June 2018

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Top Online Copywriter Raises Eyebrows With This Recent Video …

Nick Usborne - Expert Web Copywriter, has the tips you need to write better online copy - even if you're just a beginner ... find out more in this exclusive video!

How Your Ripple Increases Your Odds of Success

To increase your success in your copy career, you can put this phenomenon in motion. Here are five ways the latest studies say you can boost your efforts.

A 5-Step Method for Writing Better B2B Sales Copy Faster

Stay on target when you use this 5-step strategy to write high-performing B2B sales copy faster and easier.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Marcella Allison

How Marcella Allison asked for a writing job with a top firm (and got it).

5 Creative Ways for Saying Thank You to Your Clients

Saying thank you to your clients is more than just polite. It builds relationships and can help keep your clients coming back to you with new projects.

Can’t Decide Which Direction to Take Your Writing Career? Why Not Become a “Hybrid”?

When it comes to your writing career, there's no wrong direction. Tim Matassa tuned in for our most recent Inside AWAI. Find out what he learned from special guests Christina Gillick and Les Worley - and what going "hybrid" can do for your copywriting success.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Alex Green

How Alex Green went from being told he’d never make it as a writer to best selling success.

Five “True Life” Tips for Breaking Into the Lucrative World of Financial Copywriting

One market offers the biggest paydays for copywriters, and marketers are always looking for new talent and good ideas. Here are five tips for breaking in.

[VIDEO — MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Chris Allsop] How Chris Allsop Went from the Bottom of the Mountain to Fulfilling Her Copywriting Dreams

In this inspirational video, Chris Allsop shares the obstacles and fears she faced in trying to build her copy business, and advice for aspiring writers.

Development Officer Adds $2,000 Extra to Monthly Income

Chris Allsop was set to leave her job for a freelance career when life changed her plans. Learn how she overcame challenges to keep reaching for her dream.

Introducing This Year’s Bootcamp Keynote Speaker

Bootcamp is the place to be this October for up-and-coming copywriters ready to take their careers to the next level.

A Glimpse Into the Highly Lucrative World of Financial Copywriting

If you want to make a lot of money as a copywriter, focusing on the highest-paying market in the copywriting industry will help you reach that goal — fast.

The Five Types of People to Include In Your Inner Circle of Success

Success isn’t a solo journey. If you want to accelerate your copy career, you need to surround yourself with other successful writers, like these 5 types.

Discover How He Created His Own Ideal Copywriting Job from Scratch

COS Member Shahin Dehastani not only found success with his membership ... he used it to start his own company! Read more about his copywriting success here.

Landing a High Profile Copywriting Job

Jeremy Rasmussen has his dream copywriting job. And it all started with COS and Bootcamp.

3 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Copywriting Business

Kathryn Aragon shares the advice she wishes she had known when building her copywriting business… 3 pieces of knowledge that can save you so much time.

How to Find a Copywriting Mentor

A business mentor can help you be successful faster. Here’s how you can find a mentor for your copywriting business.

5 Ways My Money-Making Website Changed My Life, Both Personally and Professionally

Nick Usborne spends 1-3 hours a week on a hobby he loves. It’s been very lucrative and changed his life. Read how a similar hobby could change yours too.

Double-Dip With Your Writing Skills? PWA Reveals How To Do It Right For Extra Cash & Extra Perks

Are you getting the most out of your copywriting skills? Find out how members of the Professional Writers' Alliance community are using their skill sets AND the perks they're receiving.

Better Writing Support: Build Your Ideal Support Network

As a freelance writer, having a good support network can only help you succeed. Build your writing support network with friends, family, and colleagues.

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