September 2016

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Are You In? This Is It...Fastest Path To Freelance Writing Success!

If you're looking for the fastest way to make a good income as a freelance writer, Jay White's Email Copy Made Easy is still available for $300 off - but hurry - this discount will only last until midnight tonight. Get all the details here.

How Email Marketing Helped Copywriter Rachel Karl Break the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

Copywriter Rachel Karl went from feast or famine to steady retainers and clients by focusing on one main area. Learn how she built her writer’s life.

7 Ways to Make Cold Calling Easy — and Successful

Cold calling can be scary but it doesn’t have to be! Use these seven tips to make cold calling easy so you can land more clients.

Get the Mentor You Need for Copywriter Success in the Email Niche

It’s amazing what you can do with the right teacher. Achieve your copywriting success in the lucrative niche of email writing with the help of an expert.

Lucrative Copywriting Jobs with Short Projects and Big Paydays

Email writing offers short and easy projects that pay well. That makes this copywriting job ideal for freelance copywriters.

Urgent Alert! Are These 7 Email Marketing Errors Killing Your Success?

You’ve convinced your client to mount an email marketing campaign. You know it'll be huge! So don't let these seven common errors kill that campaign.

Fastest Route to Well-Paid Writing Assignments

One of the fastest ways to success as a freelance writer is in emails - and it's the most well paid too! And for a limited time, AWAI is offering our Email Copy Made Easy program for a $300 discount. Get more information and sign up here!

1.47 Million Reasons to Love Email Marketing

In the United States, 1.47 million marketing emails get sent every month. Somebody has to write and produce those emails. Why not you?

How to Have a Successful At-Home Workday

If you dream about working at home, make sure you know all the tools and tricks to make for a successful at-home workday.

Final Day to Jump-Start Your Career — What to Do…

Clayton Makepeace's Quick Start Copywriting Program has all the secrets you'll need to jump-start your copywriting career. AWAI has been offering it for a $700 savings, but today's the last day to take advantage - get all the details and sign up here!

Four Steps to Breakthrough Copy Bliss

How do you connect with your prospect so he knows you really understand his problems? Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace uses these four steps.

Last Day to Join PWA Under These Special Terms…

The Profesional Writers' Alliance is an AWAI membership with many benefits - one of the greatest being that each of your payments is a credit you can use towards other AWAI programs and events. And even better...right now you can sign up for the discounted rate of $29/month! But this special offer is ending at midnight tonight, so you'll need to act fast. Get all the details here.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good Sales Copy and Bad Sales Copy

Using this “A-list” proven 12-point copywriting checklist will help you write winning sales copy every time.

The Astonishing Power of Powerlessness

Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace advises us to look at our prospect’s sense of powerlessness as a core emotion to target. Here's how…

Million-Dollar-Per-Year Copywriter Shares His Secrets…

Clayton Makepeace has all the secrets when it comes to copywriting success - and for a limited time you can get a huge discount on his Quick-Start Copywriting System...get all the details here!

How Rush Limbaugh Can Lead You to Breakthrough Bliss

Offering benefits to your prospect is crucial for writing successful copy. Or is it? One multimillion-dollar copywriter has a slightly different take on the idea.

How to Work with Overseas Copywriting Clients

Working with overseas copywriting clients can be a fantastic opportunity. Follow these tips to keep your projects on track.

AWAI Member Leaves Corporate World for Copywriter Success

Li Vasquez-Noone loves her copywriter success. She’s doubled her old salary, works on projects she enjoys, and has plenty of time for travel and fun.

An Innovative, Easy Way to Get Started in The Writer's Life

You can enjoy the writer's life writing promotions, emails, B2B copy, web copy. Possibilities are almost limitless. But here’s one niche few copywriters know about.

How to Break the Beginning Copywriter "I Don't Have Any Experience So Who's Going to Hire Me?" Vicious Cycle

“I have no experience and no portfolio. Who’s going to hire me with no experience.” Here’s how to break the “no experience vicious cycle.”

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