June 2016

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The Great Escape: How to Start Freelancing When You Have a Day Job

Ed Gandia explains how to start freelancing now and what you’ll need to have in place before quitting your day job.

Did You Hear the Story about … ? Power Stories to Persuade and Sell

Numbers and statistics can sometimes tell a powerful story. But you know what? Nothing catches and keeps attention as effectively as a good story.

To Master Copywriting, Learn to Listen — to Yourself

Marcia Yudkin — one of the "few genuine thought leaders in copywriting” — shares the secret of one person you must listen to so you can master copywriting.

The Unusual and Rarely Used Free Investment that Magically Builds Your Web-Writing Business

Investing your skills in your freelance web-writing business is a great way to leverage what you know to bring in more business and make more money.

Former Barista Conquers Fear, Triples Income as a Freelance Copywriter

Even though he had purchased the Accelerated Copywriting Program, AWAI Member Guillermo Rubio was stuck working multiple part-time jobs for year. Find out here how he overcame his fears, was able to get clients, and is now living the writer's life.

Meet AWAI’s New Backend Marketing Manager

Danielle Griffin is AWAI’s newest team member and Backend Marketing Manager. She’s an Air Force vet with graphic design and marketing experience, who recently moved to South Florida with her family.Welcome to AWAI Danielle!

Using Katie Yeakle's Secret for Reducing Stress: How Slowing Down Has Helped Me Get More Done

The right kind of stress can energize you … help you achieve the writer’s life. The wrong kind can stop you in your tracks. Here's how I learned to tame the wrong kind of stress.

Billion-Dollar Fitness and Nutrition Company Wants to Hire You at This Year’s Bootcamp

Fitness and nutrition company Beachbody will be at Job Fair 2016. It’s your chance to meet them and land a high-paying copywriting job.

Don’t Ignore Networking, Instead Use the Fabergé Method

How expanding your network of clients works like the Fabergé Organics shampoo commercial: One person tells another and so on and on.

How a Legendary Copywriter Dead for 88 Years Will Help You Achieve The Writer's Life

The two most essential secrets of copywriting evolved over 100 years ago. Knowing how they evolved will make you a more successful copywriter.

The “Rogues Gallery” Secret for Writing Emails People Eagerly Look Forward to Reading and Buying From

In a good story, the hero needs a strong villain to challenge him. Master email copywriter Ben Settle says you should apply this concept to writing emails as well.

How Will You Jump the Curb as a Standout Copywriter?

Pam Foster reveals exactly what you can do to stand apart from all the other copywriters out there and get noticed by clients.

Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Email Copywriting, One of the Top Freelance Writing Jobs, at Bootcamp

Email copywriting expert Ben Settle with share his top tips for getting highly-paid freelance writing jobs in this niche.

Avoid This Common Social Media Mistake

Don’t make a social media mistake that can damage your business. Here’s how to make sure your social media posts enhance your business instead.

More Valuable Than Bitcoin: This Online Bank Account Gives You Access to the Best Copywriting Resources In Existence

When you join The Professional Writers’ Alliance and learn how to become a freelance writer today, your membership is virtually free.

Good Reads … and How They'll Fuel Your Drive for The Writer's Life

The single most important thing you must do to achieve the writer’s life is write. But every single successful writer does one additional thing to improve her or his writing.

Beat Writer’s Block… for Good

Seasoned writers rarely experience writer’s block. Find out the reason why and how it can help you beat writer’s block for good.

Make Money Writing Books

Writing e-books can give you the freedom to write on a topic of your choice, work when you want, and make a ton of money. And right now, Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success is on sale for 50% off.

Legendary Copywriter — The Man Responsible for Making Me a Copywriter

It isn't often that someone gets to meet the person who inspired their career. I've not only gotten to meet that person, I've developed a good friendship with him.

Tips for Copywriter Success: Copywriting Saved Her Business and Now She’s the “Behind the Scenes” Secret Weapon for Major Companies In Australia

Bootcamp Spec Challenge Winner Pauline Longdon has found freedom as a freelance copywriter. Learning how she did it can help you find your copywriter success too.

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