access the exclusive Bootcamp bonus webinar that reveals the NEW and improved Job Fair experience and how to make the most out of this year’s new Job Fair format.

The Secret of the Double Pipeline

Discover how to create a client-filled pipeline with twice as many paid writing opportunities as your schedule allows you to handle.

10 Keys to B2B Freelance Copywriting Success

Use these tips to achieve the B2B freelance copywriting success you want. Just one change could make the difference in your career.

The Single Most Important Key to Your Success as a Freelance Copywriter

The key element of success in the long run isn’t promotion… or choosing a niche… or generating leads… or closing leads… or customer service. It’s this…

How to Solicit Useful Feedback on Your Writing and Why

Getting feedback is a key step in the writing process. Christine Butler discusses ways to getting useful feedback and why it's important.

How to Compete with All the Newbie Copywriters

No matter where you are in your career, a big pool of newbie copywriters is fighting for the work. These key strategies can help you beat out your competition.

How to Compete with the Top Pros in Freelance Copywriting

Here are some tips for competing with top-level freelance copywriters who may have much more experience and better credentials than you.

What it Takes to Make it as a Freelance Copywriter in 2015

There are many factors that go into making it as a freelance copywriter today. But these three items are essential to your success.

When Web Marketing – Think Small

Whether you are writing copy that will be read on a computer screen, a smart phone or a tablet, you still must incorporate all the strategies of effective copywriting - even if you have to tighten the copy to fit the device.

New Format For AWAI Job Fair Promises Deeper Connections, Bigger Successes For 2015 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp Attendees

Job Fair's new format will give marketers a better platform to explain their copy needs and give writers more time to prepare. Get all the details here.

Promote Your Copywriting With the Format(s) You Want to Write

Create promotions in the same format(s) you want B2B clients to pay you to write. That way, they get to know you and see your skills in action.

How to Get Clients with Email Marketing

Email can be a helpful tool when marketing yourself. Find out how to connect with prospects and get clients with email marketing.

Decide Which B2B Formats Appeal to You Most

B2B content comes in many types and sizes. Here’s how to pick two or three formats that interest you most, and learn more about them.

Crash Course in B2B Content

Learn what's needed to succeed in the B2B content world with the Crash Course in B2B Content, and save $50 when you order by August 21st.

5 Ways to Add New Web-Writing Clients to Your Roster

With the demand for your services huge and growing, it’s a good time to be a web writer. Nick Usborne shares five ways to land new web-writing clients.

The Most Popular Types of B2B Content

Here are some of the most popular formats of B2B content, from blog posts to white papers, and what you can earn writing them.

Find the Right Copywriting Coach to Guide Your Career to the Next Level

In need of a copywriting coach to help you take your writing career to the next level? Here are some AWAI-recommended, high-quality copywriting coaches who could help accelerate your success.

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