August 2011

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Getting the Best Return on Your Bootcamp Investment

Joshua Boswell will show you how to get the biggest return from your Bootcamp investment. He’ll provide you with 3 secrets that have earned him six figures, strategies and secrets for landing clients on the spot at Job Fair, and much more to make Bootcamp pay for itself over and over.

How to Create a Pricing Structure that Builds Consistent Income

Cindy Cyr shares tips on how to create consistent income and the secret to creating package plans.

How to Bring Your Writing Game Up a Notch

Cindy Cyr shares tips on how to take your writing - and freelance business - to the next level.

How to Create Your Web Copywriting Resume

Kellie Craft shows you how you can build a solid resume that will help seal the deal with potential clients.

How to Make Sure Your Self-Promotion Succeeds

Cindy Cyr shares that you don't have to be perfect to ensure success in your freelance business.

Who Needs Samples? Creating Mini-Stories to Land as Many Clients as You Need

Cindy Cyr explains how creating mini-stories can be just as good as samples – if not better - when it comes to landing clients.

How to Create Breakthrough Moments

Cindy Cyr shares her Bootcamp experiences and how you can achieve the same success when you attend.

These Two Easy Copy Fixes Make Your Ideas Shine

Jen Stevens shares how you can make your copy shine by doing these two easy things.

The Way to Wealth

John Wood shares tips that will help you improve your daily habits - and your career success.

ATTN Info-Marketers: Best Practices for Hiring a Copywriter

Katie Yeakle shares the best practices for hiring a copywriter, including what to look for, where to find them, and what to do once they’re hired.

Nine Ways to Increase Your Personal Excellence Starting Today

John Wood gives nine ways that you can increase your personal excellence – and success – today.

You Expect Me to Sell What?

John Wood shares how copywriters never have to promote something they aren't comfortable with.

Are You Missing the Boat? I Sure Was...

John Wood shares how you can make money without even trying - just by having a website.

How Psychological Distance Makes You A More Creative Writer

Mindy Tyson McHorse is going to show you one of the most effective ways to boost your creativity. Practicing this skill regularly will strengthen your ability to think creatively at a moment’s notice.

Do People Like You?

John Wood shares how being liked is an important part of being successful.

Broken, Bitter, and Alone ... and Only 8 Years Old

John Wood shares how even at your lowest point, you can find hidden opportunities.

3 Steps to an “Unfair Advantage” as an Online Copywriter

Brian Clark discusses how online copywriters can use three things to give them an advantage in their freelance business.

Let Me Buy You a Drink (or Two)…

Paul Hollingshead reminisces about AWAI’s very first Fasttrack to Copywriting Success Bootacmp, and offers to sit down and buy you a drink at the upcoming 2011 event.

17 Ways to Be Luckier in Business and in Life...

John Wood explains that there are things you can do and ways to approach life that can have a direct impact on how much "luck" you have in life.

Capitalize on Your Weirdness

Steve Roller encourages freelancers to shine in their careers - by capitalizing on their weirdness.

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