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How I Used AI Tools to Create a High-Value Sales Piece

The AI toolset is growing… have you added any new tools to your own kit. Take a look at how using AI tools in sequence can help you produce high-value work faster.

Accelerate Your Productivity with Writing Templates

Jen Phillips April talks about the benefits of using writing templates and how you can implement them to increase your productivity as a writer.

Find Your First Writing Clients in This Trillion Dollar Market

Salespeople make money on sales, and they need supporting materials like emails, scripts, and slide decks to help them. That’s where sales enablement writers come in. Discover more about this new opportunity here…

How to Contribute to UX as a Writer (and Make a VERY Good Living at the Same Time)

In a good user experience (UX), design and writing work in tandem to guide people (users) through a website or an app in a way that makes it easy for them to accomplish what they want to do. Here is how writers contribute to UX.

5 Copywriting Side Hustle Ideas for a Flexible Stream of Income

Wondering if a copywriting side hustle can supplement your income? It can, and here are 5 project ideas to start pitching your first clients.

5-Part Checklist for Building a Money-Making Website

By following a proven formula for making money writing about something she loves, Jen Phillips April was able to experience several benefits from her Money-Making Website. Here’s a five-step checklist so you can get started.

Which Well-Paying Writing Projects Would You Like to Write?

In this golden age for freelance writers, the opportunity is huge and growing. A wide variety of copy and content projects are needed to move a prospect through the four stages from awareness to happy customer.

7 Ways to Land Your First (or Next) Client

Now’s the ideal time to set yourself up for success. Take a proactive stance by following these seven steps, and you’ll give yourself a head start on new opportunities in the writing industry.

5 Fears Writers Have in Common and 5 Steps to Move Past Them

Everyday fears and self-doubt can hold you back from the writer’s life you seek. Learn from the five fears and daily habits of a world-famous choreographer and author. Then follow five steps to build a career you love.

3 Ways to Win Over Web Copywriting Clients and Get Paid Twice

The internet is full of opportunities for your "web detective" skills, where you can search for critical items that should be on a website to uncover what’s missing or not working — and then help clients fix the gaps. Here are 3 ways to land clients using this tactic.

The Blueprint for Site Improvement (That Gets Writers Paid!)

Business owners and marketers face a challenge that a trained writer can easily resolve… before they even write a word! Here’s how a checklist can help your clients and set the stage for more writing projects.

5 Easy Steps to Start Blogging Today

Blogging is a quick way to start your writing career. Here are five steps you can follow right now. Once you’ve started, you can blog for yourself or use the skills to get your foot in the door with paying clients.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Your First $1,000 Writing

Magic occurs when you get specific about where you want to go with your freelance writing career. To stay focused on your next steps to success, ask yourself these five questions and build momentum toward your first paychecks.

Things You’ll Love About Being an Email Copywriter

Every writer should learn to write emails because marketers need a lot of them, and your fees will add up. Discover five emails you can get paid top dollar for, and six steps to get started.

Why Right Now Is the Best Time Ever to Be an Email Copywriter

Customer inboxes are more crowded than ever, meaning it’s very important that companies send quality emails… written by trained copywriters. Here’s why you should be writing these…

8 Types of Content Projects within a Sales Funnel

Content marketing moves each prospect through the sales funnel. Become a content writer and strategist and you’ll be well-positioned and well-paid to write eight key projects and mastermind how they’re best used.

Why User Experience (UX) Copywriting Is a Competitive Edge

The right words can make or break a transaction online, and the UX copywriter plays a critical role by thinking through the visitor’s journey on a website. Learn more about the value a UX copywriter brings…

6 Reasons B2B Blogging Is a Great Way to Build Your Business

Businesses who incorporate B2B blogging into their sales process have strategic thinking behind it and need engaging content to fill their publishing calendar.

12 Software Tools to Run Your Freelance Copywriting Business

As you add clients to your schedule, you’ll find you need to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Want to meet all your deadlines with time to spare? Use these 12 tech tools to run your freelance writing business.

Write Your Way to Personal Freedom

To become a well-paid writer, you must have a willingness to start. You won’t have it all figured out right from the beginning, but there are simple steps you can take to launch your freelance writing dream.

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