February 2016

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An Inside Look at the 2016 Web Copy Intensive

Check out what's happening at this year's Web Copy Instensive! And don't worry about missing out...you can experience it for yourself by pre-ordering the home study. Order now and save $1,000!

Why Your Guarantee Must Do More Than Assure Satisfaction

You’ve successfully convinced your prospect to buy, so you’re pretty much done. Right? If you think this, you’re making the same mistake B- and C-level copywriters make.

Is the Road to Success the Best Route to the Writer's Life?

Metaphors help us understand reality. But they also shape our reality. Talking about the “road to success” is the wrong metaphor to attain the writer’s life.

Only Failures Win

Today Joshua Boswell tackles a taboo subject about success and grabbing the writer’s life. But it’s so crucial, he ranks this subject among his top 4 success secrets.

What’s So Great About B2B Copywriting?

Discover the reason one copywriter chose B2B copywriting and how it’s allowing him to influence others in a positive way.

How 5 Minutes a Week Can Guarantee the Writer’s Life

How much time a week must you spend to solidify the writer’s life? 5 hours? 10 hours? 20 hours? If you think that, it’s time to read Joshua Boswell’s 5-minute secret.

Why Professionals Get Paid Better Even if They Don’t Write Better

Think you have to write better than other copywriters to get paid better? Think again! Today, Joshua Boswell gives you a simple secret to turn your thinking around.

Launch Tour Was Key to Marketing Success and Landing Clients for this AWAI Member

Attending the event in 2015 was the career changer this AWAI member needed to boost his profits and get him the type of clients he was looking for. Find out more about his Launch Tour experience here.

AWAI Member Launched his Copywriting Career During Last Year's Tour

AWAI member Charles Olsen was a new copywriter when he attended Joshua's 2015 event in Houston, but left with a clear plan for copywriting success. Find out all about his experience here.

What it Takes to Get Great Clients

What does it take to get great clients? Joshua Boswell introduces you to his 12-point checklist for landing more and higher quality clients.

The Core Offer: The Key to Long-Term, Easy Writing Success

No one can break down complicated, crucial success strategies into simple, easy-to-accomplish steps better than Joshua Boswell. Today: His success secret of the core offer.

What Does it REALLY Take to Win ... and then Enjoy ... The Writer’s Life?

If you’re looking for someone who exemplifies the writer’s life, there’s no one better than Joshua Boswell. Today he gives you his 12-point system for claiming that life for yourself.

Pruning Words for Stronger Copy

Successful copy uses just as many words as it needs...and no more. Here’s a strategy for pruning unnecessary words from your copy to make it stronger.

Want to Be a Good Writer? Read Widely. Read Wisely. Read These Books.

Over the years I’ve read many books on copywriting. But two fiction books have taught me more about effective writing than any of these.

Free Agent or Secret Agent — Which Will You Choose?

Does working for a marketing agency compromise your freedom as a freelance copywriter? Or is a quick way to boost your career?

How Writing Fiction Makes You a Better Copywriter

Find out why fiction and copywriting are closely related, and how if you want to excel at one if might be worth it to look into the other.

5-Step Revision Process for Stronger Copy

Turning in your best work is just about writing. It’s about rewriting. Use this revision process to make your writing stronger.

Discovering the Book I’ve Always Wanted to Write

I’ve spent 55 years struggling to squeeze a book out of me. I finally found the inspiration to write it from an unlikely source.

Tune Out Your Lizard Brain for Big-Writing Success

Discover why you should tune out the “lizard” part of your brain if you hope to achieve big writing success, and find out what to do instead.

Are Your First 100 Words Killing Your Copy’s Success?

Your lead should capture your reader's interest and their commitment to keep reading, and this begins with your very first words. If it doesn't, your copy will fail. Mark Ford provides a solution here.

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