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Learn to Design Response and Land Copywriting Jobs

Bootcamp Speaker Lori Haller is a graphic designer who knows how to blend copy with design to boost response. Her secrets will land you top copywriting jobs.

“It’s Your Summer of Money” Challenge Opportunity #6 Become a Graphic Designer

"It’s Your Summer of Money" Challenge Opportunity #6 doesn't involve writing a single word, but still let's you live the writer's life!

Work at Home as a Graphic Designer [video]

Renowned Graphic Designer Lori Haller shows you how you can break into the direct-response graphic design business and easily work from home while doing it.

Could a Freelance Graphic-Design Career Be Your Ticket to Financial Freedom?

Rebecca Matter explains how learning to design marketing and editorial pieces for the direct-response industry gives you two financially valuable opportunities.

Quick Tip: Clipping Paths the Easy, No-Stress Way

Find out an easy way to clip paths.

Quick Tip: 9 Free Filter Effects

Kristin Schwarz shows you where to find nine Photoshop filters for free.

Quick Tip: Zip or StuffIt – File Compression Made Easy

Learn the ins and outs of file compression.

Design and Extreme Insight Into Human Psychology: How “Cute” Can Sell

Find out how human psychology reacts to different designs and how to use this understanding to boost sales.

Quick Tip: Annual Reports Make Profitable Year-Round Gig

Mike Klassen shares how you can boost your income designing annual reports.

Saving Your Client – and Yourself – Time and Money by Getting Your Images Right From the Beginning

Discover guidelines for working with color in your designs.

Quick Tip: Password-Protecting Your PDF Documents

Kristin Schwarz shows how to password-protect your pdf files.

So You Worry That Companies With an In-House Designer Won’t Hire You? Don’t!

Mike Klassen shares why even companies with in-house designers might need your services.

Quick Tip: Extracting Images From PDF Files

Kristin Schwarz shows how to extract images from pdf files.

A Secret Way to Find Hordes of New Design Customers Through eBay!

Discover how you can use eBay to find new clients.

Hidden Secret of Successful Brochure Design

Mike Klassen shares tips for design successful brochures.

Quick Tip: Add Pizzazz to Your Layout With Rounded Rectangles

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to create rounded rectangles.

Working on a Successful Team Project

Advice for designers working with other designs on a project.

Quick Tip: Free Layout Design Software

Will Newman shares where you can find a free desktop publishing program.

3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Design Career

Mike Klassen gives you three ways to get your freelance graphic design career off to a strong start.

AWAI Insider Success Strategy … Stop Screaming! Use Simple Design to Lead Your Reader Directly to the Sale

Learn how to create a seamless “reading path” for your reader on any web page or advertisement you create. Successful reading paths use a specific design hierarchy.

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